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99--NAS Voice System (NVS) Status Update

Solicitation Number: 10850
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Location: Headquarters
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Added: Jun 23, 2011 1:17 pm
Status Update on FAA Program Planning for the NAS Voice System (NVS)

The FAA is restructuring the implementation segments for the NAS Voice System (NVS) to accelerate the demonstration of NextGen operational capabilities and the associated benefits. In our face-to-face meetings with industry in December 2010, we stated that Segment 1 of NVS would consist of 28 systems for FAA test and support facilities, replacement of the VSCS in the En Route Environment, and a limited number of systems in the Terminal Environment. The Segment 1 NVS systems were to have the functionality to meet the requirements of the En Route and Terminal Environments to demonstrate the full range of required capabilities. In addition, the NVS would need to provide the flexibility to meet future NextGen requirements. Segment 2 would have consisted of systems primarily for the Terminal Environment.

Since December, the FAA has continued to assess its operational needs and refine the acquisition strategy based upon market survey findings. While the program scope will still address the functional requirements of the En Route, Terminal, and NextGen Future Facilities operating environments, Segment 1 of the NVS program will now focus on acquiring test systems to achieve the objectives of: (1) demonstrating NextGen capabilities (e.g., resource sharing, load balancing, and enterprise management); and (2) having a production-ready system for deployment to the any of the target environments, but with the expectation that new systems will likely be required in the Terminal Environment in the nearer term.

Supporting the NextGen concept of operations remains a fundamental objective of the NVS program. The restructuring of the implementation segments enables the FAA to continue to meet the strategic objectives for the NVS program and reduce risk through the spiral evolution of system capabilities. Initial deployments for Segment 2 are anticipated to focus on Terminal and NextGen future facilities since those two environments are expected to present the most pressing operational needs.

Although the program execution approach is being defined in terms of two distinct segments, the structuring of the segments is not based on system functionality, but rather the dual objectives of reducing implementation risk while demonstrating how NVS can support the NextGen concept of operations in the near term. The segmented approach also provides a separate decision point for NVS deployments during Segment 2 as the FAA's needs in that timeframe come into focus.

NVS is anticipated to be an indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract addressing the scope of Segments 1 and 2. As a result of this restructuring, the key dates to the NVS procurement have been revised as follows:

Final SIR Release -----------> November 2011 Operational Assessment ------> Spring 2012 Contract Award --------------> August 2012

The NVS SIR will articulate the importance of a scalable and flexible system architecture as well as the FAA's desire to establish a partnership relationship with the system provider to work collaboratively with the FAA to evolve to the enterprise environment.

The FAA understands that this restructuring may influence vendor preparations for the NVS procurement. The FAA anticipates providing more detail on the restructuring of the NVS program and intends to solicit feedback from Industry in August 2011 to support the release of the Final SIR in November 2011. In the interim, any questions regarding this announcement and the NVS program should be directed to the Contracting Officer at
kathy sthill, 202-493-1408