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Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)

Solicitation Number: BAA-13-0001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: USACE HEC, Ft. Belvoir
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Added: Oct 25, 2012 9:02 am
The Department of Defense (DoD) Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Office is interested in receiving pre-proposals for research focusing in the areas of Environmental Restoration, Munitions Response, Resource Conservation and Climate Change, and Weapons Systems and Platforms technologies. This notice constitutes a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) as contemplated in FAR 6.102(d)(2). Readers should note that this is an announcement to declare DoD SERDP's intent to competitively fund research and development for environmental research that addresses the Statements of Need set forth in the Announcement. SERDP supports environmental research relevant to the management and mission of the DoD and supports efforts that lead to the development and application of innovative environmental technologies or methods that improve the environmental performance of DoD by improving outcomes, managing environmental risks, and/or reducing costs or time required to resolve environmental problems.

The Program Announcement and complete submittal instructions are found on the DoD SERDP website at To be eligible for consideration, readers wishing to respond to this announcement must submit a pre-proposal in accordance with all instructions on the SERDP website no later than 2:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. No electronic mail or faxed proposals will be accepted.

No request for proposals (RFP), solicitation, or other announcement of this opportunity will be made. Awards may take the form of contracts, grants or cooperative agreements. Submission of pre-proposals is not restricted in any way to any particular entity. The Government will not pay for any costs associated with the preparation of proposals, travel to present oral presentations in support of the proposals, nor initial preparation and submission of a project plan.

There is no commitment by SERDP to make any contract awards, nor to be responsible for any money expended by the offeror before contract award is made. It is expected that multiple awards totaling approximately $8.0 million will be made dependent on the quality of proposals received and availability of funds.

Awardees under this BAA will be selected through a multi-stage review process. The pre-proposal review step allows interested organizations to submit research pre-proposals for Government consideration without incurring the expense of a full proposal. Based upon the pre-proposal evaluation by SERDP, each of the pre-proposal submitters will be notified as to whether SERDP requests or does not request the submission of a full proposal. As noted in the instructions, evaluation criteria for pre-proposals are, in decreasing order of importance, Technical Merit, Personnel, and Cost. Due to the anticipated volume of pre-proposals that will be received, SERDP will not provide debriefs on those that are not requested to submit a full proposal. Instructions for preparing a full proposal will be provided at the time of notification. A request for submission of a full proposal does not indicate a decision has been made to make an award for that work. Evaluation criteria for full proposals will include Transition Plan and Small Business Participation, in addition to the criteria above.

Small business participation is strongly encouraged as the government goal is that small business, historically black colleges, universities and minority institutions participation represent 5 percent of the total contract award value. If a full proposal is requested and the proposed budget is $650,000 or more, a Small Business Participation Plan (SBPP) must accompany the full proposal, whether it is submitted by a large or small business vendor. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 541712 with the small business size standard of 500 employees and $4.5M respectively. Prior to award, selected contract proposals that exceed $650,000 submitted by all but small business concerns must be accompanied by a Small, Small Disadvantaged and Woman-Owned, Small Business Subcontracting Plan in accordance with FAR 52.219-9. The HECSA Small Business Office website at provides information on how to prepare a subcontracting plan, along with links to find small businesses to participate.

Points of Contact
Procedural Questions - SERDP, Ms. Jina Banks-Saunders, 571-372-6565
Contract Questions - HECSA, Ms. Susan Hill, or 703-428-6420
Small Business Participation Plan or Subcontracting Plan - HECSA, Mr. Kyle Beagle, or 703-428-7385

Contracting Office Address
US Army Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity
ATTN: CEHEC-CT, 7701 Telegraph Road Alexandria, VA
Postal Code: 22315-3860
Country: US

7701 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22315-3860
United States
Susan Hill,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 7034286420