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Synopsis for Public Data Dissemination Sole Source Contract to Google, Inc.

Solicitation Number: Special_Notice10-11001
Agency: Department of Commerce
Office: Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)
Location: Office of Procurement
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Special Notice
Added: Nov 06, 2009 9:25 am
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is undertaking a public data dissemination initiative to provide increased transparency of government operations and information by making data available directly to the public on an expedited basis. Under this initiative the USPTO intends to award a no cost, sole source contract to Google, Inc using the authority set forth in the Patent and Trademark Office Acquisition Guidelines (PTAG)

The PTAG authorized the UPSTO to acquire products and services using “maximum reasonable competition” instead of “full and open competition” when possible on all acquisitions. However, the USPTO will use competition as a principal tool in achieving results and intends to adopt means of affording competition that it determines will effectually serve the performance goals established for particular acquisitions. Under PTAG the USPTO is exempt from the requirement to meet the test of ''full and open competition'' as defined in FAR Part 6, and may also utilize a streamlined contract approach to solicit and award contracts to the most highly qualified contractor. In addition, the PTAG provides greater flexibility in the identification of sources and exempts the USPTO from portions of FAR part 15.

Accordingly, this synopsis serves as notice of the intent of the USPTO to award a no cost, sole source contract to Google, Inc. for public data dissemination services. Google possesses the proven technology, ease of use, and an existing public repository for patents information without incurring any cost to the public. This no cost, sole source contract award will serve as a bridge to provide immediate capability and availability to enable compliance with all governmental mandates and directives for transparency of governmental data.

The USPTO will continue to develop an acquisition strategy under the previously posted RFI (SS-PAPT-09-10008) using competition to the maximum extent possible for establishing a long-term no cost solution to public data dissemination and transparency of governmental data.

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