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R -- Trade Specialist/US Export & Investment Facilitator

Solicitation Number: DG1350-06-RQ-0566
Agency: Department of Commerce
Office: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Location: Acquisition and Grants Office
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: June 15, 2006
The Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration has a requirement for two (2) Trade Specialist/US Export and Investment Facilitators. This is a request for quote (RFQ). The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 541618 and the related size standard is $6M. A level of effort agreement is anticipated to be awarded based on competition for one six month base period and two additional six month optional period. This RFQ incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2006-09. Questions must be received by June 20, 2006 via e-mail to Responses must be received by close of business on June 30, 2006 via e-mail to SEE NOTE 1Statement of Work

1. Background:

BISNIS, a U.S. Commerce Department program, facilitates new U.S. exports and related commercial projects in Eurasia* by providing practical, useful market information and related services to U.S. and Eurasian businesses and contacts. (* BISNIS Eurasia countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.) BISNIS is the U.S. Government's primary information resource on U.S.-Eurasian market developments, opportunities, and resources. BISNIS has facilitated more than $4 billion worth of U.S. exports and U.S.-Eurasian business collaboration since its inception in 1992. More information about BISNIS is available at

The Trade Specialist/U.S. Export and Investment Facilitator is the Washington point of contact for BISNIS services and activities in the assigned areas. The facilitator is an integral part of the BISNIS team, providing market information and related services and support in order to facilitate new U.S. business successes abroad.

2. Scope of Work

The major objective of this requirement is to facilitate new U.S. exports and related business activities in Eurasia. Specific objectives include:

 Expand and share expertise and contacts with U.S. and Eurasian companies and related contacts through the provision of BISNIS services, resulting in new U.S. commercial successes in Eurasia.

 Organize and lead BISNIS programs and projects, facilitating smooth program operations and advancement.

 Develop and support new BISNIS contacts and clients through outreach meetings and events as well as promotion of BISNIS programs and services.

 Regularly and effectively collaborate with BISNIS colleagues and contacts in offering support advancing the BISNIS mission.

 Coordinate with, monitor, advise and support BISNIS Eurasia counterpart(s).

 Conduct thorough follow-up on activities and clients served to determine the impact of support provided and inform program management about activities, performance, and results

3. Responsibilities and Requirements

The contractor shall be assigned responsibility to serve as the BISNIS trade specialist for one or more regions/countries, and Eurasia-wide coverage of one or more industry sectors. The contractor shall:

 Expand and share expertise and contacts with U.S. and Eurasian companies and related contacts, including through the provision of BISNIS services.

o The contractor shall become familiar with the details of the BISNIS program including services and potential benefits to the U.S. business community as well as success stories in order to serve clients and market the program to potential clients and organizations (within one month).

o The contractor shall develop and maintain familiarity with BISNIS information about assigned areas (within one month). The contractor will handle client inquiries related to reports in assigned areas (ongoing).

o The contractor shall establish relationships with major contacts and resources for assigned areas in order to facilitate the exchange of information with BISNIS clients (within two months).

o Review, edit, and distribute BISNIS Trade & Tender and Search for Partner leads to U.S. companies (2-8 per month, weekly action). The contractor shall monitor for incoming leads; facilitate the preparation of high quality leads through review, edits, and feedback to the originator; provide timely approval and distribution; identify and recommend further action; and answer client inquiries associated with these leads.

o Prepare, review, edit, and distribute market reports to U.S. companies (review and distribute 3-6 reports authored by BISNIS colleagues per month, and author and distribute 2-4 per year). The contractor shall answer client inquiries associated with these reports.

o Counsel U.S. companies on business development in Eurasia and conduct research connected with BISNIS client inquiries and needs. (20 clients per month).

o Review and update BISNIS web pages in assigned areas (conduct close review and related updates at minimum once per quarter)

o Assist Eurasian companies and resources through referrals to appropriate contacts and preparation of briefings (5–10 individuals per month).

 Organize and lead BISNIS programs and projects to ensure smooth program operation and advancement

o Lead/oversee BISNIS program(s) (monthly)

o Undertake special projects and action on priority leads and trade support activities (periodic), including the organization of meetings and events.

 Develop and support new BISNIS contacts and clients through outreach meetings and events as well as promotion of BISNIS programs and services (ongoing).

o Conduct outreach meetings, events, and related efforts (one per month)

o Promote BISNIS programs and services

o Promote BISNIS ExpoLink Eurasia program among clients in areas of responsibility, resulting in 1-2 new users per month.

o Enter and update client information using BISNIS systems (15 – 20 new clients and 15-20 updates per month)

 Regularly and effectively collaborate with BISNIS partners and contacts in offering support to advance the BISNIS mission.

o Exchange information with local supervisors (monthly)

o Coordinate with other organizations in areas of responsibility (periodic)

 Coordinate with, monitor, advise, and support BISNIS Eurasia counterpart(s)

o Maintain daily email contact with BISNIS Eurasia counterpart(s)

o Review incoming and monthly deliverables, advising on quality/performance, editing and distributing information, and informing BISNIS management of special action warranted.

o Coordinate and share information by phone with Eurasia counterpart(s) (weekly or bi-weekly)

o Provide support for visiting BISNIS representatives (typically once or twice per year).

 Conduct thorough follow-up on activities and clients served to determine the impact of support provided and inform program management about activities, performance, and results

o Follow up with clients on leads, inquiries, and services provided (periodic)

o Utilize BISNIS systems and tools to track and inform program management about activities, performance, and results (ongoing)

4. Technical Contacts

The contractor shall take direction from and report to BISNIS Contracting Office Technical Representative. BISNIS management shall provide general direction and provide broad guidance pertaining to program priorities and services. They will informally follow work progress and review for fulfillment of deliverables, objectives, and goals, and for consistency and conformance to program policy and performance objectives. The Contractor independently plans, designs and carries out projects and activities connected with responsibilities.

5. Period and Place of Performance

The contract period is for six months from date of award. There will be two six-month option periods. The Contractor shall provide the required services eight hours per day, 160 hours per month, Monday through Friday excluding Federal Holidays. The contractor shall report to the BISNIS office in Washington, D.C.

6. Government-Furnished Equipment

The U.S. Department of Commerce shall furnish the contractor with a workstation within the BISNIS offices in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, containing all necessary computer equipment and software, as well as telephone and Internet access.

7. Travel

Some travel, both domestic and international, may be required. All travel shall be in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Regulations. The Contractor shall be required to provide documentation of their expenses and will be reimbursed at actual cost.

The Contractor will not be paid for commuting expenses to and from DOC buildings. However, contractor will be reimbursed for pre-authorized work-related travel expenses in fulfillment of above duties.

8. Submission Requirements

Offerors shall submit complete and accurate proposals containing the following information:

 Statement of qualifications specifying how they meet the requirements stated in Section 2; limited to 3 pages.

 Resume; limited to 3 pages.

 Price proposal.

The Government reserves the right to make multiple awards under this solicitation.

9. Evaluation Criteria:

This contract will be awarded on a best value basis. The Government will perform a price/technical tradeoff of each proposal to determine which proposal represents the “best value” to the Government, price/cost and other factors considered. The Government reserves the right to award to other than the lowest price Offeror(s.)

Each Offeror’s proposal will be evaluated using the following technical criteria and subfactors listed in importance. Contractors will be evaluated and scored based on his/her experience, education, and training shown on their statement of qualifications and resume. Price will be evaluated but not scored.

Technical Criteria:

1. Ability to facilitate new commercial transactions in Eurasia (U.S. exports and investments abroad) through shared expertise and insightful business analysis, problem solving, and counseling. (35 %)

 The candidate must have a high level of familiarity with Eurasian markets and be knowledgeable in the dynamics of international commerce including export/import processes, trade finance practices, U.S. and foreign statutory and regulatory provisions, tariff and non-tariff trade barriers, etc.

 The candidate must be able to evaluate business prospects, ideas and proposals and make effective recommendations to facilitate commercial project advancement and success in Eurasia.

 Knowledge of and experience working with U.S. government and other programs to facilitate U.S.-Eurasian trade and investment.

2. Strength of relevant communication skills, including: (30%)

 Strong public speaking and intercultural communication skills, in order to present highly complex and technical information about international business development to a variety of audiences so that they can take appropriate steps.

 Strong writing skills, including the ability to concisely prepare clear and actionable analysis and recommendations for the U.S. business community, and for BISNIS management on contractor accomplishments.

 Ability to communicate in Russian, both orally and in writing, particularly as used to develop new business partnerships and projects.

3. Ability to develop relevant contacts and relationships and coordinate effectively with others. (20%)

 Ability and strong motivation to cultivate widespread contacts and maintain active relationships with diverse contacts in the U.S. and Eurasian business communities, including in the private and public sectors, in support of U.S. international trade interests.

 Experience coordinating and collaborating with an international team, particularly to support U.S.-Eurasia projects.

 Ability to perform liaison functions between BISNIS and various commercial and non-commercial organizations (including but not limited to the business community, U.S. government agencies, trade associations and development agencies, and representatives of foreign governments) to facilitate the effective support of new U.S.-Eurasia commercial projects.

4. Additional skills and requirements: (15%)

 Strong computer skills, including ability to work with spreadsheets (Excel), Power Point and web-based databases.

 Ability to organize seminars, meetings, conferences, and other events that involve a broad variety of participants.

 Candidate should possess a high level of individual initiative as well as exceptional organizational skills for juggling multiple, high priority projects and meet expected deadlines without fail.

 Ability to provide high level of customer service and benchmark-level professionalism in all interactions, internal and external.

Note: Candidate must be US citizen and must have or be able to gain and maintain a security clearance at the secret level.

Price Proposal:

The Government anticipates a full time individual shall be needed to fulfill this requirement. The price proposal is based on a work month of 160 hours.

10. Payment and Invoicing

The Contractor shall invoice ITA/BISNIS on a monthly basis. This is a level of effort award based on 160 hours per month. Contractor shall be required to provide a monthly progress reports to the Government Point of Contact (POC) with each invoice. The progress report shall summarize significant tasks, the number of hours required to complete each task, and the end-results. The Government will have a minimum of one week to review and accept the progress report. Failure to provide the required information may result in a partial payment of the invoice or the invoice being rejected in its entirety.

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