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X--United States Government Seeks Expressions of Interest for Clinic Space in Knoxville, Iowa

Solicitation Number: VA10111RP0098
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA Office of Construction & Facilities Management
Location: Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Facilities Management
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Added: Mar 17, 2011 4:03 pm

The United States Government (The Department of Veterans Affairs) is seeking to lease approximately 12,835 net usable square feet for use as a VA Outpatient Clinic. Space may be provided by alterations to an existing building. Net usable square feet does not include such areas as stairs, elevators, mechanical and utility rooms, ducts, shafts, vestibules, public corridors, and public toilets required by local code. The space is preferred to be on no more than one (1) floor in contiguous space. The space to be provided must have a floor live load capacity of not less than 100 pounds per square foot unreduced throughout. The selected building must comply with the Interagency Security Committee Security Design Criteria for New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects as well as other security guidelines, which will be provided during the solicitation for offers process. The proposed site must provide a minimum of 105 parking spaces adjacent to the building. The building and parking area must be fully accessible meeting all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS). The space must be available for occupancy by 2/1/2012. The lease term shall be for a ten (10) year firm term with two (2) five (5) year renewal options. The existing building must meet all current federal seismic criteria.

Delineated area:

North -

The line described by traveling west from the intersection of W. Jackson St. and N. Roche St., traveling north on N. Grant St., traveling west on W. Long Ln Dr., traveling North on Dolores St, traveling west on Kermit Drive, traveling south on N. Lincoln St, traveling west on W Jackson St until you reach W. Larson St.

West -

The line described by traveling south west on W. Larson St from the intersection of W Larson and W Jackson St, travel southeast on W. Larson St, travel east on W. Larson St., travel south on N. Lincoln St., travel west on W. Pleasant St., travel south on Willets Dr until it becomes W. Bell Ave.

South -

The line described by traveling east where Willets drive turns into W. Bell Ave., travel south on Lincoln St., travel southeast on Iowa 92, travel east on Iowa 92 until you reach the S. Attica Rd exit.

East -

The line described by traveling northwest on S. Attica rd travel north west on S. Attica Rd. from the intersection of Iowa 92 and S. Attica Rd., travel north on Attica Rd., travel west on East Main ST., travel north on N. 7th St., travel north east on N. 7th St., travel north west on E. Pleasant, travel north on N 7th St., travel west on Reno St., travel north on N 2nd St., travel, travel west on E. Rock Island St., travel north on N. Roche St until you get to W. Jackson St.

Expressions of Interest Should Include:

1. Building or Owner name, address, age of building.

2. Total BOMA rentable square feet, existing or proposed.

3. Rental rate

4. Submission must include scaled building plans, and a site plan which details the number of parking spaces provided must be included.

5. Evidence that the property is outside the 100-year flood plain.

Interested offerors (owners, brokers, or their legal representatives) should submit

electronically the above requested information to VA's broker, , for this requirement, CB Richard Ellis no later than April 4, 2011 at 4:00 PM EST

The Government will pay no more than the appraised fair market rental value for the site.


For further information concerning the requirement please e-mail Heath Bullock at or call 515-221-6639.
Department of Veterans Affairs;Office of Construction and;Facilities Management (00CFM3B);811 Vermont AVE, NW;Washington DC 20420
Christine Rai

Realty Specialist