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HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project 2012

Solicitation Number: NIHLM2012371
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: National Institutes of Health
Location: National Library of Medicine
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Added: May 02, 2012 4:09 pm
NOTE: The REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) for this requirement will be broken into two solicitations: one Partial Small Business Set-Aside and; one Full and Open.

It is the intent of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to procure professional services to design and conduct projects that will improve access to HIV/AIDS related health information by patients, caregivers, the affected community and the general public. Emphasis is on providing information or access to health and medical information in a way meaningful to the target community, and increasing the awareness and utilization of NLM online health and medical resources in the HIV/AIDS Community.

Projects must involve one or more of the following information access categories:

1. Information Retrieval: To provide or improve access to electronic AIDS- and other health-related information resources by the organization or by the clients they serve and to implement access to state-of-the-art AIDS-related information tools via the Internet and/or mobile phone technologies. This may require the purchase of hardware (computer equipment), software, or contractual relationships necessary to obtain a connection to the Internet for the purpose of accessing AIDS-related information or sharing AIDS-related information;

2. Skills Development: Training to develop skills in accessing or using HIV/AIDS-related information including the use of NLM online databases and mobile resources as well as general AIDS information resources in order to improve services and benefit the community. This may include training for the staff of the agency, development of training programs for clients and patrons, training programs for other agencies, etc. ;

3. Resource Development: To support an organization to meet the needs of their clients or communities by developing specific educational or informational materials such as culturally or language specific fact sheets, bibliographies, guides or other products to meet NLM Section 508 compliance regulations.

NLM is particularly interested in involving the affected community in the development of these new programs. Emphasis will be placed upon small businesses and the following types of organizations or arrangements for developing these programs:

1. Community-based organizations (CBO) or patient advocacy groups currently providing AIDS-related services to the affected community. This encompasses both individual groups wishing to enhance their own services, as well as several cooperating for the purpose of this project;

2. Public Libraries wishing to serve their communities in the provision of AIDS-related information and resources;

3. Health departments or other local, municipal, or state agencies working to improve the public health;

4. Faith-based organizations currently providing AIDS-related services to the affected community; and/or

5. Multi-type consortia of the above listed organizations that may be in existence or formed specifically for this project. This consortium should include at least one of the groups listed above in the management of the project, but may include other types of agencies, such as health sciences libraries, that may be able to provide expertise and resources for the project. Where necessary, formation of consortia for the purpose of carrying out an NLM-supported project is strongly encouraged.

The Government anticipates that multiple fixed-price purchase orders will be awarded for 12 months from the date the award is made. The period of performance is anticipated to begin on or about September 1, 2012. The place of performance is the vendor site. The applicable NAICS Code is 624190 and the small business size standard is $7.0 million.

This procurement is anticipated to be processed using Acquisitions of Commercial Items under FAR Part 12. NLM anticipates awarding multiple awards, not to exceed $40,000.00 each.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) is expected to be released on or about May 14, 2012 through the website at POTENTIAL OFFERORS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DOWNLOADING THEIR OWN COPY OF THE SOLICITATION AND AMENDMENTS. Requests for the RFP will not be accepted via telephone, fax or e-mail. Offers will be tentatively due by June 18, 2012. Questions regarding this notice may be addressed to, ATTN: Keturah Busey, Contract Specialist. Please reference NIHLM2012371 on all correspondence. All responsible and responsive sources may submit a proposal that shall be considered by the National Library of Medicine. In order to receive an award, contractors must have valid registration certification in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA). This advertisement does not commit the Government to award a contract.





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