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66--Recombinant Norovirus P-Particle Proteins of Genotypes

Solicitation Number: RFQ-RT-12-00181
Agency: Environmental Protection Agency
Office: Office of Acquisition Management (OAM)
Location: RTP Procurement Operations Division (RTPPOD)
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Added: Sep 20, 2012 3:26 pm
Synopsis: NAICS Code: 334516 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Intends to negotiate a sole source blanket purchase agreement with Cincinnati Children?s Hospital Medical Center, located at MLC 7017, 3333 Burnett Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039 for Recombinant Norovirus P-Particle Proteins of Genotypes VA 207, VA 387, and Norwalk (NV).

Description of Supplies

Supplies Estimated Qty/yr

VA 207 Recombinant Norovirus p-particle 400 ug VA 387 Recombinant Norovirus p-particle 400 ug Norwalk Recombinant Norovirus p-particle 400 ug Other genogroups (determined by EPA needs and availability from supplier) 400 ug

These p-particles are critical for analyzing more than 11,000 saliva samples from Puerto Rico, Iowa and Wisconsin. Norovirus infections are some of the most common waterborne infections reported and therefore these viruses are an integral part of our multi-pathogen salivary antibody immunoassay panel. This study is a major component of NERL?s Exposure research as part of both the Safe and Sustainable Water Research (SSWR) and Safe and Healthy Communities (SHC). The study is being conducted in collaboration with NERL, NHEERL and NCEA. The increased focus on identifying human exposure to waterborne and airborne pathogens has made it necessary to purchase the Norovirus p-particles on a regular basis as the proteins are being used up very quickly. Moreover, as the multiplex assay expands and more studies are conducted, we would require an ongoing supply from the same source so that we can maintain reproducibility of our assays.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation hold patents for the production of the proprietary norovirus p-particles. It is necessary to purchase these particles from the research foundation. Norwalk, VA207, and VA 387 particles have been used in previous studies and in a current study that is partially completed, therefore it is critical to use Cincinnati Children?s Hospital Research Foundation to maintain consistency of results. Use of other sources versus particles from the same norovirus strain, would potentially render them incompatible with the particles currently produced by the foundation.

The US EPA believes that Cincinnati Children?s Hospital Medical Center is the only source capable of providing the required products. The circumstance permitting Other than Full and Open Competition is FAR 8.405-6 Limited Sources, Only one responsible source and no other supplies or service will satisfy agency requirements. The period of performance is expected to be begin October, 2012 with a Base Year, and Two Option Years. All interested parties who believe they can provide the required products should fully explain their capabilities and qualifications in writing within 10 days from the date of this announcement.

The intent of this synopsis is to determine if any other source(s) exist; and, therefore, no solicitation (RFQ) is available. Consequently, any response(s) failing to provide the aforementioned data but instead choosing merely to submit a routine letter requesting a copy of the RFQ will not be honored. Submit your response to the U.S. EPA, Research Triangle Park [RTP] Procurement Operations Division Attn: Jacqueline Sayles via email at

Contracting Office Address: Environmental Protection Agency, ORD Service Center, NERL, RTP Procurement Operations Division, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711

Contracting Office Address: RTPPODUS Environmental Protection Agency 109 T.W. Alexander DriveMail Code: E105-02 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709USA Place of Performance:

USA Point of Contact(s): Jacqueline Sayles
RTPPODUS Environmental Protection Agency109 T.W. Alexander DriveMail Code: E105-02Research Triangle ParkNC27709USA
Jacqueline Sayles