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Solicitation Number: 11052013
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
Location: Office of Acquisition Operations, Office of Travel, Motor Vehicles and Card Services (QMA)
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                                 CLARIFICATION/ CORRECTION

The correct date for Industry Day is indeed November 18, 2013. However, the correct DAY is MONDAY, not THURSDAY as previously stated below.


                                    REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI)

  The US General Services Administration (GSA) is conducting market research on alternative transportation services such as car sharing. The purpose of this RFI is two-fold: 
                    1) Obtain written responses to the attached Market Research Questionnaire due 11/15/13.

                    2) Invite industry to attend an Industry Day 11/18/13

                         MARKET RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE 

  Consistent with FAR Part 10, Market Research, GSA is conducting market research to determine if it should acquire alternative transportation services and how best to do so. GSA is interested in being able to provide its customers a variety of transportation solutions designed to fit a customer’s vehicle needs. For example, for customers that only need transportation intermittently, it may be more cost beneficial to use a car sharing service in lieu of renting, leasing and/or purchasing a vehicle. To that end, GSA asks that interested parties complete the attached questionnaire no later than 4:30PM, November 15, 2013 and return it to Patricia Hoffman at and

                             Invitation to Attend Industry Day

  The Travel, Motor Vehicle and Card Services (TMVCS) Portfolio is pursuing an array of car sharing initiatives to help federal agencies reduce costs, improve service and optimize their use of vehicles. TMVCS has monitored industry developments for car sharing services and the increasing number of vendors and locations available at this time lend itself to a government-wide pilot program to determine how best to take advantage of alternative transportation services. TMVCS’ goal in this effort is to drive agency cost savings while simultaneously allowing the agency to focus resources on their mission instead of on the ancillary services that GSA can provide more efficiently.

   TMVCS may issue a pilot BPA where it will use the vendors currently on Schedule 48 Special Item Number (SIN) 411-2 to conduct a pilot in four metropolitan cities (New York City, Washington DC, Boston and Chicago) and to meet immediate agency needs. Vendors must be on schedule to be able to participate in the initial BPA, but TMVCS anticipates adding vendors to the BPA throughout its life cycle. Therefore, concurrent to any potential government-wide pilot BPA effort, TMVCS wants to expand the number of car sharing service providers and additional cities serviced. To accomplish this, TMVCS will hold an industry day on Monday, November 18, 2013 from 1pm to 4pm Eastern Time at the GSA Central Office located at:

                                       1800 F Street NW 
                                                Washington DC 20405

  The dual purpose of this industry day is to obtain additional suppliers and information as well as educate new car sharing vendors how to participate on Schedule 48. Please RSVP not later than COB Friday, November 8, 2013 by replying to Patricia Hoffman at and in order to provide the security desk a list of attendees. Plan on arriving 15 minutes early to clear security. TMVCS will confirm your reservation via email with the room number. Follow up vendor appointments will be available after the industry day has concluded as requested. In your RSVP request, please note whether you are interested in a follow up vendor appointment (via phone or in person) and identify dates and times that work best. The vendor appointment will be an opportunity to provide talk to the Government regarding your firm’s capability to perform car sharing services.
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Market Research Questionnaire

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Market Research Questionnaire
Posted Date:
November 5, 2013
Description: Car Sharing - Market Research Questionnaire
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