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Next Generation Presidential Limousine Development

Solicitation Number: HSSS01-14-R-0028
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: United States Secret Service (USSS)
Location: Procurement Division
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Special Notice
Added: Mar 07, 2014 4:02 pm


 The Government intends to award a competitive commercial firm fixed priced type contract for development of a new design armored limousine in accordance with government provided specifications. This solicitation will be for Phase 2, with options for Phase 3 and Phase 4 of a 4 phase development and production program. Phase 1, armor development, is currently underway. Phase 2 work will include integration of the armor design developed during Phase 1 of the program. Phase 2 requirements will include selection and integration of final automotive components, chassis, interior, exterior, and test vehicle fabrication and automotive component testing. Phase 3 will be focused on automotive validation and Phase 4 production of vehicles.



Contract award is intended to be made by 29 August 2014.  Award will be made based on best value to the government.  This solicitation is restricted to Major Domestic U.S Automobile Manufacturers, who have their primary headquarters located in the United States of America.  The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 336390 All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacture.

 The subject solicitation will be in two steps.  In Step I of this solicitation, all interested offerors shall submit general business information, capabilities statement, past performance and their DSS Cage Code to the Government demonstrating that they are capable of meeting the security requirements listed below. Only offerors that meet these clearance requirements and provide an acceptable capability statement will be provided with the classified statement of work.


 If the offeror satisfies Step I requirements, the offeror may obtain the classified statement of work and solicitation. The offeror's Step II proposal shall include detailed technical, past performance, and price information. 

  Offerors shall email their Step I submissions  no later than 30 days after the  issue date of the FBO announcement .  Offerors will be notified of Step I Review results by two weeks after receipt of submissions. The subsequent Step II solicitation is estimated  to be released by 5 May 2014,  with the projected  Step II proposal due date of approximately 23 June 2014.

 The Step I evaluation factors for this submission are the following:

  Factor I: General Business Information/Representations and Certifications    

  Please provide the following information

 1.Name, title, telephone number, fax number, and email address of the point of contact.

 2. Offeror's official company name and nine-digit DUNS. The DUNS is used to verify that the vendor is in System For Award Management (SAM). By submitting a proposal, the Offeror acknowledges the Government requirement to be registered in the  (SAM) database prior to award of any contract. Information about SAM may be found at: http://governmentcontractregistration.comRegistration can all be accomplish by dialing 1-800-985-7658 for fast System for Award Management (SAM) Registration (formerly CCR Registration & ORCA certification) .

3. Nine-digit TIN. The Taxpayer Identification Number is necessary for electronic payment.

4. FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items. If you have completed the annual representations and certifications electronically through ORCA at, then provide a statement as such and it will be verified.

Factor II: Technical


•a.       Must be a US Automotive Major Domestic Manufacture with their primary headquarters located in the United States of America.  


•b.       Capabilities Statement: The offeror shall provide a capability statement based on the objective stated (armor integration, automotive integration, automotive validation and vehicle production) and demonstrate they are a US Automotive Major Domestic Manufacture with their primary headquarters location in the United States of America.  The capability statement shall not exceed 10 typed pages. Experience with law enforcement agencies is highly preferred. The offerors that provide documentation showing that they are capable of delivering this requirement under Step I will proceed to Step II.   

Factor III: Past Performance

 The offeror shall demonstrate their ability to meet the Government's requirements through past performance based upon recent and relevant performance of the offeror and any subcontractors as it relates to the probability of successful accomplishment of the work required by the solicitation. A maximum of five pages many be submitted to document past performance.


Recent is defined as having been awarded and performed in the past three (3) years. 

 The offeror shall demonstrate past performance in the following areas:

 • Timely delivery of products/services.

• Technical and product quality.

• Business-like concern for the interests of the customer.


The offeror shall submit the following information, in regards to past performance for at least three (3) references:

 Name of Company/Agency

Points of Contacts from the company/agency with telephone numbers and email addresses

Address of Company/Agency

Contract Number

Dollar Amount

Brief description of work performed

Period of Performance

 Factor IV:  Security Clearance


The offeror shall possess a DSS issued Secret Facility Clearance (FCL), or a DSS issued Interim Secret FCL, with Secret Safeguarding approval.  If the offeror does not possess these clearance requirements, they will not be provided the classified statement of work, until these clearance requirements are obtained and verified by the government. An offeror that does not possess the appropriate FCL but meets all Technical requirements for Step I, may be sponsored for an FCL at the government's discretion.  An Automated Information System (AIS) accredited by DSS to process classified information up to the Secret level will be required for contract performance.   In addition, the offeror will be required to have a DSS approved Secret closed area with the capacity to allow for the required personnel to manage, assemble and hold a minimum of 2 completed vehicles classified at the Secret level.

 All offerors shall pass all four factors in Step I in order to proceed to Step II:

 The preceding information must be submitted to Contracting Officer Greg Anderson via email to gregory.anderson@usss.dhs   and Mr. Charles Keeney at   on or before 30 days after the issuance of the subject FBO announcement .

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia 20223
United States
Greg Anderson
Phone: 202.406.6799
Fax: 202.406.6801