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Environmental Quality, Energy & Power Technology

Solicitation Number: 5TP57120007
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
Location: FAS Acquisition Operations Division (5QZA)
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Added: Aug 20, 2012 1:40 pm
NOTE: This notice is modified to announce the release of solicitation 5TP57120007 for Environmental Quality, Energy & Power Technology Services.  Proposals are due on 20 September, 2012. 

Submit any questions regarding this solicitation as soon as possible, but by 13 September, 2012 at the latest, so there will be sufficient time for the Government to respond before proposals are due.

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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
August 20, 2012
Description: Complete solicitation document
Description: 5TP57120007 RFQ Section B in MS Word format
230 S. Dearborn Street
Room 3280
Chicago, Illinois 60604
United States
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RXSC) Advanced Power Technology Office & Environment and Energy Programs, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433
Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433
United States
Gary Butcher,
Contracting Officer
Phone: (312) 353-7735
Fax: 312-886-3827
Eben R. Greybourne,
Contracting Officer
Phone: (312) 886-3811
Fax: (312) 886-3827