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Research proposals to quantify the social value of postal services

Solicitation Number: PRC2
Agency: Postal Regulatory Commission
Office: PRC Office of Administration
Location: PRC HQ
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Added: May 07, 2010 3:57 pm

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC or Commission) is an independent establishment of the executive branch of the federal government with regulatory oversight over the United States Postal Service (USPS or Postal Service).  It is composed of five Commissioners supported by staff from its four operating offices, one of which is the Office of Accountability and Compliance (OAC).  OAC is responsible for technical analysis and formulation of policy recommendations for the Commission in both domestic and international matters.

The PRC is seeking research proposals to quantify the social value of postal services.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the impact (costs and/or benefits) of the community presence of the Postal Service (post offices, daily delivery to homes, its (competitive) products, etc.) on:

  • Community security and public safety impacts of the presence of USPS personnel (i.e., carriers, post offices).

  • The benefits in terms of real estate values, increased business, etc. of being located near a post office.

  • The role of lower priced postal products, e.g. competitive parcels or expedited services, in keeping the price of these services, including those of competitors, affordable.

  • The value of the national street address and ZIP code system to emergency workers, businesses, utilities, researchers, and government.

  • Environmental impact of mail delivery.

  • Economic impact of providing middle-class jobs in the community.

  • Value of providing affordable advertising and fulfillment options to small businesses.

  • Civic pride and federal government presence.

  • Linking remote communities commercially and socially with the rest of the Nation 

Accompanying this RFP is an exploratory document prepared for the Postal Regulatory Commission by the Urban Institute to formulate a framework for the study of the social value of postal services.  The document is entitled, "A Framework for Considering the Social Value of Postal Services".  Potential investigators may find this document helpful in constructing their research proposals.

The Commission encourages proposal submissions that utilize techniques drawn from technical disciplines such as economics, sociology (including public sociology, communities studies and network analysis), anthropology (including social anthropology), social geography and geomatics, political science and public administration, and social psychology.



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Posted Date:
May 7, 2010
Description: Special Study Measuring the Social Value of Postal Services to the Nation Request for Proposal
Description: Special Report: A Framework for Considering the Social Value of Postal Services
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