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FEDLINK Books and Library Publications Acquisition Services

Solicitation Number: LCFDL11R7500
Agency: Library of Congress
Office: Contracts Services
Location: Fedlink Section
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Added: Dec 07, 2010 10:14 am
The Library of Congress intends to issue solicitation LCFDL11R7500 for the FEDLINK Books and Library Publications Acquisitions Program. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is for services from vendors who can supply books and library publications (non serial publications) and associated acquisition support services to federal libraries, information centers, and other federal offices worldwide. The services of serials subscription agents and the acquisition of commercial online electronic resources are covered under separate LC/FEDLINK contracts and are not the subject of this solicitation. The RFP is divided into four lots which define four different but related aspects of books and library publications acquisitions: LOT 1 Firm Order Services; LOT 2 Approval Plan Services; LOT 3 Leasing Plan Service; and LOT 4 Technical and/or Order Processing Services. LOT 1 is the core of this solicitation - VENDORS MUST QUALIFY UNDER LOT 1 IN ORDER TO PROVIDE SERVICES UNDER OTHER LOTS. LOT 1 Firm Order Services covers firm orders; a one time order for a specific title (or specific titles) and number of copies, in contrast to a subscription or standing order. Under LOT 2, Approval Plans, a vendor automatically supplies materials potentially required by a library as they are published, based on a detailed profile of the library's collection needs. The library may return any publications deemed unsuitable for addition to the collection and is only billed for items retained. Under LOT 3, Leasing Plan Services, the customer leases publications from the supplier instead of buying them and retains an option to purchase leased items at a reduced price when the term of the lease is over. Under LOT 4 Technical and/or Order Processing Services, the vendor may provide technical processing for materials supplied under this solicitation, performing physical processing or cataloging in order to supply materials to the customer in shelf ready condition. The vendor may provide a computer based order processing system for the customer to make the acquisitions control process more efficient. Multiple awards are anticipated. The RFP #LCFDL11R7500 will be posted on or about December 15, 2010. The anticipated closing date for RFP #LCFDL11R7500 will be on or about January 20, 2011. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that all amendments to the solicitation are received and addressed prior to proposal submission. All proposals shall be submitted in accordance with the instruction provided in Section L of the RFP. Vendors who responded to and were awarded a Basic Ordering Agreement under LCFDL10R7500 (current BOA holders) need not respond to this solicitation. All questions shall be submitted in writing and addressed to the Contracting Officer via email as specified. All questions concerning the requirements of RFP shall be submitted prior to COB January 10, 2011. NO TELEPHONE CALLS will be accepted. For information about the Library of Congress' FEDLINK Program, please visit: .
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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
December 10, 2010
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Description: Solicitation Paclage for RFP LCFDL11R7500 FEDLINK Books and Library Publications Acquisition Services.
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