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Global Citizens Services (GCS) System Transformation Project

Solicitation Number: CA-CST14092010
Agency: Department of State
Office: Office of Acquisitions
Location: Acquisition Management
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Added: Aug 11, 2010 12:32 pm
NAICS Code: 541511, 541512, 511210


This Sources Sought Notice is a Request for Information (RFI) and for planning purposes only. This is not a pre-solicitation or solicitation announcement and no contract will be awarded from this Notice. The Department of State will not answer any questions regarding this market research. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this Notice.


The Department of State seeks to identify commercial solutions that satisfy portions, if not all, of the expected functionality of GCS and determining the availability of potential businesses that have the capabilities to perform the Global Citizen Services (GCS).


The Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA), Department of State (DoS), is responsible for the issuance of passports and other documents to U.S. Citizens and Nationals, and for the welfare and protection of U.S. Citizens abroad. CA desires to automate these functions to the extent feasible, and is seeking industry input on the planned development and implementation of a consolidated consular services system, referred to hereafter as Global Citizen Services (GCS). GCS is intended to consolidate, enhance, and replace the functionality currently provided by a suite of applications. Critical to the success of GCS is an on-going segment architecture effort that will culminate in the transition to a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Numerous systems and applications currently support the delivery of citizen services across three distinct domains: at overseas posts, at domestic passport processing facilities, and headquarters operations. GCS will consolidate the functionality of these discrete software elements to provide CA personnel with a cohesive and integrated set of tools to deliver services to US citizens globally. The preliminary project scope includes, at a minimum, the current systems supporting US citizens in the Office of Overseas Citizen Services (CA/OCS) and the Office of Passport Services (CA/PPT).


The purpose of the RFI is to supplement market research efforts and inform a planned analysis of alternatives. In particular, the Government seeks to identify commercial solutions that satisfy portions, if not all, of the expected functionality of GCS. Although the primary goal of this RFI is to identify off-the-shelf solutions relevant to GCS, vendor input on any aspect of the system's design, development, or implementation will be considered.

The enclosed Concept of Operations (CONOPS) describes GCS functionality at a high level and represents the consensus view of how the system might satisfy CA's business needs. The CONOPS was developed through multiple end-user conferences and synthesizes the requirements of a diverse group of consular workers, supervisors, and executives based on current and incipient business needs, legacy system performance gaps, and policy. The CONOPS is not meant to imply specific solution architecture, but does represent the functioning of GCS from the perspective of a business user.

RFI Instructions:

1. Please describe any off-the-shelf solutions that may satisfy or support the GCS functionality outlined in the CONOPS. The Government is interested in both point and end-to-end solutions for any portion of GCS. Solutions may deliver end user functionality, or support the development, deployment, or maintenance of GCS as a system. As part of your discussion, please address the following:

• Solution description and key features
• Performance characteristics
• Any architectural considerations
• The degree of customization or configuration anticipated to meet the Government's requirements
• Cost drivers

2. Please discuss any implementation considerations you believe are relevant to the GCS initiative as a whole. This discussion may include salient risks and mitigation measures, lessons learned from other projects or agencies, contracting approaches, or any other pertinent information.

3. Please describe your firm's capabilities as related to the scope of GCS. Vendors are asked to provide relevant examples of previous work or solution implementations, to include client POCs. Federal and state government projects will be considered more relevant than commercial examples.

Businesses with the below listed capabilities are requested to submit an electronic capabilities package that does not exceed 30 pages (all inclusive with the exception of the title page, table of contents, and Attachment A). The capabilities package shall be concise and focused. The capabilities package will consist of the thirty (30) page capabilities statement.

4. The capabilities package shall be company specific. Capability packages that include
teaming partners, subcontractors, etc. are not solicited and will not be reviewed.

5. Cost or price information is not solicited and will not be reviewed.

6. No phone calls related to this RFI will be accepted. All correspondence shall be via

7. Identify whether you a large or small business, and or on a GSA schedule in Attachment A


1. Provide a summary of your company's relevant experience in conducting business operations (work activities). The business operation (work activity) must comply with the security, legal and practical requirements.

2. Provide a summary of your company's relevant experience in providing the services identified in the RFI:

3. Provide at least two client references (name, phone number, and email).

This RFI is subject to FAR 52.215-3. All responses need to be provided in electronic format (.PDF preferred). Font should be Times New Roman, size 12. Responses should not exceed 30 pages. Please submit responses no later than 4:00 p.m EDT, 15 September 2010, to NO TELEPHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED

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