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99--Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement (TAMR) Phase 3

Solicitation Number: 9569
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Location: Headquarters
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Added: Jun 02, 2010 10:00 am
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has revised the Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement (TAMR) Phase 3 approach.

TAMR3 is now structured into two segments:

Segment 1 - Near-term Terminal Automation requirements.Segment 2 - Solution Implementation to meet mid-term NextGen requirements and potential automation convergence.

Using the TAMR3 Segmented approach, the FAA will immediately address upgrading New York TRACON (N90) to support Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B).

Significant Segment 1 activities are as follows:

1. Pending analysis, upgrade seven Automated Radar Terminal System (ARTS) 3Es to support ADS-B.

The seven ARTS 3E sites are:

New York TRACON (N90), (already addressed above)Potomac TRACON (PCT), Atlanta TRACON (A80), Louisville TRACON (SDF), Dallas-Ft.Worth TRACON (D10), Northern California TRACON (NCT), and Southern California TRACON (SCT).

2. Identify and upgrade priority ARTS 2E sites to support ADS-B.

3. Establish new contract vehicle(s) to sustain Legacy Common Automated Radar Terminal Systems (CARTS) and Standard Terminal Automation Replacement Systems (STARS) beyond 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Segment 2 will be further defined in accordance with FAA's NextGen Implementation Plan dated March 2010 to meet the Agency's needs for an automation platform that can support NextGen requirements and provide the FAA the most cost effective solution.

In arriving at the TAMR3 segmented approach, the FAA considered the responses to TAMR3 Request for Information (RFI) One and Two from industry. The FAA may conduct industry meetings with vendors that responded to above RFIs and will hold more opportunities for industry to provide comments and recommendations for a Segment 2 solution.
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