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Elevator Inspections in Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania

Solicitation Number: 3PKP-08-0229
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)
Location: Pittsburgh Field Office (3PSNK)
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation / Cancelled
Added: Jul 03, 2008 3:14 pm
The awarded contractor will be responsible for providing elevator inspections at The Moorhead Federal Building, 1000 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (18 cars); The U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Building, 700 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (22 cars); and The Erie Federal Complex, 17 South Park Row, Erie, PA 16501 (10 cars). Detailed requirements of the contractor may be found in the scope of work. This contract shall include one (1) base year and four (4) one year options. The NAICS code for this procurement is 541350. The solicitation will be available on or about July 14, 2008. The subject solicitation includes Sensitive But Unclassified Building Information (SBU). Before release of SBU information, for reasons of security, the requestor must complete and sign a “Request for Sensitive But Unclassified Documents” (Form B) included in this notice. In addition, the following information must be submitted and or provided by the requestor via the spaces provided in the notice: 1) copy of business license; 2) company’s Dun and Bradstreet number (Obtain a DUNS number for free. Call Dun & Bradstreet at 1.800.333.0505); 3) valid tax identification number; and 4) a valid picture state driver’s license (for persons picking up SBU documents). The notice shall be submitted to the point of contact cited herein. No email or fax copies will be accepted. After verification of the preceding information, the requestor will be designated as an authorized user. The Contracting Officer will then release the documents to the requestor. Upon receipt of documents, the requestor must ensure that further distribution of the subject documents are preceded by the execution of the document security notice. This includes all subcontractors and suppliers. Upon receipt of plans and specifications, contractors shall familiarize themselves with the handling requirements for SBU Documents and the disposal requirements for SBU documents. Notification of any changes to this solicitation (i.e. any amendments) will be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) website at All proposals will be due no later than Monday, August 8, 2008 at 4:30 PM EST. Should there be any questions, or for a copy of the solicitation package, please contact Shannon Scureman at 412.395.4749, via fax 215.209.0582, or via email at The mailing address of GSA is:

U.S. General Services Administration

Pittsburgh Field Office

The Moorhead Federal Building

1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1316

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Added: Jul 30, 2008 9:34 am
This solicitation has been cancelled.
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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
July 14, 2008
FormB.doc (30.00 Kb)
Description: SBU Documents - To be completed and mailed to:

Shannon Scureman
U.S. General Services Administration
PIttsburgh Field Office
The Moorhead Federal Building
1000 Libety Avenue, Sutie 1316
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1301
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
The Moorhead Federal Building
1000 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
United States
Shannon K Scureman,
Acquisition Manager
Phone: 412-395-4749
Fax: 215-209-0582