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Spectral and Reconnaissance Imagery for Tactical Exploitation (SPRITE)

Solicitation Number: ONRBAA13-018
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Office of Naval Research
Location: ONR
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Added: Jun 28, 2013 9:50 am
The Office of Naval Research, Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism S&T Department (ONR 30) is soliciting white papers and proposals for the Applied Research and Advanced Technology Developments.

The overall goal of this solicitation is to foster new developments in Science and Technology which may ultimately lead to future operational capabilities beyond those represented by current acquisition programs and requirements. As such, it is anticipated that successful proposals would ultimately contribute to the scientific and technological underpinning from which future Naval Expeditionary and Combating Terrorism warfighting requirements and capabilities may become possible.

Under this BAA, ONR is looking for innovative technical solutions that enable an integrated payload that is compatible with the RQ-21A payload SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) envelope and that contains the following capabilities:

• Very high coverage rate spectral sensing in the SWIR(shortwave infrared) band
• Ability to continuously monitor a wide area activity at a resolution (temporal and spatial) consistent with dismount detection/tracking
• High fidelity inspection sensing in both of the above collection modes
• Autonomous identification of objects, behaviors and materials of interest with accuracy rates high enough to enable a useful real-time dissemination of information directly to warfighters
• While combined day and night solutions offer additional value, a nighttime sensor modality should not be sought at the expense of one of the other desired sensor modalities

White Papers: White papers are required prior to submitting a Full Proposal. The due date for white papers is no later than 3 p.m. (EDT: Eastern Daylight Time) on 08/12/2013. White papers must be submitted via E-MAIL to the corresponding technical POCs: Martin Kruger, at, and 2; Maya Rubeiz, at All white papers are required to be uploaded to the ISR Upload Site (

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Posted Date:
June 28, 2013
ONR_BAA_13-018.pdf (237.13 Kb)
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Arlington, Virginia 22203-1995
Frank Kennedy,
Contract Specialist
Martin F Kruger,
Program Officer
Phone: (703) 696-5349