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Occupant Centric Platform TECD Briefing to Industry

Solicitation Number: W56HZV12RTECD
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA)
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Special Notice
Added: Nov 05, 2012 10:09 am
On Friday, 16 NOV 2012 the Army's Force Protection Occupant Centric Platform (OCP) Technology Enabled Capabilities Demonstration (TECD) will hold an information briefing to industry from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM Eastern. Location of the information briefing will be the Detroit Arsenal, 6501 E. 11 Mile Rd, Warren MI 48397-5000 in the Auditorium, Building 200. This will be a forum to inform industry of the OCP TECD's FY12 science and technology (S&T) accomplishments with regards to technical knowledge gained, test data and results of demonstrations and evaluations for protecting soldiers in underbody blast, crash and rollover events.

For those not familiar with the OCP TECD, it seeks to identify, develop, and integrate technologies that will protect occupants of ground vehicle systems from underbody threats, crashes and rollovers while maintaining or improving the mobility of the vehicle system while reducing the weight for that protection. The OCP TECD accomplishes this by addressing gaps in occupant protections standards; tools and techniques to research blast, crash and rollover mitigation capabilities; ground vehicle interior technologies for protection of occupants; and ground vehicle exterior technologies for mitigation effects of underbody last events. This allows OCP TECD to provide soldiers and ground vehicle platforms with affordable and manufacturable survivability solutions against known and anticipated threats within specified programmatic requirements.

The OCP TECD Information brief will provide industry with current status of the program by briefing the accomplishments and results from the OCP TECD program. The briefing will address results achieved in the many projects that have been integrated into the OCP TECD. The areas briefed are expected to encompass the following 5 main areas; (1) standards, guidelines and procedures for occupant protection, (2) test preparation procedures for underbody blast testing, (3) interior occupant protection technologies and methodologies, (4) vehicle structures and flooring systems, and (5) underbody blast modeling and simulation tools

All attendees must be U.S. Citizens. No exceptions will be made for this event. By 9 Nov 2012, attendees will need to go to the TARDEC EVENTS website at and click on the event. Then complete and send the registration information form via email to Each organization, defined as Industry Business Unit or Institute for Higher Learning, can send up to 2 attendees with registration on a first come first serve basis to a maximum of 250 individuals. Please direct only questions regarding this registration process to Mike Adrian at 586-282-8876 or Carl Middleswart at 586-282-6065 or email us at or

OCP TECD Information Brief goals are as follows:
1. Increase industry awareness of the OCP TECD;
2. Identify to industry current OCP TECD accomplishments within each of the technology focus areas;
3. Identify potential partners who can provide the best solution to address a need or requirement;

It is your responsibility as an interested party in this Information Brief event to place yourselves on the FedBizOpps.Gov "Watch This Opportunity" list, which will generate automatic email notification of any changes to the FedBizOpps.Gov announcement. You may also want to take advantage of the FedBizOpps.Gov "Add Me to Interested Vendors" list if you want other interested parties to know of your interest in these requirements.

This event is for information sharing purposes only. This OCP TECD Information Brief does not constitute formal solicitation for proposals or abstracts and shall not be considered as a commitment by the government for any purpose. Attendance is strictly voluntary and the government will not reimburse attendees/participants for any costs associated with attending this OCP TECD Information Brief. Any information submitted as part of attending this OCP TECD Information Brief is subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC § 552(a). The government does not request any proprietary information be submitted, nor shall it be liable for any consequential damages for any proprietary information so submitted.

All attendees must be U.S. Citizens. This event is closed to the media.

Warren, Michigan 48397-5000
United States
Detroit Arsenal
6501 E. 11 Mile Road

Warren, Michigan 48397
United States
Lynn M. Byrne
Phone: 586.282.9629
Ed Leathers
Phone: 586.282.5165