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Contested Environment Radio Frequency Exploitation and Research (CERFER)

Solicitation Number: BAA-RQKS-2013-0007
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Material Command
Location: AFRL/RQK - WPAFB
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Added: Aug 13, 2013 2:12 pm
TECHNICAL POC: Major Jason Paul, AFRL/RYMD, phone 937-528-8127, email:, AFRL mailing address: Bldg 620, 2241 Avionics Circle, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7303.

The following topic is an anticipated requirement for AFRL/RYMD for FY 13. A BAA solicitation requesting proposals for this topic is anticipated to be published in late September 2013 to late October 2013.

The funding listed reflects the estimated requirement funding only. This estimate is not a guarantee of funding. Funding is uncertain and is subject to change. Changes in funding availability may occur at Government discretion.

Technical Description: The overall goal of the CERFER Program is to advance RF sensing technology with novel hardware, software and algorithmic approaches for agile and flexible sensing which bring to bear all available resources (e.g., spatial diversity, waveform diversity, transmit and receive adaptivity, signals of opportunity, etc.,) to maximize exploitation performance. Specifically, the goal is to address problems of concurrent detection, tracking, imaging, and classification/identification of targets within contested and challenging environments with single and distributed sensing architectures. This will include the development of models, hardware, software, algorithms and techniques spanning basic, applied and advanced research for both active and passive sensing.

In order to achieve the objectives of this effort, advances in sensor subsystems will be required. In particular, attention to the areas of hardware, software and algorithm solutions to detect, track, image and identify targets within contested areas. This includes exploiting passive/active signals in a single or distributed architecture. Methods for measurements and validation will also be needed to verify any improvement. Modeling will also be used in these efforts.

The contractor will be expected to deliver all software and/or hardware as required, and all associated data developed and/or used in the execution of this effort, unless clearly stated otherwise in the proposal. It is anticipated that a BAA providing more details into this program will be released late September 2013 to late October 2013; the solicitation will be made available at Direct any questions to the Contracting or Technical point of contacts identified in the announcement.

General OPSEC procedures, policies and awareness are required in an effort to reduce program vulnerability from successful adversary collection and exploitation of critical information. OPSEC will be applied throughout the lifecycle of the program. The Critical Information List will be provided upon request by the RYOY Security Office. While working on the government installation OPSEC will be provided by the RYOY Security Office.

All activities associated with this effort will be provided with, and comply with, the AFRL RY Radar Security Classification Guide (SCG).

All DoD contractors (including subcontractors) shall supplement their current security practices by requiring any personnel involved in executing this contract where critical program information (CPI) has been identified to protect the CPI to the standards articulated in the Program Protection Plan and in accordance with DoDI 5200.39. Upon contract award, all identified DoD contractors (including subcontractors) shall acknowledge and meet the requirements stated by the Program Manager for the protection of CPI. The DoD contractor must immediately notify the U.S. Government upon the discovery of any nonconformance with CPI protection.

Funding: Anticipated Program Funding: $47,825,500 (FY14-FY18)

2310 Eighth Street, Building 167
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433-7801
United States
Joel B Harrah,
Contracting Officer
Phone: (937) 255-5306
Marcus Duff,
Contract Negotiator
Phone: (937) 255-6351