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Health Care Innovations Exchange II

Solicitation Number: AHRQ-11-10006
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Location: Contracts Management
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September 27, 2011
Westat, Inc.
1600 Research Boulevard

Rockville, Maryland 20850
United States
Added: Dec 07, 2010 4:04 pm
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is soliciting proposals on a full and open competitive basis for a contract to migrate, operate, maintain and enhance the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange (HCIE) resource,

The solicitation and any documents relating to this requirement will only be available by downloading from the Internet through or through the AHRQ website at Interested Offerors are responsible for monitoring these sites for the release of the solicitation and any subsequent amendments. It is anticipated that the solicitation will be available for downloading on or about 15 days after publication of this synopsis.

The HCIE is an Internet-based repository for the collection, classification, distribution of and dialogue around health care service delivery innovations and related information and tools. The HCIE is a searchable database of innovative strategies and tools used to improve health care quality and reduce health care disparities. Learning and networking opportunities are offered to promote dialogue and exchange of information about innovation, adoption, spread and specific innovations and tools.

The goal of the HCIE was, and continues, to be a publicly-accessible, national repository of health care service delivery innovations and tools and associated information needed to facilitate strategic decision making and to promote change and further innovation in the health care system for the purpose of improving health care quality and reducing health care disparities for all Americans. With this solicitation, the Health Care Innovations Exchange will also become a national repository of policy/public health innovations used to improve quality and reduce disparities. The Health Care Innovations Exchange will be the only national resource that will, when possible, draw relationships between policy/public health innovations and service delivery innovations.

There are five major tasks for this solicitation, each having specific requirements and deliverables:

Task 1 Content - establish and maintain an editorial board and expert panel; hold expert panel meetings; establish and apply AHRQ-approved inclusion criteria; establish a system to obtain, publish, update, archive innovations, tools and associated content; establish and maintain a validated system to index and abstract innovations and tools.

Task 2 Enhancements - propose recommendations for change; address AHRQ proposed changes; adhere to a change/configuration management plan.

Task 3 IT - design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and operate the Innovations Exchange Technical Infrastructure and Web Site; startup/transition requirements; technical requirements; database requirements; Web site Requirements; hardware requirements; hardware and software procurement; configuration and change management requirements; reporting requirements; documentation requirements; security and privacy requirements; technical assistance to HCIE users.

Task 4 - Learning and Networking - propose a multi-faceted approach for learning and networking opportunities to accommodate different learning styles; communicate venues geared toward adult learners; drive users to the HCIE; ensure interactions and learning amongst the user base including smaller networks and the broader HCIE user. Continue operation and maintenance of established HCIE social networking accounts and establish new social media in Web 2.0.

Task 5 - Project Management - provide general management; assist AHRQ with the Customer Satisfaction Survey; schedule, prepare and plan meetings; use project management industry best practices and Earned Value Management System; systems documentation; monthly progress reports; annual work plans; annual reports; final report; close-out/transition plan; work with other Agency contractors; Agency stakeholders.

While there are information technology (IT) components in this project, this is not an IT requirement. The project will be content driven supported by information technology.

The objectives of this solicitation are to:
• Continue the efficient, systematic collection, and high quality classification and representation of innovations and tools; continue to emphasize innovations targeting public health priority diseases/conditions, priority populations, and efforts to reduce disparities in quality; continue to maintain relationships with other databases (such as AHRQ's National Guideline Clearinghouse and National Quality Measures Clearinghouse)
• Expand the database and resource to include policy/public health type innovations aimed at improving health care quality or reducing disparities in care; show parent-child relationships between policy innovations (parent) and clinical processes or community services innovations (child)
• Operate and maintain, and develop, test, and deploy a back end and front end and related changes that reflect attention to the systems development life cycle, complies with relevant government IT regulations and requirements (such as privacy and security), and earns value for the government
• Establish a project expert panel that will provide feedback and guidance, and to establish an editorial board with capacity to review submissions and write expert commentary critiquing innovation successes and failures, offering insights and addressing the nuances of innovation, implementation, and change
• Continually improve the design of the Innovations Exchange incorporating feedback from user testing, expert panel, editorial board and others
• Provide appropriate and timely technical assistance to users
• Provide dynamic opportunities for learning and networking among the users of the Web site

Approaches proposed by the Offeror to achieve the above objectives shall be based on a justified rationale, and the Offeror shall demonstrate an understanding of novel health care policy, especially aimed at improving health care quality and/or reducing disparities; health service delivery creativity, innovation and change; health care quality improvement or disparities reduction implementation and evaluation and associated tools; editorial processes and controls; medical content indexing; complex database development; government Web site design, prototyping, testing, and deployment; and adult learning and networking.

Offerors shall describe previous successes working with expert panels and editorial board and with managing conflicts of interest. In addition, Offerors shall demonstrate technical capability in applying the existing innovations and tools inclusion criteria by citing a sample innovation and tool not currently represented in the Innovations Exchange and offering a judgment with rationale as to the samples' candidacy for inclusion. Also, Offerors will pick three (of six) challenges currently faced by the Innovations Exchange and specify how they will tackle those challenges.

The Project Team shall consist of a PMI-certified Project Manager, Project Director, and other key staff, which can include subcontractors and/or consultants. Team members will have experiences in health services research; health care policy; clinical service delivery; community and social services relative to health care; health care quality improvement and/or disparities reduction; innovation and change management. Team members will be skilled at qualitative research; content capture, such as but not limited to investigative journalism; indexing and tagging using UMLS and other vocabularies; and systematic editorial processes and controls. In addition, some team members will have experiences in the IT life cycle and will be skilled at government database design/administration, government Web site design/deployment/maintenance, and obtaining system security certification and accreditation with an approval to operate in a short period of time.

AHRQ anticipates awarding one cost plus award fee contract under this solicitation for a period of one base year and four, one-year option periods. Proposals will be evaluated inclusive of the options. The Government is under no obligation to exercise the options either at award or at a later date.



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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
January 3, 2011
Description: Health Care Innovations Exchange II RFP
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Description: Attachment 8 - Sample Format for Cost Proposal

Amendment 1

Posted Date:
January 13, 2011
Description: Response to Questions
Description: Attachment #2 - Statement of Work Revised 1-13-11
Description: Attachment #4 Past Performance Questionnaire Revised
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