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DHS-Wide Acquisition Knowledge Management System

Solicitation Number: AKMS
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Office of the Chief Procurement Officer
Location: Office of Procurement Operations
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Added: Apr 02, 2009 8:47 am
1.0 General

This exchange is being issued in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 15.201(e) as a Request for Information (RFI). The purpose of this RFI is for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to gain knowledge of qualified and interested business concerns with the experience within the referenced requirement and is being issued solely for DHS informational and planning purposes as it may relate to acquisition strategy, planning schedules, feasibility of the requirement, development of the requirement, etc. This exchange in no way represents a formal solicitation for proposals, quotations, or bids with the intent to form binding agreements based upon results. DHS may (or may not), at the agency’s sole discretion, issue a formal solicitation for this requirement at a later time. Within that vein, any descriptive/requirements information provided by DHS in this exchange is subject to change and shall in no way be treated as final or binding.

2.0 Background

The Department of Homeland Security was officially created on January 2003, as a means to merge 22 disparate agencies comprised of 180,000 employees into one cabinet level department. Since that time, the agency has been engaged in integrating and standardizing systems and processes to achieve cost savings through productivity efficiencies and economies of scale. To that end, the DHS Acquisition Systems Branch (ASB) in the office of the Chief Procurement Officer is charged with seeking opportunities for systems consolidations and providing e-acquisition tools across the enterprise. ASB programs seek to provide a common, secure business environment, which facilitates and supports cost effective acquisition of goods and services and interoperates with the Integrated Acquisition Environment, (IAE), an e-Government initiative. In addition, the ASB seeks to improve reporting and management controls by increasing data sharing to enable better business decisions in acquisition, procurement, logistics, payment and performance assessment. ASB provides the acquisition workforce with modern tools and leveraging investment costs.

3.0 Requirements

DHS has a potential requirement for a commercially available ‘off-the-shelf’ Acquisition Knowledge Management System and Service (AKMSS) that provides acquisition professionals with a portal for accessing acquisition information and a source for continuous learning. The service must include provider acquisition management subject matter expertise and consultation services; a user-friendly, common technology platform for accessing all current acquisition policy data; a virtual reference library for procurement personnel, to access best practices, tools, templates, research, and other information. In addition, the service must provide a method for timely updates for emerging acquisition process and policy changes. DHS seeks to possibly acquire an AKMSS for acquisition knowledge management for Fiscal Year 2010 to support up to 2000 procurement personnel.

4.0 General Provider Requirements

• Provider must have Federal acquisition subject matter expertise

• Provider must offer innovative solutions for acquiring, summarizing and communicating information

• Provider must have acquisition research capabilities

• Provider must have acquisition knowledge development, packaging and delivery know-how

5.0 General System Requirements

• Web-Based application

• Gateway/portal for accessing acquisition information

• Centralized repository for DHS-specific templates, and other discretionary information

• Navigational aids

• Links to more detailed acquisition information references

• Allows simultaneous viewing by multiple authorized users

• Robust and selectable search capability

• Knowledge map indexes for key acquisition subject areas

• A virtual reference library for best practices, policies and processes

• An organized listing of links to government-wide contracts

6.0 General Service Requirements

• Subscription-based service

• Acquisition knowledge consultative/research services

• Acquisition guidance, best practices, regulations, policies, etc

• Multiple methods for communication of acquisition changes

• Management and maintenance of user-provided content

7.0 Description of Information Requested

DHS is requesting all interested firms respond to this RFI with the following information.

1. Name and Address

2. Phone and Fax Number

3. Website Address

4. Business Size and Type of Ownership (i.e. Large, Small Disadvantaged, Woman-owned, Hub-zone, Service Disabled Veteran, etc.)

5. Years in business

6. GSA Schedule Number (if applicable) (also specify your firm’s solution is available via the GSA schedule

7. Description of the client base, include all Federal Customers

8. Capability Statement to include how the firm’s solution meets DHS requirements. The capability statement must include:

• A description of the solution in terms of communication plans and vehicles, research capabilities and acquisition subject matter expertise, and Web Mastering capabilities

• Documented knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the acquisition process

• Pricing information to include rough-order-of-magnitude (ROM) pricing (including licenses, research/consulting rates, Web hosting fees)

• Information if products/services are available through any existing government contract vehicles (e.g, GSA FSS Schedules, GWACS, etc.)

8.0 Response Instructions:

Capability Statements shall not exceed 5 pages. Please submit all responses to this notice, via email to Ms. Cherita Thomas at by 3:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, April 17, 2009. All e-mail responses MUST include the subject header of ‘DHS Enterprise-Wide Acquisition Management System’ in responding to this RFI. No Telephone Calls will be accepted.

Office of the Chief Procurement Officer
Washington, District of Columbia 20528
United States
Cherita Thomas
Phone: 202-447-5701
Fax: 202-447-5545