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Golf Cage with Netting at #18 Tee Box, Tama Golf Course, Japan

Solicitation Number: FA5209-13-Q-1022
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Pacific Air Forces
Location: 374 CONS - Yokota
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Feb 25, 2013 1:30 am
Solicitation Number: FA5209-13-Q-1022

Notice Type: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation

Request for Quotation (RFQ) - Golf Cage with Netting at #18 Tee Box, Tama Golf Course, Japan

Requesting Agency: 374th Force Support Squadron/FSCG, Tama Hills Golf Course, Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI), Bldg 1010, Renkoji, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0021 Japan

Purchasing Agency: 374th Contracting Squadron/LGCB
Bldg 620, Yokota Air Base, Fussa-shi, Tokyo 197-0001 Japan

Quotes are due to this office no later than 10:00 a.m. Japan Standard Time (JST), Friday, 15 Mar 2013.

1. This is a non-appropriated fund purchase and it does not obligate appropriated funds of the United States Government. Non-appropriated funds are generated by the military community through the sale of goods and services, and the collection of fees and charges for participation in military community programs. This purchase does not involve federal tax dollars. However, your proposed price(s) or cost(s) shall include Japanese Sales Consumption Tax (Shouhi Zei) for local vendors due to 100% NAF Fund requirement.

2. This solicitation is issued as a Request for Quotation (RFQ) IAW Air Force Manual 64-302, Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) Contracting Procedures. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

*Note: This is a NAF purchase and as such is exempt from having to conform to FAR rules and regulations, per Air Force Manual 64-302 section 2.9.

3. Submit written quotes in reference to Request for Quotation (RFQ) reference number FA5209-13-Q-1022. Due to the overseas location of this solicitation, no set-aside will be used. The NAICS code for this requirement is 423910, Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supply. FSC: 7810

See Attachment 1, Price Schedule - Construct Golf Cage Net at #18 Tee Box, Tama Hills Golf Course, Tama Service Annex, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan.


Quotes are due to this office no later than 10:00 a.m. Japan Standard Time (JST), Friday, 15 Mar 2013. The submission may be made by email, facsimile, postal mail or other applicable methods. Quotes may be faxed to 042-530-3319 or if dialing from outside Japan 011-81-42-530-3319, or sent via e-mail to

Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) General Provisions apply to this acquisition:

NAFI GENERAL PROVISIONS (Modified as of 9 Dec 2011)

l. DEFINITIONS (JAN 2005) - As used throughout this contract, the following terms and abbreviations have the meanings set forth below:

a. The term "contract" means this agreement or order and any modifications hereto.

b. The abbreviation "NAFI" means Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality of the United States Government.

c. The term "Contracting Officer" means the person executing or responsible for administering this contract on behalf of the NAFI, which is a party hereto, or their successor or successors.

d. The term "Contractor" means the party responsible for providing supplies and/or services at a certain price or rate to the NAFI under this contract.

e. The abbreviation "FAR" means Federal Acquisition Regulation.

2. DISPUTES (NOV 2005)

a. Except as otherwise provided in this contract, any dispute or claim concerning this contract which is not disposed of by agreement shall be decided by the Contracting Officer, who shall state his decision in writing and mail or otherwise furnish a copy of it to the Contractor. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of such copy, the Contractor may appeal by mailing or otherwise furnishing to the Contracting Officer a written appeal addressed to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, and the decision of the Board shall be final and conclusive; provided that if no such appeal is filed, the decision of the Contracting Officer shall be final and conclusive. The Contractor shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard and to offer evidence in support of any appeal under this clause. Pending final decision on such a dispute, however, the Contractor shall proceed diligently with the performance of the contract and in accordance with the decision of the Contracting Officer unless directed to do otherwise by the Contracting Officer.

b. A claim by the Contractor shall be made in writing and submitted to the Contracting Officer for a written decision. Contractors shall provide the certification specified below when submitting any claim. Any person duly authorized to bind the Contractor with respect to the claim may execute the certification.

"I certify that the claim is made in good faith; that the supporting data is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief; that the amount requested accurately reflects the contract adjustment for which the Contractor believes the Government is liable; and that I am duly authorized to certify on behalf of the Contractor."

c. This "Disputes" clause does not preclude consideration of law questions in connection with decisions provided for in paragraph "a" above, provided, that nothing in this contract shall be construed as making final the decision of any administrative official, representative, or board on a question of law.

3.LAW GOVERNING CONTRACTS (JAN 2005) - In any dispute arising out of this contract, the decision of which requires consideration of law questions, the rights and obligations of the parties shall be interpreted and determined in accordance with the substantive laws of the United States of America.

4. LEGAL STATUS (JAN 2005) - The NAFI is an integral part of the Department of Defense and is an instrumentality of the United States Government. Therefore, NAFI contracts are United States Government contracts; however, they do not obligate appropriated funds of the United States.

5. EXAMINATION OF RECORDS (JAN 2005) - This clause is applicable under contracts that are entered into by means of negotiation and where price and costing data are required to support a determination of price reasonableness. This clause does not apply to commercial items or when the Contracting Officer determines that prices agreed upon are based on adequate price competition. The Contractor agrees that the Contracting Officer or
his duly authorized representative shall have the right to examine and audit the books and records of the Contractor
directly pertaining to the contract during the period of the contract and until the expiration of three years after the final payment.

6. ASSIGNMENT (JAN 2005) - The Contractor or its assignee's rights to be paid amounts due as a result of performance of this contract, may be assigned. No assignment by the Contractor, assigning its rights or delegating its obligations under this contract will be effective and binding on the NAFI until the written terms of the assignment have been approved in writing by the Contracting Officer.


a. The NAFI may, by written notice to the Contractor, terminate the right of the Contractor to proceed under this contract if it is found, after notice and hearing, by the Secretary of the Air Force or their duly authorized representative, that gratuities (in the form of entertainment, gifts, or otherwise) were offered or given by the Contractor, or any agent, or representative of the Contractor, to any officer or employees of the Government or the NAFI with a view toward securing favorable treatment with respect to the awarding or amending, or the making of any determinations with respect to the performing of such contract.

b. In the event this contract is terminated as provided in paragraph "a" hereof, the NAFI shall be entitled (i) to pursue the same remedies against the Contractor as it could pursue in the event of a breach of contract by the Contractor, and (ii) as a penalty in addition to any other damages to which it may be entitled by law, to exemplary damages in an amount (as determined by the Secretary of the Air Force or their duly authorized representative) which shall be not less than three nor more than ten times the cost incurred by the Contractor in providing any such gratuities to any such officer or employee.
c. The rights and remedies of the NAFI provided in this clause shall not be exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under this contract.

8. TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE (JAN 2005) - The Contracting Officer, by written notice, may terminate this contract, in whole or in part, when it is in the best interest of the NAFI. If this contract is for supplies and is so terminated, the Contractor shall be compensated in accordance with FAR, Sub Parts 49.1 and 49.2 in effect on this contract's date. To the extent that this contract is for services and is so terminated, the NAFI shall be liable only for payment in accordance with the payment provisions of this contract for services rendered prior to the effective date of termination, providing there are no Contractor claims covering nonrecurring costs for capital investment. If there are any such Contractor claims, they shall be settled in accordance with FAR, Sub Parts 49.1 and 49.2.

9. CANCELLATION BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT (JAN 2005) - Should the situation warrant, the parties upon mutual agreement and no costs, may cancel this contract.


a. (1) The NAFI may, subject to paragraphs (c) and (d) below, by written notice of cause to the Contractor, terminate this contract in whole or in part if the Contractor fails to-

(i) Deliver the supplies or perform the service within the time specified within this contract or any Extension;
(ii) Make progress, so as to endanger performance of this contract (but see subparagraph (a)(2) below);or
(ii) Perform any of the other provisions of this contract (but see subparagraph (a)(2) below).

(2) The NAFI's right to terminate this contract under subdivisions (1)(ii) and (1)(iii) above, may be exercised if the Contractor does not cure such failure within 10 days (or more if authorized in writing by the Contracting Officer) after receipt of notice from the Contracting Officer specifying the failure.

b. If the NAFI terminates this contract in whole or in part, it may acquire, under the terms and in the manner the Contracting Officer considers appropriate, supplies or services similar to those terminated, and the Contractor will remain liable to the NAFI for any excess costs for those supplies or services. However the Contractor must continue the work not terminated.

c. The Contractor shall not be liable for any excess costs if the failure to perform the contract arises from causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the Contractor. Examples of such causes include (1) acts of God or of the public enemy, (2) act of the NAFI in either its sovereign or contractual capacity, (3) fires, (4) floods, (5) epidemics, (6) quarantine restrictions, (7) strikes, (8) freight embargoes, and; (9) unusually severe weather. Defaults by subcontractors at any tier for any reason do not constitute causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the Contractor.

d. If this contract is terminated for cause, the NAFI may require the Contractor to transfer title and deliver to the NAFI as directed by the Contracting Officer, any

(1) completed supplies, and
(2) partially completed supplies and materials, parts, tool dies, jigs, fixtures, plans, drawings, information, and contract rights (collectively referred to as manufacturing materials in the clause) that the Contractor has specifically produced or acquired for the terminated portion of this contract. Upon direction of the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall also protect and preserve property in its possession in which the NAFI has an interest.

e. The NAFI shall pay the contract price for completed supplies delivered and accepted. The Contractor and Contracting Officer shall agree on the amount of payment for manufacturing materials delivered and accepted and for the protection and preservation of the property. Failure to agree will be a dispute under the Disputes Clause. The NAFI may withhold from these amounts any sum the Contracting Officer determines to be necessary to protect the NAFI against loss because of outstanding liens or claims of former lien holders.

f. If, after termination, it is determined that the cause by the Contractor was excusable, the rights and obligations of the parties shall be the same as if the termination had been issued for convenience of the NAFI.

g. The rights and remedies of the NAFI in this clause are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under this contract.

11. INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE (Nov 2011) - Inspection and acceptance will be at destination, unless otherwise provided in this contract. Not withstanding the requirements for any NAFI inspection and test contained in specifications applicable to this contract, except where specialized inspections or tests are specified for performance solely by the NAFI, the Contractor, shall perform or have performed the inspections and tests required to substantiate that the supplies provided under the contract conform to the drawings, specifications, and contract requirements listed herein, including if applicable the technical requirements for the manufacturers' part numbers specified herein. The Contractor shall only tender for acceptance those items that conform to the requirements of this contract. The Government reserves the right to inspect or test any supplies or services that have been tendered for acceptance. The Government may require repair or replacement of nonconforming supplies or reperformance of nonconforming services at no increase in contract price. Acceptance of the supplies or services or a written notice of rejections must be accomplished on or before the third working day following delivery of the supplies or services, unless otherwise specified in this contract.

12. VARIATION IN QUANTITY (JAN 2005) - No variation in quantity of any item called for by this contract will be accepted unless authorized by the Contracting Officer.

13. PARTIAL DELIVERIES (JAN 2005) - Partial deliveries are not permitted unless authorized by the terms of the contract or approved by the Contracting Officer.

14. PAYMENTS (JAN 2005) - Partial payments will be made when deliveries are authorized or as approved by the Contracting Officer. Payments and penalties for late payments are subject to the requirements established by the
Prompt Payment Act, as amended, and as implemented for NAFI's. If the NAFI makes payment but such payment fails to include a prompt payment penalty due to the Contractor within 10 days from when the contract payment is made, penalty amounts will not be paid unless the Contractor makes a written request within forty days after the date of payment.

15. HOLD AND SAVE HARMLESS (JAN 2005) - The Contractor shall indemnify, hold and save harmless, and defend the NAFI, its outlets and customers from any liability, claimed or established for violation or infringement of any patent, copyright, or trademark right asserted by any third party with respect to goods hereby ordered or any part thereof. Contractor further agrees to hold the NAFI harmless from all claims or judgments for damages resulting from the use of products or services listed in this contract, except for such claims or damages caused by, or resulting from negligence of NAFI customers, employees, agents, or representatives. Also, Contractor shall at all times hold and save harmless the NAFI, its agents, representatives, and employees from any and all suits, claims, charges, and expenses which arise out of acts or omissions of Contractor, its agents, representatives, or employees.

16. MODIFICATIONS (JAN 2005) - No agreement or understanding to modify this contract will be binding upon the NAFI unless made in writing and signed by a Contracting Officer from the office that issued the contract or its successor.

17. TAXES (JAN 2005)

a. Except as may be otherwise provided in this contract, the contract price includes all taxes, duties or other public charges in effect and applicable to this contract on the contract date, except any tax, duty, or other public charge, which by law, regulation or governmental agreement, is not applicable to expenditures made by the NAFI or on its behalf; or any tax, duty, or other public charge from which the Contractor, or any subcontractor hereunder, is exempt by law, regulation or otherwise. If any such tax, duty, or other public charge has been included in the contract price, through error or otherwise, the contract price shall be correspondingly reduced.

b. If for any reason, after the contract date of execution, the Contractor or subcontractor is relieved in whole or in part from the payment or the burden of any tax, duty, or other public charge included in the contract price, the contract price shall be correspondingly reduced; or if the Contractor or subcontractor is required to pay in whole or in part any tax, duty, of other public charge which was not applicable at the contract date of execution the contract price shall be correspondingly increased.

18. PROOF OF SHIPMENT (JAN 2005) - (Applicable to shipments outside the United States through the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) and Parcel Post shipments to overseas destinations.)

a. Notwithstanding any clause of this contract to the contrary, payment will be made for items not yet received, upon receipt of an invoice accompanied by an appropriate proof of shipment. If shipment is made by insured parcel post, the contractor must furnish a copy of the Insured Mail Receipt issued by the US Postal Service. Otherwise, a stamped copy of a Certificate of Mailing issued by the US Postal Service must be furnished. If shipment is made by a common carrier (rail, air or motor freight), the Contractor must furnish a signed copy of the shipping document on which items are receipted for by the common carrier. A signed receipt by a NAFI representative at the delivery point (CCP or POE) is also acceptable evidence of proof of shipment.

b. Forwarding a proof of shipment and an invoice for payment by the Contractor shall be construed as a certification by the contractor that the items shipped conform to the specifications.

c. Notwithstanding any provisions of this clause or any payment made pursuant to the terms of this clause prior to receipt of the items contracted for, the NAFI retains the right to inspect upon receipt and the right to reject nonconforming items. The liability of the Contractor with respect to items for which payments have been made will, after inspection by the NAFI or after the expiration of a reasonable time following delivery to the NAFI within which inspection may be made, whichever occurs first, be limited to (i) exceptions taken at the time of inspection, and (ii) latent defects, fraud, or such gross mistakes as amount to fraud.

19. COMMERCIAL WARRANTY (JAN 2005) - The Contractor agrees that the supplies or services furnished under this contract shall be covered by the most favorable commercial warranties the Contractor gives to any customer for such supplies or services and that the rights and remedies provided herein are in addition to and do not limit any rights afforded to the NAFI by any other clause of this contract. The printed terms and conditions of such warranty will be provided to the NAFI with the delivery of any supplies covered. Modified as of 9 Dec 2011

20. ADVERTISEMENTS (JAN 2005) - Contractor agrees that none of its nor its agent's advertisements, to include publications, merchandise, promotions, coupons, sweepstakes, contest, sales brochures, etc, shall state, infer or imply that the Contractor's products or services are approved, promoted, or endorsed by the NAFI. Any advertisement, including cents-off coupons, which refers to a NAFI will contain a statement that the advertisement is neither paid for, nor sponsored in whole or in part by, the particular activity.


a. Discounts for prompt payment will not be considered in the evaluation of offers. However, any offered discount will form a part of the award, and will be taken if payment is made within the discount period indicated in the offer by the offeror. As an alternative to offering a prompt payment discount in conjunction with the offer, offerors awarded contracts may include prompt payment discounts on individual invoices.

b. In connection with any discount offered for prompt payment, time shall be computed from the date of the invoice. If the Contractor has not placed a date on the invoice, the due date shall be calculated from the date the designated billing office receives a proper invoice, provided the agency annotates such invoice with the date of receipt at the time of receipt. For the purpose of computing the discount earned, payment shall be considered to have been made on the date that appears on the payment check or, for an electronic funds transfer, the specified payment date. When the discount date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday when Federal Government offices are closed and Government business is not expected to be conducted, payment may be made on the following business day.

22. INVOICES (JAN 2005):

a. An invoice is a written request for payment under the contract for supplies delivered or for services rendered. In order to be proper, an invoice should include (and in order to support the payment of interest penalties, must include) the following:
(i) Invoice date;
(ii) Name of Contractor;
(iii) Contract number (including order number, if any), contract line item number, contract description of supplies or services, quantity, contract unit of measure and unit price, and extended total;
(iv) Shipment number and date of shipment (Bill of Lading number and weight of shipment will be shown for shipments on Government Bills of Lading);
(v) Name and address to which payment is to be sent (which must be the same as that in the contract or on a proper notice of assignment);
(vi) Name (where practicable), title, phone number and mailing address of person to be notified in event of a defective invoice; and
(vii) Any other information or documentation required by other provisions of the contract (such as evidence of shipment). Invoices shall be prepared and submitted in duplicate (one copy shall be marked "Original") unless otherwise specified.

b. For purposes of determining if interest begins to accrue under the PROMPT PAYMENT ACT (PUBLIC LAW 97-177):

(i) A proper invoice will be deemed to have been received when it is received by the office designated in the contract for receipt of invoices and acceptance of the supplies delivered or services rendered has occurred.
(ii) Payment shall be considered made on the date on which a check for such payment is dated.
(iii) Payment terms (e.g., "Net 20") offered by the contractor will not be deemed Required payment dates.
(iv) The following periods of time will not be included:
(A) After receipt of improper invoice and prior to notice of any defect or impropriety, but not to exceed three days for meat and meat food products, five days for perishable agricultural commodities, and 15 days in all other cases, and
(B) Between the date of a notice of any defect or impropriety and the date a proper invoice is received. When the notice is in writing, it shall be considered made on the date shown on the notice.

23. ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER PAYMENTS (AUG 2007) - Federal law 31 USC requires Federal payments to be made by electronic fund transfer. Any payment made on this contract will be made using the Government Purchase Card as the method of EFT (unless otherwise specified within the contract or exempted by law).

24. NOTIFICATION OF DEBARMENT/SUSPENSION STATUS (JAN 2005) - The Contractor shall provide immediate notice to the Contracting Officer in the event of being suspended, debarred or declared ineligible by any other Federal Department or agency, or upon receipt of a notice of proposed debarment from another DOD Agency, during the performance of this contract.

25. NON WAIVER OF DEFAULTS (JAN 2005) - Any failure by the NAFI at any time, or from time to time, to enforce or require strict performance of any terms or conditions of this contract will not constitute waiver thereof and will not affect or impair such terms or conditions in any way or the NAFI's right at any time to avail itself of such remedies as it may have for any breach or breaches of such terms and conditions.

The provisions of the following clauses set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) or DoD FAR Supplement are hereby incorporated into this order or contract by reference with the same force and effect as though herein set forth in full. As used in the following clauses, the term "Government" is deleted and the abbreviation "NAFI" is substituted in lieu thereof. The date of each clause shall be the current date set forth in FAR or DoD FAR Supplement on the issuance date of this order or contract. Clauses made inapplicable by the reference or by the kind of order, contract (e.g., orders or contract for services instead of supplies) or dollar amount are self-deleting. The complete text of any clause incorporated in this order or contract by reference may be obtained from the contracting officer.


26 52.212-4(c) Changes

*27. 252.225-7041 Correspondence in English

*Denotes DFARS

The full text of the FAR, DFAR, and AFFARS can be accessed on the Internet at


The offers shall be prepared to consist of the following three parts:

A. PART I - PRICE QUOTATION - Submit one original.

(a) Submission of proposal without any conditional changes, the offeror accedes to the contract terms and conditions as written in this solicitation with attachments. The solicitation constitutes the model contract.

(b) Attachment 1, Pricing Schedule - Construct Golf Cage with Netting at #18 Tee Box. Insert proposed price (Lump Sum) in Yen for Contract Line Item Number - CLIN 0001 in the Pricing Schedule.

(c) Complete the necessary fill-ins and certifications in Attachment 4 (Representations, Certifications, and Other Statement). The filled attachment 4 shall be returned along with the quotation in its entirety.

(d) Acknowledgment of solicitation amendments when issued.

B. PART II - TECHNICAL ACCEPTABILITY - Submit one (1) copy of the following qualifications/documentations.

Valid Licenses stated in paragraphs 1.3.1. and 1.3.2. in the Attachment 2, Statement of Work (SOW).

C. PART III - PRESENT/PAST PERFORMANCE INFORMATION: The present/past performance information shall be recent and relevant information in demonstrating the offeror's ability to successfully perform the required effort. Only references for the same or similar type contracts desired. The present/past performance information shall consist of (1) Present/Past Performance Reference List. In order to ensure the offeror's ability, the Government reserves the right to contact the listed project POC to obtain further information.

Present/Past Performance Reference List: The offeror shall prepare the Present/ Past Performance Reference List in the same format as shown in Solicitation Attachment 3 and submit to 374 CONS/LGCBB, by either e-mail ( ) or FAX (042-530-3319 or 011-81-42-530-3319 from the United States), not later than the specified offer due date/time in paragraph 6 above . The reference list shall contain one (1) contract performed (on-going or completed) as prime contractor, subcontractor, joint ventures and/or teaming partners of the most relevant contracts (similar in scope, size and complexity) for US Government agencies, Government of Japan or its political subdivisions, or commercial customers within the last 3 years of this solicitation release date.

In addition, the offeror may provide information on problems encountered on the contracts identified in above and corrective actions taken to resolve these problems. This may include a discussion of efforts accomplished by the offeror to resolve problems encountered on prior contracts as well as past efforts to identify and manage program risk.

Relevant Contracts. Submit information on contract or business transaction that you consider relevant in demonstrating your ability to perform the proposed effort. Include rationale supporting your assertion of relevance. Offerors are required to explain what aspects of the contracts are deemed relevant to the proposed effort, and to what aspects of the proposed effort they relate. This may include a discussion of efforts accomplished by the offeror to resolve problems encountered on prior contracts as well as past efforts to identify and manage program risk. Relevant contracts (similar in scope, size and complexity) may include the work requirement(s) listed in Description of Services, SECTION 1 of Statement of Work (SOW), Solicitation Attachment 2.


This is a competitive best value source selection in which Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and technical acceptability considered. The Government intends to make award to the lowest price of offers meeting or exceeding the technical acceptability standards. The following factors shall be used in the evaluation in the evaluation process:

(i) Technical acceptability is achieved when an offeror submits Valid Licenses stated in paragraphs 1.3.1. and 1.3.2. in the Attachment 2, Statement of Work (SOW) and at least one (1) current and relevant present/past performance information as a prime contractor, subcontractor or a performer of the most relevant contracts for US Government agencies, Government of Japan or its political subdivisions, or commercial customers.

(ii) Present/Past Performance Information: Furnish the date and information on the customer or major client, quantity and type of golf cage with netting used and other pertinent information as set forth in this solicitation.

(iii) The Government intends to award without discussions with respective offerors. The Government, however, reserves the right to conduct discussions if deemed in its best interest.

(End of provision)


(i) A Site Orientation will be conducted at Tama Hills Golf Course, Bldg 1010, Renkoji, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan at 1000 hours on 4 Mar 2013 Japanese Standard Time (JST) for the purpose of reviewing the requirement under this solicitation. Submit the names of all attendees to Mr. Takashi Uechi, Contract Specialist, at 042-552-3014 or prior to 2 Mar 2013. This information must be provided in advance in order to ensure access to the conference site and adequate spaces for the conference attendees.

(ii) Offerors are requested to submit questions to the point of contract noted above not later than 2 Mar 2013. Information provided at this conference shall not qualify the terms and conditions of the solicitation, they will remain unchanged unless the acknowledgment and receipt of solicitation amendments apply. A record of the conference shall be made and furnished to all prospective offerors.


Failure to register in the SAM database prior to award of the order may cause rejection of the order. The offeror must complete their registrations with the SAM and must be approved under the system by the below local offer due date. To register yourself with SAM, visit


Upon the completion of work, send the invoice to the below for acceptance and certification:

374th FSS/FSCG (NAF)
Mr. Albert V. Bankroft, Golf Course Superintendent
Tama Hills Golf Course, Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI),
Bldg 1010, Renkoji, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0021 Japan

Upon the certification, send the signed invoice (in English) to the below for payment.

Accounting Control, Resource Management
Bldg 316 (Rm. 157), Yokota Air Base
Fussa, Tokyo 197-0001 Japan

(Include both Invoice & Proof of Delivery to expedite payment.)

2261 Hughes Ave STE 156
JBSA Lackland TX 78236-9854
Tel: 210-395-7720/7725
Fax: 210-395-7493/7592

Additional Information

Contracting Office Address:
374th Contracting Squadron/LGCBB
Bldg 620, Yokota Air Base
Fussa-shi, Tokyo 197-0001 Japan

Primary Point of Contact.:
Takashi Uechi
Contract Specialist
Phone: 042-552-3014
Secondary Point of Contact:
Keisuke Kiyotaka
Phone: 042-552-3014


Attachment 1: Price Schedule - Construct Golf Cage Net at #18 Tee Box
Attachment 2: Statement of Work (SOW)
Attachment 3: Present/Past Performance Reference List
Attachment 4: Representations, Certifications, and Other Statements


Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.


Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Posted Date:
February 25, 2013
Description: Attachment 1, Price Schedule
Description: Attachment 2, #18 CAGE NET - SOW
Description: Attachment 3, PP Reference List
Description: Attachment 4, Rep and Certs
Unit 5228
Yokota AB, APO Japan, 96328-5228
Tama Hills Golf Course, Bldg 1010, Renkoji,
Tama-shi, 206-0021
Takashi Uechi,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 81-42-552-3014
Fax: 81-42-553-7786
Keisuke Kiyotaka,
Contacting Officer
Phone: 81-42-552-3014
Fax: 81-42-530-3319