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J--Military Vehicle Maintenance, FMS 10

Solicitation Number: W912J2-10-T-0008
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Location: USPFO for Wisconsin
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Mar 19, 2010 5:47 pm Modified: Mar 30, 2010 11:35 pmTrack Changes
This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6 as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. This solicitation W912J2-10-T-0008 is issued as a Request for Proposal (RFP). This requirement will only be awarded to contractors with the NAICS Code 811111 or 811118. The contractor must be registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database.

This Requirements Contract is to provide all Type A (Annual) and B (Biannual) Service requirements in accordance with, and to the standards set forth, in the Technical Manuals listed for the following equipment:

8 (each) M1038 Truck, Utility: Cargo/Troop Carrier, 1 Ton, 4x4 With Winch
4 (each) M1097 Truck Utility, Heavy Variant, 4x4
13 (each) M998 Truck, Utility Cargo/Troop Carrier, 1 Ton 4x4
9 (each) M923 Truck, Cargo, 5 Ton, 6x6, Dropside
2 (each) M925A2 WW Truck, Cargo, 5 Ton, 6x6, Dropside With Winch
4 (each) M931A2 Truck, Tractor, 5 Ton 6x6

The service will be performed in accordance with and to the standards of the following Department of the Army Technical Manuals (TMs): TM 9-2320-280-20-1 and TM 9-2320-272-24-1, attached below. Refer to the front page of the TMs for vehicle types. Due to mission necessity for immediate vehicle availability, this requirement is set aside for local vendors, whose place of business must be located within sixty miles of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The contractor is required to pick up the vehicles at Field Maintenance Shop (FMS) 10, 1550 Osborn Avenue, Oshkosh, WI 54902, drive them to their place of business, perform the service at their place of business, and drive the vehicles back to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The contractor must be able to complete all services and any approved repairs prior to July 1st, 2010. Any vehicle faults discovered during the servicing will be annotated by the contractor using Department of the Army (DA) Form 2404. Any repair work as a result of faults discovered will be completed only after approval and authorization of the appointed military point of contact or alternate military point of contact. The contractor must provide proof of insurance and proof of qualifications for operating all vehicles as listed above, Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to the Contract Specialist prior to award of a contract.

Proposals must include the following information:

a) Unit price by type of vehicle for all annual and biannual services, inclusive of travel/transportation charges and all parts required to perform this service.

b) Per hour labor charge for any additional faults that are approved by the Government to be corrected. Any parts required to correct these faults will be supplied by the Government.

Proposals will be evaluated as Lowest Price Technically Acceptable to the government. Award will be made on the basis of the lowest evaluated price of proposals meeting the requirements listed above.

This solicitation incorporates the provisions which are in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-27. All clauses and provisions as of the date of the notice apply to this solicitation. The provision at FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications applies to this acquisition. A completed-signed copy of this provision shall be submitted with any proposal. The clause at FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions applies to this acquisition. The clause at FAR 52.212-5, Contract terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-Commercial Items applies to this acquisition. Under paragraph b, the following clauses are incorporated: 52.203-6, Restrictions on Subcontractor Sales to the Government, with Alternate I; 52.219-6, Notice of Total Small Business Set-Aside; 52.219-8, Utilization of Small Business Concerns; 52.219-28, Post Award Small Business Program Representation; 52.222-3, Convict Labor; 52.222-19, Child Labor-Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies; 52.222-21, Prohibition of Segregated Facilities; 52.222-26, Equal Opportunity; 52.222-35, Equal Opportunity for Special Disabled Veterans, Veterans of the Vietnam Era, and Other Eligible Veterans; 52.222-36, Affirmative Action for Workers with Disabilities; 252.222-37, Employment Reports on Special Disabled Veterans , Veterans of the Vietnam Era, and Other Eligible Veterans; 52.222-39, Notification of Employee Rights Concerning Payment of Union Dues or Fees; 52.222-50, Combating Trafficking in Persons; 52.223-9, Estimate of Percentage of Recovered Material Content for EPA-Designated Products; 52.225-13 Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases; 52.232-33, Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer Central Contractor Registration. The clause at DFARS 252.212-7001, Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes to Defense Acquisition of Commercial Items is applicable to this acquisition. Simplified Acquisition Procedures will be utilized.


For technical questions please e-mail:
Questions must be received prior to April 2nd, 2010.

Any questions will be answered by posting a document to this solicitation.

Any change in specification shall be authorized only by the Contract Specialist and will be issued by written addendum. Notification of any change shall be via the web site at: Offers are due by 4:00 PM, April 9th, 2010. Either fax to (608) 427-7279, Attn: 2LT Gary Brown, or e-mail to
USPFO for Wisconsin, 1 Williams Street, Camp Douglas, WI 54618-5002
USPFO for Wisconsin 1 Williams Street, Camp Douglas WI
Lisa Braund, 608-427-7274

USPFO for Wisconsin