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PMA209 Air Combat Electronics Industry Day

Solicitation Number: 242-13-047
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Air Systems Command
Location: NAVAIR HQ
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Added: Feb 20, 2013 2:15 pm
Reference Number: 242-13-047
Notice Type: Special Notice; PMA209 Air Combat Electronics Industry Day

This Special Notice is for informational planning purposes only and shall not be considered as an invitation for bid, request for quotation, request for proposal, or as an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products or services. No entitlement to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges by the Government will arise as a result of contractor participation in the industry day.

The Naval Air Systems Command AIR 1.0, PMA209 Air Combat Electronics Program Office will conduct an informational Industry Day on 14 March 2013 in Lexington Park, MD. The Industry Day will take place in the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Conference Room in the SAIC building located at:

SAIC Park Place
45310 Abell House Lane
California, MD 20619
(301) 862-6216

The brief will be held from 08:00-11:00 AM EST. The Industry Day agenda will cover PMA209's Capability Management Alignment, Avionics-enabled Capability Evolution Roadmaps and Acquisition Roadmaps for Mission Systems and Sensors (MSS), Communication and Networking (CAN), Safety Flight Operations (SFO) and Future Airborne Capabilities Environment. All briefings will be unclassified.

A formal agenda will be provided to confirmed attendees. There will not be any time allocated for industry briefings at this venue; however a minimal amount of time will be allocated for questions and answers after the briefing.

This exchange is for informational purposes only. During the remainder of 2013 and 2014, PMA209 will be conducting Market Analyses for a number of programs and will start a series of "one on one" briefings with industry. A form will be provided to allow participants to submit requests for "one on one" briefings and any questions that could not be asked at the event due to time constraints. Responses will be provided to the individual submitting the request/question only and will not be shared with all attendees. The intent of the "one on one" briefings will be to foster awareness of the state of the art in industry product capabilities and performance so that potential enhancements can be considered for timely integration into existing systems or during platform architecture modifications/modernizations.

Send an e-mail with your:
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Jerica Hardin
Management Analyst
Phone: (301)-757-6453
Fax: (301)-757-

All registration requests should be submitted prior to 08 March 2013

Technical POC:
Any technical questions should be submitted to:

PMA209 - Air Combat Electronics
Naval Air Systems Command
47123 Buse Road
Bldg 2272, Suite 351
Patuxent River, MD 20670
ATTN: Mr. William Chubb, Avionics Capability Management

Ph: (301) 757-0917

Contracting Office Address:
Naval Air Systems Command HQ
AIR- Buse Road Unit IPT
Bldg. 2272, Ste 256
Patuxent River, Maryland 20670
United States



Building 2272
47123 Buse Road Unit IPT
Patuxent River, Maryland 20670
United States
45310 Abell House Lane

California, Maryland 20619
United States
Denise R Lamb,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 301-757-5902
Fax: 301-757-5973