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National Children's Study

Solicitation Number: NIH-NICHD-NCS-SBSS-2012-07
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: National Institutes of Health
Location: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
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Sources Sought
Added: Jan 03, 2012 8:12 pm
This is a Small Business Sources Sought notice. This is NOT a solicitation for proposals, proposal abstracts, or quotations. The purpose of this notice is to obtain information regarding: (1) the availability and capability of qualified small business sources; (2) whether they are small businesses; HUBZone small businesses; service-disabled, veteran owned small businesses; 8(a) small businesses, women-owned small business, and (3) their size classification relative to the North American Industry Classification System (NAlCS) code for the proposed acquisition.

Responses to the information requested will assist the Government in determining the appropriate acquisition method, including whether a set aside is possible. An organization that is not considered a small business under the applicable NAICS code should not submit a response to this notice. The NAICS code applicable to this notice is 541712 with a size standard of 500 employees.

Background: The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) serves as the lead agency for the National Children's Study (NCS) and is seeking to identify organizations with requisite qualifications to continue data collection and retention activities of the NCS in 40 locations across the United States. The NCS is a longitudinal cohort study to study the effects of environmental influences and genetics on the health and development of children enrolled from distinct geographical areas across the country. Environment is broadly defined to include factors such as biological, physical, chemical and social and cultural influences on children's health and development. Additional information about the Study is available at the Study website (www.nationalchildrensstudy,gov). The National Children's Study consists of several related activities including a Vanguard Study to determine feasibility, acceptability and cost of Study operations and logistics, a Main Study to collect data for exposure-response analyses and Formative Research Projects which are short term focused projects on methodological topics to inform the Vanguard and Main Studies.

The Vanguard Study of the NCS was launched in 2009 and when recruitment is completed in 2012 will have enrolled an estimated 7000 families from 40 locations across the United States.

Purpose: The current Vanguard Study serves as a platform to test the feasibility, acceptability and costs of the NCS for use in planning and development for the Main Study.

Anticipated Period of Performance: September 15, 2012 to September 15, 2017.

Capability Statement: To be deemed capable of providing the current need for the Study, the respondents must have the capability to collect data and retain participants in the 40 current locations as well as develop and implement formative research projects.

Respondents should submit a written capability statement that clearly demonstrates capacity in the following areas:
1. Experience. The respondent shall demonstrate previous successful experience based on studies of the relevant size and breadth, providing specific details related to each appropriate task.
2. Personnel. The respondent shall provide the name of the principal investigator, his/her professional qualifications and specific experience as a key investigator in large studies similar to the current study. The respondent shall demonstrate that the proposed investigative team and staff have previous experience in carrying out a study such as the NCS Vanguard Study plus a formative research program.
3. Facilities. The respondent shall have the necessary dedicated office space and accommodations. Space should be available, as necessary, for other activities such as testing, training, collaborative planning, meetings. etc. Capacity for primary data collection activities shall also be described.
4. Access to study population. The respondent shall demonstrate their ability to follow-up and conduct study visits with women, men and children already enrolled in the NCS Vanguard Study locations. Visits could include collection of interview data, physical measurements,
biological specimens and environmental samples. Families and children enrolled in the Study must be followed longitudinally to meet study goals. The respondent should be capable of performing already scheduled data collection with participants in a variety of venues.
5. Relationships with the community. The respondent shall demonstrate the existence or ability to rapidly form working relationships with important entities within the location e.g. hospitals, providers of health care and members of the community such that they (the research team) are recognized and trusted within the community.
6. Ability to develop and implement formative research projects. The respondent shall demonstrate the existence or ability to rapidly form working relationships with important entities that are capable of performing short term methodological studies with a high degree of scientific precision. The respondent should be familiar with and have experience in preparing submissions for clearance from the Office of Management and Budget if the project research topic and design require it.

Respondents must include the DUNS number, organization name, address, point of contract, and size and type of small business (e.g. 8(a); HUBZONE. etc.) pursuant to NAlCS code 541712.

If any responsible source believes it can perform the requirements outlined above, they may submit by 4:00 PM EST on January 13, 2012 their capability statements (15 pages including resumes/curriculum vitae) either in electronic copy (PDF format) via email or by mailing two (2) hard copies to:

Fred Ettehadieh, Contracting Officer, NICHD Office of Acquisitions, Contracts Management Branch. 6100 Executive Blvd. Suite 7A-07. MSC 7510. Bethesda, MD 20892-7510.

NOTE: Capability statements sent using a delivery service such as Fed Ex or UPS or hand-carried must be sent to:

Fred Ettehadieh, Contracting Officer NICHD Office of Acquisitions. Contracts Management Branch. 6100 Executive Blvd. Suite 7A-07. Rockville, MD 20852.

Disclaimer and Important Notes: This notice does not obligate the Government to award a contract or otherwise pay for the information provided in the response. The Government reserves the right to use information provided by respondents for any purpose deemed necessary and legally appropriate. Any organization responding to this notice should ensure that its response is complete and sufficiently detailed. Information provided will be used to assess tradeoffs and alternatives available for the potential requirement and may lead to the development of a solicitation. Respondents are advised that the Government is under no obligation to acknowledge receipt of the information received or provide feedback with respect to any information submitted.

No proprietary, classified, confidential. or sensitive information should be included in your response. The Government reserves the right to use any non-proprietary technical information in any resultant solicitation(s). There will be no further notices issued under this Sources Sought.

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