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Accelerating Adoption of Assistive Technologies to Reduce Physical Strain among Family Caregivers of the Chronically Disabled Elderly Living at Home

This opportunity is a Recovery and Reinvestment Act action
Solicitation Number: 10-233-SOL-00150
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: Program Support Center
Location: Division of Acquisition Management
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Special Notice
Added: Apr 29, 2010 3:01 pm
This notice is provided for informational purposes only. This opportunity is available only to Program Support Center PSC Task Order Holders.

This is an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) procurement. Pursuant to FAR 52.204-11, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – Reporting Requirements (MAR 2009), the Contractor is required to register by July 1, 2010 and file their first report by July 10, 2010 at .

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation intends to issue one task order under the PSC Task Order’s. The main objective of this project is to accelerate adoption of assistive technologies to mitigate high family caregiver stress associated physical strain of providing personal assistance with daily living tasks (e.g. help with bathing, toileting, transferring) to chronically disabled elders living at home. There are two components to the project: The research component involves a systematic review of the evidence-base related to the role of assistive technologies in preventing overexertion and injuries among paid long-term care workers and the implications for unpaid family caregivers. The adoption component involves (1) consultation with experts on assistive technology and experts on family caregiving for the elderly as well as (2) site visits (in person and/or telephonic) to the local programs that operate under the umbrella of the Older Americans Act-funded National Family Caregiver Support Program. The purpose is to gain a better understanding of what these programs currently do or could do to facilitate family caregivers’ access to appropriate assistive technologies (those identified by the research component). The end product is to be a report including recommendations how to maximize the potential of the NFCSP as a vehicle for accelerating adoption of assistive technologies to reduce the physical strain experienced by family caregivers of the non-institutionalized frail elderly.

The task order is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 from the Office of the Secretary Comparative Effectiveness Research Funds.

The period of performance of the resultant task order will be for 18 months from the date of award.

The RFQ will be issued to the PSC Task Order Holders on or about April 29, 2010.

The RFQ closing date is May 21, 2010.

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