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Request for Information for Global Network Services

Solicitation Number: Global_Network_Services
Agency: Defense Information Systems Agency
Office: Procurement Directorate
Location: DITCO-Scott
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Special Notice
Added: May 02, 2012 2:20 pm

REQUIREMENT: Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Network Services for
Defense Information System Network (DISN)
To obtain industry capabilities information for acquisition planning purposes.

DISA is initiating the acquisition activities that will result in the replacement of the DISN Access Transport Services (DATS), Defense Information System Network Transmission (DISN) Services - Pacific (DTS-P), Joint Hawaii Information Technology Services (JHITS), and significantly reduce our use of Networx and Bulletin Board for circuit services. DISA is considering consolidating those contracts into a single contract - Global Network Services (GNS).

The scope of the GNS contract is global, SLA-based, commercially leased, media independent network capacity services (from short term leases to Indefeasible Rights of Use, and all current and future telecommunications networks data transfer rates and standards/protocols) for the DoD, its Services and Agencies and other Federal Departments anywhere worldwide in order to satisfy defense-related (includes supports of contingency operations at all levels) national security telecommunications and networking requirements. In conjunction with these telecommunication services, the scope also includes installation of equipment and associated services to support the enclave, and the transition of circuits on current contracts to the winning vendors of the GNS contract.

How To Respond:
This RFI is NOT for market research. Please do not respond with company information and/or solutions. DISA's intent is to collaboratively write, Government and industry together, the capabilities the GNS contract should acquire.

DISA requests industry review and provide recommended revisions and comments on its proposed Capability Needs Document (CND) for the Global Network Services (GNS) acquisition in accordance with the "Exchanges with industry before receipt of proposals" best practices as contained in FAR Part 15.201. Responses can be provided though two methods. One is to provide a response directly to the contracting officer. The other is to review and make proposed changes to a draft version of the GNS CND that is available on All Partners Access Network (APAN). Our preference is for industry comments to be received via APAN.

Our goal in using this social media tool is to allow for a more collaborative and agile method of getting industry comments. In order to limit the number of contributors to a manageable number, only one account will be authorized per company.
To request editing access, follow these instructions:
1. Create a free APAN account.
a. Enter your organization name into your profile. Access will NOT be granted if this is blank.
2. Access the GNS CND here:
3. If the Request Membership box does not automatically appear, click on the group title. Enter text on why you want to be granted access.
4. The Government group owner receives an email regarding your request and checks the organization info in the profile. If it is an actual company, access will be granted.
The Government will restrict write access to any individual whose actions are deemed to be disruptive, see the Rules and Code of Conduct below. This termination of write access will in no way limit the ability of that firm to continue to provide input via written input to the Contracting Officer during the editing period.
NOTE: This is not a "sources sought" RFI. Rather the purpose of this RFI is to allow exchanges between industry and Government customers and users to improve the understanding of Government requirements and industry capabilities.
Response Deadline:
The Government may place other documents and reference material on APAN, as well as post discussion questions in the forum.
The CND wiki will be editable for 30 days, starting the day of this announcement. Afterward, the wiki will be frozen against additional changes. It may also be placed on other social media outlets. The APAN forums and other applications will remain open. Members will continue to be added after the editing period is complete.
Special Considerations:
The DISN PMO retains ownership of the CND. At any time, the DISN PMO can delete or edit content added by industry, or request expansion or clarification of what is written. Industry can ask the DISN PMO questions by:
1) Asking in the forum section of the working group
2) by sending an email to the Contracting Officer.
Our preference is for comments to be handled in the forums.

1. Debates will be conducted in the forum.
2. For ongoing debates, or debates that do not end in a consensus, the Government group owner will make the final decision and end the debate.
3. Do not email or call the group owner with questions or clarifications. The group owner will not respond to private questions.
Code of Conduct
The Government reserves the right to remove permissions for the grounds listed below.
1. Debate is encouraged, but language must remain civil. Ad hominem attacks, disparaging remarks, disrespect, vulgarity, profanity, threats, and harassment will not be tolerated.
2. No spamming. If other editors or the Government strike your content, do not keep replacing it. Debate is encouraged instead.
3. No advertising, promotional materials, junk emails, or pyramid schemes.
4. Discussing subjects not related to the GNS scope. For example, political commentary or opinions about organizations or companies.
5. Impersonating or misrepresenting your identity or company.
6. Violating existing copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary rights


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Global Network Services - Capability of Needs Document (example)

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Global Network Services - Capability of Needs Document (example)
Posted Date:
May 2, 2012
Description: The attached Capability of Needs Document is attached for informational purposes.
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