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EPIC System

Solicitation Number: GPO09252013A
Agency: Government Printing Office
Office: Acquisition Services
Location: Acquisition Services
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  Electronic Procurement Information Control (EPIC) System

This Request for Information (RFI) is issued for market research, budgetary and planning purposes only.

The United States Government Printing Office (GPO) is exploring technology which will help streamline and automate the existing end-to-end print procurement workflow. The opportunity expressed in this RFI is referred to as the EPIC system. The resulting system should be scalable, provide real-time access to specified current and historical print procurement data, and be accessible to all users (e.g. GPO, commercial vendors, contractors, Federal Agencies, and public). EPIC will be aligned with GPO's Strategic Plan for FY 2012-2016 and the agency's Enterprise Architecture (EA).  It will also integrate with evolving enterprise-wide systems, including GPO's Business Information System (GBIS) and other future enterprise systems.

 The objectives of EPIC are as follows:

  • To implement a system that maximizes Customer Services' print procurement workflow efficiency to provide more timely service and ultimately reduce administrative costs.

  • To support a flexible, consolidated, extensible, scalable, modular, sustainable, accessible, comprehensive, and efficient print procurement workflow.

  • To allow necessary updates or to incorporate changes to workflow processes on an as-needed basis as they are developed and implemented.

  • Support existing and enhanced print procurement processes and methodology as described in the CONOPS and requirements document without introducing constraints imposed by a new solution.

  • Replace or improve existing print procurement IT systems with a modern, modular system that meets program sponsor/owner expectations.

  • To centralize print procurement information for GPO and external users. 

  • To maximize process transparency for all stakeholders thereby reducing administrative effort and improving communications.

  • To provide intuitive functions and enhanced services to increase user satisfaction.

  • To improve business processes.

  • To capture information necessary for the print procurement process only once and as early in the workflow as possible; eliminate rekeying of data.

  • To maximize transfer of pertinent information between GPO business unit systems and users.

  • To implement a system that aligns with GPO's overall IT strategy, EA, and enterprise systems including FDsys and GBIS.

  • To maximize the ability to interface with external customer systems.

  • To support all users, including those with disabilities in accordance with Section 508.

  • To minimize disruption of customer and GPO processes during development and implementation.

  • To develop the appropriate documentation that supports system development.

  • To implement a system that utilizes technical and industry best practices.

  • To provide training for GPO, external customers, and external stakeholders using the new system.

GPO is requesting industry assessment of our current documentation as well as for industry to provide information regarding the state of technology for the desired system, and to identify the capabilities of vendors to provide all or a portion of the services required for EPIC. This information will be used to help further define EPIC requirements and make informed business decisions regarding next steps.


GPO is the Federal Government's primary centralized resource for gathering, cataloging, producing, providing, and preserving published U.S. Government information in all its forms. GPO's Customer Services organization provides comprehensive print procurement services to the entire federal government. This is accomplished by utilizing the following print procurement vehicles:

 •·        GPOExpressSM - a nationwide convenience printing contract that allows U.S. Federal agencies direct access to services currently at FedEx OfficeSM locations worldwide. Using the new GPOExpressSM Card, agencies will receive significant discounts and benefits on their printing and finishing needs at any store location, at any time.

Simplified Purchase Agreement (SPA) - Individual Work Orders written, procured and administered (in concurrence with GPO) by the customer agency for orders which will not exceed $10,000.

Term Contracts - These are GPO written, procured and administered contracts when repetitive orders are anticipated for a product or service over a period of time. Each contract is supplemented by individual Print Orders which are usually issued to the contractor directly by the Agency.

•o       Single Award - When one vendor can satisfy our customer requirements

•o       Multiple Award - When multiple vendors would be better positioned to meet our customer's requirements

•·        Small Purchases - GPO written, procured through a negotiated contracting process, awarded and administered contracts where the aggregate amount does not exceed $100,000.

 •·        One Time Bids - GPO written, procured through a formal bidding process, awarded and administered contracts with no dollar limit.

   •·        GPO Onsite and Consulting Services - This umbrella agreement gives  pre-qualified GPO contractors the opportunity to provide consultative and on-site services to all Federal Government agencies. Through these two contracts, GPO customers can access a select few or a multitude of services directly from approved vendors.

Throughout its history, the Customer Services department has carried out its mission utilizing predominately manual processes with information organized in a now aging mainframe system. The material submitted to Customer Services by Federal customers represents order information that impacts stakeholders throughout the print procurement process (such as Financial Management, and GPO's Library and Sales Programs). As such, the current process introduces inefficiencies such as duplication of effort (multiple keying of same data) and creates multiple opportunities for error during translation of order information from paper submissions by customers to GPO-generated specifications, award and post-award documents, etc. In this process, pertinent information about the order must be passed to other processes within the print procurement workflow which further perpetuates errors and inefficiencies. Current systems constrain transparency within the overall workflow and tracking information is fragmented across multiple systems, which impacts the real-time sharing of information and job tracking data.


GPO is seeking to better understand the technology roadmaps of possible solutions with which GPO could realize EPIC goals, objectives, and requirements. In addition, GPO is looking to become more familiar with the vendors who provide, sell or integrate technology solutions that can support GPO and the EPIC program.

 Making your Capabilities Known - Requested Information:

Vendors should furnish the following information to GPO in electronic format:

  1. Capability Statement (Word or PDF file)

  2. Completed Requirements Matrix (Excel file)

  3. White Papers (Word or PDF file)

  4. Comments or Questions on EPIC Concept of Operations and Requirements Matrix drafts (Word or PDF file)

 Capability Statement:

Keeping GPO's vision, goals and objectives in mind please identify any technology solutions you would advocate and/or outline how your organization would incorporate this technology into a complete print procurement solution based on GPO's current requirements for EPIC.

Please provide the estimated time, after award, to achieve operational status using the technologies recommended in your Capability Statement. Also include any cost information that is available on the technologies and approach recommended in your Capability Statement.

Any submitted capability statement must be 10 pages or less and contain no marketing material. Please also list company points of contact and GSA Schedule number (if applicable).

 Requirements Matrix:

GPO has created a requirements matrix that will allow the opportunity for vendors to show how their solution sets meet specific EPIC requirements. This Excel spreadsheet has been included as a separate attachment to this RFI. Vendors should complete this spreadsheet providing as much detail as possible.

 White Paper: Similar Solutions or Systems:

Vendors may also submit a separate document that summarizes the vendor's work on systems with similar scope and requirements. Each white paper must be 20 pages or less; however, up to five (5) white papers may be submitted provided that each represents a discrete system or program.

Comments or Questions:

GPO is releasing the Concept of Operations and Requirements Matrix to the industry for comment and review. Vendors should identify any gaps in the documentation - including concerns about GPO's approach. Vendors should also identify any capabilities and requirements where technology may be lagging and identify missing or ambiguous requirements and capabilities. Where possible, feedback should include specific concerns, comments, and suggestions for refining GPO's EPIC documents based on industry best practices.


Comments or Questions on the EPIC program must be submitted to Darryl Walker via email no later than Tuesday, 3:00 pm eastern time October 16, 2012.  

All Capability Statements, Requirements Matrices, White Papers  comments must be submitted to Darryl Walker via email no later than 3:00 pm eastern time on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. For consideration, please use the subject heading "EPIC Market Research: YOUR COMPANY NAME". Faxed copies are not acceptable.

 Background Material

The Concept of Operations and Requirements Matrix have been distributed with the RFI.

 Original Point of Contact

Contracting Officer - TBD

U.S. Government Printing Office, Acquisition Services Division, 732 North Capitol Street, NW, Room A332, Washington, DC 20401

 Place of Performance

Location:          U.S. Government Printing Office

Address:           732 North Capitol Street, NW,  Washington, DC 20401


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EPIC System

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EPIC System
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