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Small Business Innovation Research Solicitation SBIR-FY-2013 2

Solicitation Number: DTRT57-13-R-SBIR2
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Office of the Secretary (OST) Administration Secretariate
Location: Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
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Added: Jul 09, 2013 1:39 pm
The Volpe National Transportation System Center, (Volpe Center) is issuing a solicitation pursuant to the Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982, PL 97-219, as amended by PL 99-443 and PL 102-564 and reauthorized by PL 106-554, as amended and reauthorized by PL 112-81 which was signed into law on December 31, 2011, extending the SBIR program through September 30, 2017. The solicitation will be issued on or about July 25, 2013. The purpose of this solicitation is to invite small businesses with their valuable resources and creative capabilities to submit innovative research proposals that address high priority requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Each concern submitting a proposal must qualify as a small business in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 13 CFR 121.701-121.705. The solicitation and any documents related to this procurement will be available on the DOT SBIR Program Internet site. The solicitation will be issued through electronic means only; no hard copies will be available. Offerors desiring to receive electronic notification of the solicitation's posting and availability for downloading must register on the FedBizOpps website at: Potential Offeror's are warned that when they register to receive solicitations, amendments, and other notices, the responsibility for providing the Government with an accurate and complete e-mail address lies with the Offeror. The Government will make no additional efforts to deliver information when the system indicates that transmissions cannot be delivered to the e-mail. Sources interested in receiving the solicitation are encouraged to register at this site to receive notification when the solicitation is posted and available for viewing/downloading. Offerors are reminded that they may register at any time to receive the solicitation.
Added: Jul 29, 2013 3:01 pm
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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
July 29, 2013
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Jeanne M. Rossetsky,
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