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Y--Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Special Investigative Cell (SIC) Compound, Islamabad, Pakistan

Solicitation Number: W912ER-13-R-0017
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: USACE Middle East District
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Added: Feb 14, 2013 5:17 pm
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) Middle East District intends to solicit a Request for Proposal (RFP) W912ER-13-R-0017 to construction firms or joint ventures experienced in working in the Middle East region who are interested in submitting a proposal for the Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Special Investigative Cell (SIC) Compound Project at Islamabad, Pakistan.

This compound will provide an independent tactical command and operations center where the Anti-Narcotics Force will carry out liaison with international counterparts, compile sensitive drug related intelligence, conduct sophisticated investigations, and plan interdiction operations. The Anti Narcotic Force Special Investigative Cell in Islamabad is an elite, vetted unit that is mentored by United States Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

The contractor shall comply with all country agreements. All facility design and construction shall comply with local building codes.

PROJECT SCOPE: The project includes demolishes three existing structures to make room to design and construct a two story TCOC (Tactical Command & Operations Center) with a third story logistics level for a total of 28,300SF (Square Feet), a single story 1650SF Source Running Building with holding cells and administrative space. Structural work for the Source Running Building will be designed for loading of two additional stories (future construction). A partial perimeter wall separating the existing mosque from the new facilities is included. A main gate with a small security guard shack, paving, landscaping, drainage, and connection to existing utilities are included.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The contractor must be licensed to conduct business in the country of Pakistan. (See required surety and registration)

TYPE OF CONTRACT AND NAICS: This RFP will be for a construction design build Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) contract. The North American Industrial Classification System Code (NAICS) for this effort is 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction.

TYPE OF SET-ASIDE: This acquisition will be UNRESTRICTED, Full and Open, Best Value Competition, No Set-Aside.

CONTRACTING PROCESS: This is a design build acquisition. Proposals will be evaluated and awarded based upon the best value procurement method in accordance with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Part 15. The Best Value, Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) will be used to evaluate all proposals. The evaluation criteria will be conveyed within the RFP. One or more of the items in the project scope may appear in the solicitation as an option item. The contract will be awarded on a firm-fixed price basis only.
PROPOSAL/PREFORMANCE PERIOD: The tentative date for issuance of RFP# W912ER-13-R-0017 is April 01, 2013. The tentative date for receipt of proposals is May 01, 2013. The performance period will be 365 days from issuance of Notice to Proceed (NTP).

CONSTRUCTION MAGNITUDE: The magnitude of this construction project is between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000.

REQUIRED SURETY/COUNTRY REGISTRATION: Performance and Payment Bonds are required and must be sufficient to cover 30% of the stated estimated annual maximum contract value. All costs associated with bonding shall be included in the coefficient.

All of the work will be performed outside the United States. All firms must be capable of being registered to work in the country of Pakistan, in accordance with all Islamabad, Pakistan laws and regulations. Firms must be able to attain a commercial business license for construction with the ministry of business and trade.

SITE VISIT: Information for a site visit will be provided in the Solicitation/ RFP announcement.

REGISTRATION/SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Offerors must have and must maintain an active registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) database at to be eligible for a Government contract award. If the Offeror is a Joint Venture (JV), the JV entity must have valid SAM registration in the SAM database representing the JV as one business/firm/entity. If at the time of award an Offeror is not actively and successfully registered in the SAM data base, the Government reserves the right to award to the next prospective Offeror.

Register to receive notifications and subscribe to the mailing list for specific solicitations, offerors should visit the Federal Business Opportunity (FedBizOpps) located at or utilize the Vendor Notification Service in the Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI) Acquisition Business Web Site at

FILES PERTAINING TO THE SOLICITATION WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH SAFE ACCESS FILE EXCHANGE. Registered offerors will receive an email notification with the subject: AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange Delivery Notice. The notification will include a description of the file, a link to the file, and a password to retrieve the file. The file will only be available for 14 days and the password is a ONE-TIME USE ONLY during the 14 day period.


PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS: This is an electronically issued solicitation. The Government will post the RFP to the AMRDEC site and be password protected. Proposals will be received in hard/paper copies only, including Compact Disks (CDs) containing all proposal contents. Electronic and fax proposals will not be accepted.

NOTE: The solicitation will not be provided to plan rooms, subcontractors, suppliers or vendors.

POINT-OF-CONTACTS/ADDRESSES: Cover letters and extraneous materials (brochures, etc.) will not be considered. Questions concerning submissions should be directed to Robert Williams, Contract Specialist at, and Daniel Hanas, Contracting Officer at

Contracting Office Address:
USACE Middle East District, P.O. Box 2250, Winchester, VA 22604-1450

Place of Performance:
USACE Middle East District P.O. Box 2250, Winchester VA
Point of Contact(s):
Robert Williams,; 540-665-3958
Contracting Office Address:
USACE Middle East District, P.O. Box 2250, Winchester, VA 22604-1450

Place of Performance:
USACE Middle East District P.O. Box 2250, Winchester VA 22604-1450

Point of Contact(s): Robert Williams, 540663958
USACE Middle East District, P.O. Box 2250, Winchester, VA 22604-1450
USACE Middle East District P.O. Box 2250, Winchester VA
Robert Williams, 540-665-3958

USACE Middle East District