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Solicitation Number: NNA10RHSSFL
Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Office: Ames Research Center
Location: Office of Procurement
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Added: Apr 15, 2010 6:56 pm
NASA is investigating the availability and feasibility of options for expanding itscapability to provide in-space habitation systems for rodents (rats & mice) forscientific research on the International Space Station (ISS). NASA seeks the followinginformation about any existing concepts/designs or hardware for rodent habitat systemsfor spaceflight: Science and technical requirements basis Planned or current capabilities of habitat design/hardware for Spaceflight RodentHabitat Designs/Systems Planned or current capabilities of habitat design/hardware relatedSubsystems/Components, including:- Modular rodent cage systems- Air and waste filtering systems (odor & particulate)- Environmental control systems- Food and water delivery and measurement systems- Cage lighting systems (Vis-IR)- Contamination resistant camera systems (Vis-IR)- Habitat control, data and video management systems- Animal access and transfer systems- Sensor suites and accommodations Vehicle accommodations- Describe any space transportation and in-space interface capabilities of thedesign or hardware. (i.e. Shuttle Middeck, ATV, HTV, ISS EXPRESS, DRAGON, etc.) ISS certification status of hardware, if any, including waivers If applicable, can the hardware be accessed in-flight to initiate variousexperiment scenarios? If applicable, what is the projected cost to complete hardware fabrication andobtain ISS-flight certification? If available, what are the projected power requirements for operating thehardware in flight?HOW TO RESPONDQuestions about this RFI should be emailed to with "RodentHabitat RFI - Question" in the subject heading. Questions and answers will generally beposted as an amendment to this notice. Company or individual names will not be posted.Responses to this RFI are welcome from all interested parties and must be submitted nolater than May 14, 2010. Please submit responses via email to bethany.a.mcclave@nasa.govwith Rodent Habitat RFI Response in the subject heading. Preferred file format isMicrosoft Word, Power Point, Excel or Adobe (PDF). Responses must include the following: name and address of firm, size of business; averageannual revenue for past 3 years and number of employees; ownership; whether they arelarge, small, small disadvantaged, 8(a), HUBZone, and/or woman-owned; number of years inbusiness; affiliate information: parent company, joint venture partners, potentialteaming partners, prime contractor (if potential sub) or subcontractors (if potentialprime); list of customers covering the past five years (highlight relevant workperformed, contract numbers, contract type, dollar value of each procurement; and pointof contact - address and phone number). Information, such as trade secrets and commercial or financial information, provided tothe government on a privileged or confidential basis that, if released, would result incompetitive harm should be identified and marked as Proprietary. Government civilservant employees are subject to the non-disclosure obligations of a felony criminalstatute, the Trade Secrets Act, 18 USC 1905. NASA will likely provide proprietaryinformation to its support service contractors who are under an obligation to keepthird-party proprietary information in confidence. By submitting a response to this RFI,the responder is deemed to have consented to release of proprietary information to suchNASA support service contractors. Responses to the RFI will not be returned.NOTE: This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does notconstitute a solicitation. In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice arenot offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract, nor willthe Government pay for the information submitted in response. Respondents will not benotified of the results.An ombudsman has been appointed -- See NASA Specific Note "B".The solicitation and any documents related to this procurement will be available over theInternet. These documents will reside on a World Wide Web (WWW) server, which may beaccessed using a WWW browser application. The Internet site, or URL, for the NASA/ARCBusiness Opportunities home page is It is the offeror'sresponsibility to monitor the Internet cite for the release of the solicitation andamendments (if any). Potential offerors will be responsible for downloading their owncopy of the solicitation and amendments, if any. Any referenced notes may be viewed at the following URLs linked below.
NASA/Ames Research Center, JA:M/S 241-1, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
Bethany A McClave, Contract Specialist, Phone 650-604-3747, Fax 650-604-3020, Email

Bethany A McClave