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Wide Field of View (WFOV) Hosted Payload Project

Solicitation Number: 13-23
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Space Command
Location: SMC - Space and Missile Systems Center
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Added: Feb 07, 2013 5:56 pm

I. Description / Purpose:

1. The SMC Development Planning Directorate (XR) intends to hold the general session of the Wide Field of View (WFOV) Hosted Payload (HP) Project Industry Day from 0830hrs PST to 1230hrs PST at the Gordon Conference Center, Area 2 in Building 270 on 12 March 2013. Check-in will begin at 0800hrs PST. The Industry Day will not be open to the public or press.

2. The purpose of this Industry Day is to provide interested organizations with an overview of the WFOV HP Project and obtain industry feedback on objectives, requirements definition and cost realism. This is an opportunity for both the Government and Industry to gather more information.

3. After the general session and presentations, individual sessions with interested companies will be scheduled during the remainder of a two-day period. As needed, these individual sessions will be focused on potential payloads that can contribute to primary mission objectives as documented in the Draft Technical Requirements Document (TRD). These meetings can be held at the Unclassified, DoD Classified Secret, and DOD Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) levels to accommodate the needs of the respondent. Organizations are requested to indicate the classification level requested to support their planned discussions.

4. The Government is seeking market research from Industry based upon the following provided information:

a. DRAFT WFOV Hosted Payload Project TRD
b. DRAFT SMI OPIR Security Classification Guide
c. Notional Acquisition Schedule
d. Instructions for Classified Example of CHIRP Data
e. Questions to Industry for One-on-One Discussions

These documents listed above in paragraph 4 can be reviewed at the Bidders Library located at: Interested organizations will be required to register your designated representative with the Government points of contact (POC) listed in Section VII to be authorized access to this site. Access to the classified example of CHIRP data must be arranged with the Government POCs listed in Section VII.

II. Background:

1. In December 2011, SMC/XR, in cooperation with the Infrared Space Systems Directorate (SMC/IS), issued a pre-solicitation notice (12-020) to identify qualified infra-red (IR) payload providers for a future WFOV payload procurement in support of the SMC/IS Space Modernization Initiative (SMI). Despite delays in authority to proceed, this Industry Day Notice is a continuation of that pre-solicitation notice. This procurement, currently known as WFOV HP Project, will be conducted by the SMC/XR Hosted Payload Office (HPO). It involves the design, fabrication, test, delivery and support during spacecraft integration and testing (I&T), and post-launch operations of one staring Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) WFOV payload. The payload is intended to be hosted on a commercial satellite. The selection and assignment for spacecraft integration and launch will be made at a future date and is not part of this acquisition.

2. At present, the Government is conducting market research for this procurement to determine whether the payload can be delivered within the cost and schedule targets identified. Government objectives are to deliver the payload for calibration within 30 months after Authority To Proceed (ATP) at a cost goal of $40M.

III. Industry Day Details:

1. The general session of the Industry Day will take place from 0830hrs PST to 1230hrs PST at the Gordon Conference Center, Area 2 in Building 270 on 12 March 2013. Check-in will begin at 0800hrs PST. Up to five (5) representatives from each contractor team will be allowed to attend. Additional representatives may be allowed if requested in advance and approved.

2. Industry Day Participants must be US citizens or legal residents and must have their company submit visit requests for each attendee submitted via e-mail to the government POC below NLT 1700 PST on 22 February 2013. The visit request form is included in the bidder's library.

3. Access to Los Angeles Air Force Base is restricted. Participants must have driver's license, proof of car insurance and proof of vehicle registration to drive inside Los Angeles Air Force Base. Attendees are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to 0800hrs to permit sufficient time for check-in.

4. Individual contractor sessions will be held starting in the afternoon on 12 March 2013 and all-day on 13 March 2013. A total of 60 minutes is allotted per individual session with 30 minutes allocated for contractor presentation/discussion and 30 minutes allocated for questions from the Government. The Government will provide a minute-taker for the session during the individual session. The meeting minutes (including any additional questions from the Government) will be submitted via email to the contractor POC within five business days. Responses to Government questions should be emailed back to the Government POC no later than five business days after receipt.

5. In order to have an individual session with the Government, companies are required to provide a briefing and/or presentation focused on potential payloads that can contribute to primary mission objectives as documented in the Draft Technical Requirements Document (TRD) as well as address the questions to industry. Companies are asked to deliver a soft copy of the briefing and/or presentation materials no later than 1700 (PST) on 1 March 2013 via e-mail to the Government POC below for unclassified responses. Companies that require their individual sessions to be held at Collateral and/or Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) classifications must contact the primary POC to request appropriate classified mailing instructions.

V. Industry Questions:

All questions associated with Industry Day shall be submitted in writing NLT 1700 (PST) on 1 March 2013 to the primary point of contact listed below. Unless annotated as proprietary to be handled in the individual sessions, questions will be assumed to be general and responses are expected to be provided during the Government briefing. The Government reserves the right to contact respondents for further clarification of the questions submitted or from the one-on-one discussions. Questions and Government responses received after 1700 (PST) on 1 March 2013 or during the Industry Day General Session and not marked proprietary, will be posted on FedBizOps. The Government reserves the right to answer questions after the Industry Day even if the questions were submitted on or before the 1 March 2013 suspense.

VI. Small Business Consideration:

Participation from qualified small business and small, disadvantaged business firms interested in contract opportunities is highly encouraged.

VII. Point of Contact: All communication associated with the Industry Day shall be submitted via email to the following POCs:

1.Primary Point of Contact: 1Lt Stephen Hendershot, SMC/XRFH,

2. Secondary Point of Contact: Maj Jonathan Merrill, SMC/XRFH,


1. This notice is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract, RFP, a promise to contract, or a commitment of any kind.

2. The Air Force will not assume liability for costs incurred by an attendee for travel expenses or marketing efforts. Therefore, attendance costs and the costs of preparing information in response to this notice are not considered allowable direct charges to the Government.

3. The Government intends to use Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) and System Engineering & Integration (SE&I) support to assist in the review of the presentations. All Government, FFRDC, SETA and SE&I personnel will sign appropriate non-disclosure forms. The Government will treat all responses as Proprietary.

4. Information obtained from responses to this notice, or at Industry Day will not be used to exclude potential future bidders on the WFOV Hosted Payload Project acquisition.

483 North Aviation Blvd
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SMC - Space and Missile Systems Center
Los Angeles Air Force Base
Development Planning Directorate
483 North Aviation Blvd

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1LT Stephen Hendershot,
Project Officer
Major Jonathan Merrill,
Program Manager