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58 -- Fabrication and Shipment of TV Broadcast System for Iraq

Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-IraqTV
Agency: Broadcasting Board of Governors
Office: Director, Office of Contracts
Location: Office of Contracts (CON)
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Added: April 15, 2005
The U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) intends to negotiate a non-competitive contract modification against Contract No. BBGCON3604C5429 with Harris Corporation (Harris), Broadcast Communications Division, 3200 Wismann Lane, P.O. Box 4290, Quincy, IL 62305 for the fabrication and shipping of a medium power (5kW - 20kW) PAL/B UHF Television (TV) broadcasting system and ancillary equipment for installation at the Shomali Iraqi Media Network (IMN) Broadcast Station, Al-Hilla, Iraq. Current plans are to procure a 10kW, PAL/B Channel 35 television system. The statutory authority permitting other than full and open competition that is applicable to this procurement is 41 U.S.C. 253(c)(1), FAR 6.302-1 -- Only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. Harris Corporation was previously awarded a contract (No. BBGCON3604C5469) to provide PAL/B television systems to support the urgent U.S. Government requirement for the BBG to establish TV broadcasting systems in Iraq. The initial requirement specifically included BBG's launch and operation of the first two TV broadcasting systems in Baghdad and Basrah, Iraq and subsequently up to three (3) additional broadcast systems in other Iraqi cities. Not achieving this Iraq TV broadcasting system operating capability would result in the BBG not meeting the U.S. Congress' compelling mandate for the timely establishment of BBG TV broadcasting systems that will provide television programming to the Iraqi people in key cities, pursuant to authorization and appropriation of FY-2004/05 funding for this specific purpose.

Under its contract, Harris Corporation completed all of its initial delivery requirements for a 5kW PAL/B VHF Channel 12 television system by the established contract delivery date. The system is currently operational in Baghdad. The contract was modified to procure a second PAL/B Channel 12 television system from Harris Corporation. This system will soon be installed in Mosul, Iraq. BBG presently has a follow-up requirement for a 10kW, PAL/B UHF Channel 35 television system to be installed at the Shomali IMN Broadcast Station in Al-Hilla, Iraq. The BBG intends to modify its existing contract with Harris Corporation to procure the UHF TV system.

The UHF TV system to be procured by the BBG will be installed along with other Harris PAL/B UHF TV and FM transmitters provided by Harris Corporation under a separate contract managed by the Iraqi Media Network. Iraqi Media Network personnel have been fully trained in the installation, operation and maintenance of Harris VHF/UHF TV and FM broadcast equipment. Due to the security and logistic difficulties in Iraq, BBG broadcast equipment installed at IMN facilities must be compatible with existing Harris equipment to facilitate maintenance, allow for the procurement and storage of spare parts, and simplify operation of the transmitters.

The 10kW, PAL/B UHF Channel 35 TV system that Harris Corporation will be required to fabricate and provide shall include television transmitter(s) and other television broadcasting equipment, including but not limited to television combiner systems, transmission lines, and power regulation equipment, export pack and provide for shipping of the above-stated TV broadcasting system and equipment to the Shomali IMN Broadcast Station in Al-Hilla, Iraq. The TV system shall be shipped from Harris' facility to the BBG in Washington, DC and received by the BBG no later than August 1, 2005. The BBG will use a separate contract for the installation of the BBG TV broadcasting system to be installed at the Shomali IMN Broadcast Station in Al-Hilla, Iraq.

This Public Notice of the BBG's intent to non-competitively contract with Harris Corporation is not a solicitation (Request for Proposals). Other firms that are interested in the BBG's requirements for major equipment fabrication and shipping of TV broadcasting systems in Iraq may respond to this Public Notice by stating their interest, capabilities, and pertinent experience to meet the BBG's TV broadcasting systems requirements cited in the notice as well as the continued requirement for a presence in Iraq that specifically includes the August 1, 2005 Shomali TV Station broadcasting system delivery deadline. The responses of interested firms shall include: (1) evidence of specific examples of the respondent's successful past performance with a minimum of five (5) years experience in the fabrication, shipping, installation, testing, commissioning, and sustained operation and maintenance of Harris television broadcast systems; (2) data sheets, brochures or other documentation clearly describing the proposed VHF and UHF television broadcast system equipment sized for medium to large urban environments; and (3) a sample project plan, including but not limited to a project schedule, bill of materials, description of activities, and budgetary cost to deliver a 10kW UHF television broadcasting system by August 1, 2005.

The BBG must receive all such "Capabilities Statements" by 2:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), May 2, 2005. The BBG's determination not to compete this proposed contract, based upon responses to this Public Notice, is solely within the discretion of the BBG. Any "Capabilities Statements" and/or other information received by the BBG from interested firms responding to this Public Notice will be considered by the BBG solely for the purpose of determining whether or not to conduct a competitive procurement. Any questions regarding this Public Notice shall be submitted via facsimile to Marlene Brooks, Office of Contracts (M/CON/CR), at (202) 260-0855. Written responses to this Public Notice shall also be facsimiled to Marlene Brooks at (202) 260-0855. Telephone responses of a firm's statements of interest, capabilities, and pertinent experience will not be accepted by the BBG. This Public Notice is not a RFP, IFB, or RFQ. Numbered Note 22.

Broadcasting Board of Governors, Associate Director for Management, Office of Contracts (M/CON), 330 C Street, SW, Room 2500, Washington, DC, 20237
Quincy, IL
Marlene Brooks, Contracting Officer, Phone 202-205-9664, Fax 202-260-0855, Email