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Y--National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Campus East (NCE) - Third Floor Build Out at the Tech Center, Springfield, VA.

Solicitation Number: W912DR-12-R-0019
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: USACE District, Baltimore
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Added: Apr 16, 2012 2:00 pm
SYNOPSIS: Unrestricted Procurement

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District plans to solicit a firm-fixed price construction contract to the Offeror using Best Value Trade-Off Analysis based on evaluation of Offeror cost and technical proposals and established evaluation factors identified in the contract solicitation schedule to be issued on or about 2 May 2012. The anticipated award date will be on or about June 2012.

This announcement is for the construction of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Campus East (NCE) - Third Floor Build Out at the Tech Center located in Springfield, VA.

PROPOSAL PERIOD: The proposed solicitation is scheduled for release on or about 2 May 2012.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is contemplated utilizing a best value source selection procedure as described in FAR 15.3 with a 30 day response time after issuance.

In using this approach, the Government seeks to award a contract to the offeror who gives the Government the greatest confidence that they can meet our requirements. Estimated magnitude range of this acquisition is between $25,000,000.00 to $100,000,000.00.

All contractors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) database to be eligible to receive award and have completed the On-line Representations and Certifications at

The entire solicitation will be posted at this website . Telephone requests will not be honored.

1.0 OBJECTIVE: The Issued-For-Construction (IFC) package for the NGA Third Floor Build Out of the Technology Center contains completed drawings and specifications for fitting out 29,500 SF room that currently has a bare concrete floor depressed 3' from grade, CMU walls and concrete ceiling with pendant industrial lights. The work will transform this space into a state of the art Data Center with Tier 2 plus reliability and concurrent maintainability with a power density of 150 watts/SF designed around a hot aisle/cold aisle cooling concept. This project will upgrade critical IT infrastructure for NGA, doubling the size of the data center in Springfield, VA.
2.0 SCOPE OF WORK: Provide and install a fully functional Data Center with Tier 2 plus reliability on the third floor of the NCE Technology Center. A Tier 2 Data Center guarantees 99.741% availability provided by redundant capacity components and single non-redundant distribution paths serving the site's equipment. The Data Center will have UPS and engine generators with a capacity design of Need plus One (N+1), with a single power path.
While this is not a complete listing of the scope requirements, following are some specific features of the Data Center further described within the IFC package:
2.1 Installation of a raised access floor with stringers grounded to form an equipotential reference plane for the IT racks (provided as GFE equipment) that the contractor will secure to and ground to this floor.

2.2 Architectural work includes acoustic ceiling, furred gypsum drywall on existing CMU walls, demountable partitions with integral doors, painting, signage and a thorough cleaning after construction is complete to meet data center standards as specified by the International Organization for Standardization Class 8 in accordance with ISO 1466-1.

2.3 Mechanical work consists of installation of 50+ Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units, chilled water distribution piping, pre-action sprinkler system, chilled water pumps, ductwork, fans and a hydrogen detection system (for UPS battery rooms) as well as a new cooling tower and chiller in the Central Utility Plant.

2.4 Electrical work includes Power Distribution Units and Remote Power Panel installation in the new data center and all under floor receptacles to power the computer equipment. Due to the criticality of this facility each piece of computer equipment is fed from 2 different sources to provide redundancy in case of failure of one source. The electrical system must be installed with redundancy so that failure on any one component will not cause a failure of the IT equipment. Additionally, the electrical system involves installation of 2 large Uninterruptable Power System arrays of batteries, new rotary uninterruptable systems, new switchgear, new multi-ended unit substations and bus ducts, lighting and options for up to 3 backup diesel generators located outside the Central Utility Plant.

2.5 Controls systems work includes expansion of the existing photoelectric fire alarm system. There is an option to replace this with an aspirating laser scanner fire alarm system. Additionally, an expansion and tie in to the existing building automation system and power monitoring system are in the scope of this project. It is critical that this be done seamlessly to avoid losing any control and monitoring capability to the existing 24x7, 365 day/year data center.

2.6 Telecom work includes installation of a multi level cable tray system and installation of telecom cabling from the existing operational computer room to the new data center. Access to the existing data center will be severely limited due to operations and all work must be done under security escort.

2.7 Contractor will need to work in this space under a joint use arrangement with other follow on contractors specifically for IT and security installations.

3.0 SCHEDULE: Upon award, the Contractor shall develop a proposed schedule for the completion of all work as described in Section 2.0 above and as further described in the IFC documents. The schedule shall be developed in accordance with all contract requirements and submitted for review and approval no later than thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of the Notice to Proceed (NTP).
3.1 NGA desired BoD is April 2013. The performance duration will not exceed 14 months (426 calendar days) beyond NTP.

4.1 The existing data center is a secure facility located on the 4th floor of the Technology Center and must remain operational 24x7 hours/day, 365 days/year throughout the construction of this project. Routine outages impacting other areas of the Technology Center or elsewhere on the NGA Campus will NOT BE PERMITTED. Any outages that must occur will have to be coordinated through an agency outage control board. This process takes 1 month and is subject to last minute changes due to mission impacts.
4.2 This project occurs in an operational Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) so all activities in the project scope will be performed under the supervision of government provided escorts. Work hours, access to the NGA site, access to the work area will all be restricted and must be coordinated. These restrictions may include: US workers only, no cellular phones, no cameras, no recording devices, subject to search at any time, inspection of all materials/tools/equipment, pre-coordinated access and approval of any personnel. Utilization of the 'E-Verify' System will likely be required for all personnel & workers accessing the site.
5.0 OTHER: The contractor shall conform to the installation policy regarding vehicle and personnel access and any special tenant security requirements. The contractor shall comply with all requirements for preparation of the Health and Safety plan, in particular, any confined space entry as required as part of this SOW will be conducted per the Health and Safety Plan and applicable Federal, State and Local requirements.
All data, reports, submissions, and other materials under this delivery order are property of the US Government and shall not be released by the Contractor or his/her affiliates without written approval by the Contracting Officer. Upon completion of the contract, the Contractor shall provide copies of all documentation and unused project information to the Government for use or disposal as appropriate.
6.1 Aspirating Laser Scanner Fire Alarm System.
7.0 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: 14 months (426 calendar days) from award date.

The contractor shall participate in monthly Schedule Management Integrated Project Team (SM IPT) and Risk and Opportunity Management (ROM) IPT meetings and actively support meeting activities to promote schedule analysis and integration and risk and opportunity identification and management efforts.
The contractor shall provide monthly schedule updates to the DCE Program Schedule Manager in coordination with the USACE Project Manager. Updates shall be posted as complete schedules per cycle established by the SM IPT.
The contractor shall provide monthly risk and opportunity updates to the DCE Program Risk and Opportunity Manager in coordination with the USACE Project Manager. Updates will be to mitigation and exploitation plans associated with identified assigned Risks and Opportunities per cycle established by the ROM IPT.
Occasionally, the contractor shall be requested to add milestones to their schedule (with appropriate schedule logic) to facilitate schedule and risk assessments by the SM IPT and ROM IPT respectively. These requests will come from the DCE Schedule Manager and/or Risk and Opportunity Manager and be coordinated through the USACE Project Manager.
Occasionally, the contractor shall be requested to add schedule coding fields to their schedule to facilitate integration and analysis activities by the SM IPT and DCE Schedule Manager. These requests will come from the DCE Schedule Manager and be coordinated through the USACE Project Manager.


Factor 1 -Experience in Relevant Projects
Factor 2 -Past Performance Evaluations for Experience in Relevant Projects
Factor 3 -Management and Control of Projects
Factor 4 -Past Performance Evaluations for Management and
Control of Projects
Factor 5 - Technical Approach
Factor 6 - Small Business Participation Plan
Factor 7 - Price

PROPOSAL PROCEDURES: The Best Value Trade-Off Analysis contracting method will be used to evaluate proposals. Evaluation criteria will be stated in the RFP.

The media through which the Government chooses to issue this solicitation will be the Internet only. The solicitation will not be issued in paper. No phone or fax request for copy of solicitation will be accepted.
All questions shall be submitted via email to, Karen L. Johnson, Contract Specialist, or Frank W. Bodsford, Project Manager,
POINT OF CONTACT: Karen L. Johnson, Contract Specialist, e-mail and Rhonda P. Sturdavant, Contracting Officer,

USACE District, Baltimore, 10 South Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21203
USACE District, Baltimore 10 South Howard Street, Baltimore MD
KAREN LYNN JOHNSON, 703-806-3771

USACE District, Baltimore