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Solicitation Number: NNA11AA19C-INCREASE
Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Office: Ames Research Center
Location: Office of Procurement
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Added: Jan 23, 2014 3:13 pm
NASA/ARC intends to modify the Statement of Work on Contract NNA11AA19C (Aviation Safety Reporting System and Related Systems, commonly referred to as ASRS) with Booz Allen Hamilton on a sole- source basis pursuant to 10 U.S.C 2304(c)(1), Only One Responsible Source, in support of Ames Research Center's (ARC) Code TH, Human Systems Integration Division. The changes to the statement of work are in-scope and include minor corrections and revisions to the following two major areas:

1) Section II General Requirements B. Information Technology (IT) 5. Extensions and Enhancements

2) Section VI C3RS Planning and Project Research and Development

The aforementioned areas above were updated due to increased demands with an emphasis on ASRS Workbench efficiency and reliability; as well as current report submission statistics for the ASRS Secure Data Transmission volume from ASRS air carrier programs. The purpose of this expansion to the Statement of Work is to provide additional support to the Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C3RS), and to update the contractors aging IT equipment and workstations.

In addition, due to the growing interest of the ASRS program and its appeal to numerous domains outside of Aviation and Railroad Transportation industries, an option line-item to increase the value of the contract will be added. The requirements in the Statement of Work may likely be performed to support additional industries within the period of performance of the subject contract; therefore the contracts maximum value is being increased to allow for this potential expansion in the future.

NASA operates and manages the ASRS and Related Systems which are modeled to function as voluntary, independent, confidential safety reporting in aviation, railroad transportation and potentially other domains, such as medicine. In aviation, the mission of the ASRS since 1976 has been to acquire information concerning current and potential deficiencies and to maximize the effective use of that information to further aviation safety and system planning.

The ASRS has two primary aspects: (1) the maintenance and operation of a voluntary, independent, confidential incident reporting program, and (2) research and development using incident reports to support improvements in the performance and safety of the current and future aviation system. The ASRS functions through an Interagency Agreement with the Department of Transportations Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that complements the FAAs Aviation Safety Reporting Program (ASRP). The ASRS program is nationally and internationally recognized as an effective and trusted model for confidential safety reporting. As a result of this reputation, other Government agencies, private and public organizations have requested NASAs assistance in establishing new systems of confidential reporting for the purpose of improving safety in their domains. The contractor currently operates ASRS, C3RS, and other potential reporting systems as agreements are finalized between NASA and other Government or private organizations. The ASRS website: provides industry and the public further information about ASRS and Related Systems.

This modification will not extend the period of performance of the current contract, NNA11AA19C, which is currently from December 8, 2010 through December 7, 2014. The current contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, is considered the only contractor that can meet ARCs needs. Awarding a separate contract to another source would result in substantial duplication of costs and unacceptable delays in fulfilling the Governments requirements, thereby affecting the continuity of services and causing unacceptable delays in fulfilling ARCs requirements.

The proposed contract action is for supplies or services for which the Government intends to solicit and negotiate with only one source under the authority of FAR 6.302. The purpose of this action to increase the contract value is due to the increased demands of the C3RS program and to allow for potential growth of the ASRS program to additional domains.

This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals.

Notwithstanding this stated intent, interested organizations may submit their capabilities and qualifications to perform the effort IN WRITING to the identified point of contact not later than 4 PM PST on Feburary 6, 2014. Such communication of capabilities/qualifications will be evaluated solely for the purpose of determining whether or not to conduct this procurement on a competitive basis. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed effort on a full and open competition basis, based upon responses to this notice, is solely within the discretion of the government.

Oral communications are not acceptable in response to this notice.

The Government does not intend to acquire a commercial item using FAR Part 12.

Questions regarding this modification can be sent via email to Emily Chan at or Elisban Rodriguez at

NASA Clause 1852.215-84, Ombudsman, is applicable. The Center Ombudsman for this acquisition can be found at ub_library/Omb.html .

Information about major upcoming ARC procurement actions is available at http://ec.msfc.nasa .gov/cgi-bin/eis/admin/admin.cgi?center=ARC

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