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Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System (AACUS) Innovative Naval Prototype (INP)

Solicitation Number: ONRBAA12-004
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Office of Naval Research
Location: ONR
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Added: Dec 22, 2011 7:39 am
As outlined in the Joint Cargo Unmanned Aerial Systems Concept of Operations document (attached), combat operations are conducted in a variety of environments (mountainous, desert, forest, jungle, at sea, and in urban/complex terrain) that are often characterized by rugged terrain and obstacles to ground vehicle transportation. In support of distributed operations, many Combat OutPosts (COPs) are located in obscure locations. Some missions can be conducted up to hundreds of miles from Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). The extended lines of communication between forces and their FOBs are at risk of enemy ambush or Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack for both air and ground resupply assets.
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Posted Date:
December 22, 2011
AACUS BAA.pdf (308.69 Kb)
Description: AACUS BAA
AACUS CONOPS.pdf (616.92 Kb)
Description: AACUS CONOPS
Description: AACUS Industry Workshop Brief
Description: AACUS Industry Workshop Q&A
FS Land Ranges.pdf (227.31 Kb)
Description: FS Land Ranges
Description: NAWCAD T&E Capabilities
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