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10--Foreign/Non-Standard Weapons, Accessories, and Parts

Solicitation Number: W15QKN12XC003
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - New Jersey
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Sources Sought
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The purpose of this amendment is to clarify that BOA stands for Basic OrderingAgreement.
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The U.S. Army, Army Contracting Command (ACC) Joint Munitions & Lethality(JM&L) Contracting Center, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000 in support of the U.S. Army Research Development Engineering Command Armament Research Development and Engineering Center (RDECOM-ARDEC) and several Program Offices is conducting market research to establish a manageable number of Blanket Order Agreements (BOAs) to fulfill continuing requirements with vendors capable of providing multiple variants of foreign, non-standard, U.S.-obsolete, and commercial weapons, accessories, and weapon parts. Vendors must have the capability to ship the aforementioned weapons, once procured, to multiple locations around the United States and OCONUS locations to support the U.S. Governments mission in accordance with all applicable U.S. and foreign regulations for the transit of weapons. Vendors shall obtain and maintain proper registrations and licenses for conducting these types of business. The overarching intent of this program and procurement action is to find and use a source or vendor that can reach around the world at any given moment to gather and provide multiple types of weapons and weapon parts. Weapons and weapon parts covered under this survey may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Weapons: AK-47 and AKM Variants (Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947) AK-74 Variants (Avtomat Kalashnikova 1974) PK Machine Gun Variants (PK/PKS/ PKM/PKMS) Submachine Guns Heckler and Koch G-3 (Gewehr 3 Rifle) FN FAL (Fabrique Nationale Fusil Automatique Leger) MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) MG3 (Maschinengewehr 3) RPK (Ruchnoi Pulemet Kalashnikova) DShK (Degtyarev-Shpagin, large caliber) Dragunov SVD (Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, or Dragunov Sniper Rifle) 82mm Mortar System 9mm Pistols (e.g. Glock 19, Walther PP/PPK [Polizei Pistole and Polizei Pistole Kur],CZ-52 Tokarev Pistol Makarov PM [Type 59 and other versions]) RPG (Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomet, Commonly Referred to as Rocket Propelled Grenade) Launchers: o RPG-7 NSV Machine Gun SPG-9 Recoilless Gun Yak-B 12.7mm Machine Gun Shotguns

Weapon Parts: Russian and former Soviet Block weapons to include the AK47, AKM47, AK74, RPK, RPD, PK, PKM, DShK, KPV, NSV, YAK-B, Makarov, Tokarev, SKS, SVD, FPK, RPG-7, 82mm Mortars, GP-25/30 grenade launchers. Other major foreign army and police weapons to include the FN-FAL, AR18, SAR-21, H&K G3, HK21, HK53, MP5, MG3, BHP, Glock 17/19, Model 61 (Skorpion), Uzi, M10, Sterling, Sten, PM12, MPi 69, FAMAS, AUG, L85, SA-80, Galil, Valmet, 550/1/2, P90, and Ultimax. Uncommon or obsolete U.S. weapons to include the 1903 Springfield, 1911 BAR, 1919, M1/M1a1 and M3 submachine guns, M1 and M2 carbines, and M79. Other commercial or para-military weapons. The parts required are for replacement and repair at all levels of repair, overhaul and rebuilding. This includes all parts of the weapon including the barrel but less the frame or receiver that is considered the firearm under U.S. law. Also included are books, manuals, tools and gauges as well as training aids, non-firing replicas and cut-away of weapons, components and ammunition. Examples of some of the types of parts are listed below. Parts kits including all, most, or some of the individual parts listed below.Individual parts and accessories such as barrels; barrel and muzzle attachments; stocks; grips; forearms; sights and sight components; gas system components including operating rods, gas blocks, pistons, tubes, etcetera; sling swivels; receiver covers; fire control groups, housings, and parts; hammers; triggers; sears; disconnectors; selector/change levers; safeties; bipods; bolts and parts; bolt carriers; firing pins; extractors; ejectors; pins; screws; springs; magazines; belts; drums; slings; holsters; pouches; carrying cases; tripods; ammo cans; tools; gauges.

In addition, once vendors are identified, this announcement will serve as a continuous open notice to solicit additional vendors/companies at any time to replace or increase existing BOAs to fulfill the Governments requirements. The period of performance for these BOAs is five (5) years.

All interested and potential firms must be registered in CCR, and current firms must update once a year to maintain active status. Please visit the CCR website to register and update at: Whether applying for assistance with awards, contracts, or other business opportunities, all entities are considered registrants. Registration in CCR in no way guarantees that a contract or assistance award will be issued. The following information is required to register in CCR: DUNS Number; Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Taxpayers Name; Statistical Information about your business; and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Information. Once your business is registered in CCR, you also need to be registered in ORCA: Located on the left side of CCR web page is a link to ORCA where you must register.

All interested companies are invited to provide their capabilities and qualifications regarding the above stated requirement via email (10MB limit) to the email point of contact listed below. Information provided will not be returned. Responses shall indicate the size of the business entity (large or small) and a copy of the most recent ORCA Certifications. Please provide the name and address of your company, a point of contact (POC), phone and fax number where they can be reached and an email address. TELEPHONE INQUIRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The Government will accept questions via email ONLY. The point of contact for this action is Ms. Jennifer Stanley, Contract Specialist, ACC-NJ-MA, email:

Please note that the Government is seeking initial submissions by 4PM EST 30 September 2013 then will continue to accept responses to this notice on an open and continuous basis.
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Posted Date:
March 16, 2012
ACC - New Jersey, Center for Contracting and Commerce, Building 10 Phipps RD, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000
Paul Giovannoli, 9737242136

ACC - New Jersey