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M--Concession Contract for the Operation of Food and Beverage Service, Merchandise Sales, Event Planning and Management Services at Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island

Solicitation Number: STLI004-08
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: National Park Service
Location: NPS - All Offices
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Added: February 22, 2008 Modified: May 09, 2008 3:23 pmTrack Changes
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. (1) In the questions and answers released on April 18, 2008, Question No. 138 asked "Will the concessioner be allowed to continue to use Ellis Island as a staging area for Liberty Island?" and the answer provided was, "Yes." Following release of this answer, the National Park Service has learned that Ellis Island cannot accommodate unlimited truck deliveries without impairing Park operations, resources and values. Therefore, the answer to Question No. 138 is hereby changed to read: Yes, the Concessioner will be allowed to continue to use Ellis Island as a staging area for Liberty Island. However, the Park may limit the number of trucks allowed to make deliveries to Ellis Island. Such limitations will only be implemented if required to protect Park operations, resources or values. The NPS expects that consolidated deliveries to Ellis Island for the single Concessioner under the Contract will be more efficient than current independent deliveries for the two separate Existing Concessioners. We invite proposals for consolidating shipments to minimize truck deliveries to Ellis Island (see the Proposal Package, Principle Selection Factor 2b(6) and Secondary Selection Factor 2 (2)). Note that 2,417 trucks made deliveries to Ellis Island in federal fiscal year 2007 for the Existing Concessioner on that Island. The number of trucks per day, week and month has varied greatly depending on the season and special event operations. The Existing Concessioner on Liberty Island began using Ellis Island as a staging area for freight in 2008. The Park documented the following monthly truck deliveries to Ellis Island for both Existing Concessioners: January 2008 - 322; February 2008 - 299; March 2008 - 349; April 2008 - 484. If timed to be spread out across different times during the day, preliminary indications suggest that the Park could sustain up to approximately 18-19 truck deliveries per weekday on a regular basis, including trucks related to park operations and special events. The National Park Service has determined that this expansion of the answer to Question No. 138 is not a significant change and does not warrant an extension of the current submission date for proposals in response to Solicitation STLI004-08. Please see a copy of a request for extension and the response from the National Park Service provided on the National Park Service Concession website, (2) It has come to the attention of the NPS that there are two minor flaws in the Excel spreadsheets provided in Appendix I to the prospectus. On the "Cash Flow" sheet, the formula in the row "Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities" does not automatically add values from the row for "Adjustment to Reconcile Cash Flow;" offerors should make sure any such values are added. On the "Income Statement" sheet, there is no row for "Event Planning and Management" under "Total Gross Revenue, Cost of Sales;" offerors may add a row for this or use the row for "other." (3) Offerors who choose to hand-deliver proposals to the address stated in the prospectus should check with building security upon arrival for directions to the correct National Park Service office. Deliverers of large boxes that might not fit through airport-style screening machines should proceed directly to and contact the security post at the rear of the building (enter from 2nd Street). Hand-deliveries of large boxes on May 19, 2008, should allow extra time for security screening to assure successful delivery to the National Park Service prior to 4:00 pm EDT.
NER - Concessions Management National Park Service, 15 State Street Boston MA 02109
Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island