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RFI - Technology Information Exchange

Solicitation Number: ACC-AMIC-RFI-Independent_Research_and_Development
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Combat Command
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Special Notice
Added: Jul 12, 2013 5:10 pm Modified: Jul 26, 2013 3:06 pmTrack Changes

Deadline Extension:
The project response date has been extended to Aug 16, 2013 due to level of interest and changes to response guidelines. Additionally, this extension will allow companies [large, medium and small] and academia sufficient time to comply with the below process adjustments for product submissions.

Process Adjustment: ACC will use the Defense Innovation Marketplace as the repository for TIE-related R&D data
In the past year, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (OSD-ATL) developed the Defense Innovation Marketplace,, as a centralized online resource to better connect industry with DoD customers to re-invigorate innovation.
The Defense Innovation Marketplace (Marketplace) supports Combat Air Forces (CAF) technology interchange in advance of in-person meetings. ACC intends to capitalize on the Marketplace website, both as a robust vehicle where industry, academia and Government agencies can exchange valuable CAF S&T information, and as a forum to gauge the landscape of industry and academic innovations in the CAF domain.
The ACC TIE team will use the Marketplace as the portal for industry to submit IR&D project data. Interested parties will be afforded the opportunity to submit specific corporate investment and IR&D project data through the Marketplace's secure site.

Submit the project descriptions requested in the original FedBizOpps posting to the Defense Innovation Marketplace website:
- If you have already e-mailed your data to the ACC POC, without having it securely input into the Marketplace website, you will need to submit this data to the website and provide the accession numbers to the ACC POC.
- If your company would like ACC to use existing information stored in the Defense Innovation Marketplace, please provide the relevant accession numbers to the ACC POC.
- If you are providing new IR&D project data to the database in the Marketplace, please follow the instructions provided on the Marketplace website (Submit IR&D Data) and provide the accession numbers to the ACC POC.
Invitations to the TIEs will be contingent on the Government receiving IR&D project data via the Marketplace. However, submission of IR&D project data does not guarantee participation; criteria for participation will be defined in subsequent announcements.
Disclaimer of Protection and Handling of Proprietary Information:
In an effort to minimize the need for multiple nondisclosure agreements between multiple parties prior to the upcoming ACC TIE activities, the following disclaimer is offered.
It is OSD policy to treat all submissions and relevant presentations as proprietary and therefore only DoD civilian and military personnel have direct access to the IR&D database on the Marketplace. Extracted submissions from the website may be reviewed by Government systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support contractors with signed Government Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and a need to know. DoD support contractors with appropriately executed Government NDAs will also handle submissions for administrative purposes. All proprietary information is submitted with the above understanding and should be marked accordingly. If you take exception to the aforementioned statements, you must notify at the time you initially express your interest or when you submit your accession numbers to allow the government to make alternate arrangements for the handling of your specific proprietary information. This is an Air Force effort. Clarification and detailed explanation of this disclaimer's intent may be obtained at  


In the full spirit of OSD's Better Buying Power 2.0 initiatives, the Air Combat Command (HQ ACC), as the primary provider of air combat forces to America's warfighting commanders, intends to reinstate its Technology Information Exchange (TIE) initiative. These TIEs are designed to bring industry representatives together with HQ ACC senior leaders to generate and sustain an ongoing dialogue on emerging technologies relevant to our combat airpower missions to include fighter, bomber, reconnaissance, battle management and electronic combat domains. To be clear, invited organizations participating in TIEs do not receive any financial reimbursement from ACC or the Air Force. Each TIE session, hosted by a HQ ACC General Officer or civilian equivalent, evolves from a distinct presentation intended to facilitate executive-level discussion between ACC & Industry, with particular combat airpower technology focus on corporate independent research and development (IR&D) projects. With the potential for mutual benefit for both ACC & industry, HQ ACC's intent afford Industry the opportunity to add clarity to their understanding of combat air forces capability needs, gaps and influence to enable more focused IR&D programs (without any financial reimbursement) in near, mid-, and far term corporate investment IR&D commitments. In these sets of TIE dialogues, ACC is also committed to safeguarding corporate proprietary information, and intellectual property, in accordance with FAR 3.104 and other regulations. ACC has long supported the AF IR&D Program office's initiatives, as executed from AFRL/XPP at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, to reinvigorate the dialogue with Industry to raise awareness of the exceptional technology work done in the Industrial base - this TIE initiative complements that IR&D portfolios. We will continue to partner with them in these endeavors.

This is a Request for Information (RFI) in accordance with FAR 15.201 (b). THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION. This is not a request for contractual offers. RFIs are used to gather information from industry without any promise of a current or future contract or requirement. Information provided cannot be used to create a binding contract. Respondents to the RFI will not be reimbursed for the information provided to HQ ACC. This is a request for information from companies currently conducting IR&D in relevant areas; not a request for companies that may be able to conduct research. Only those companies with demonstrated success in addressing Department of Defense (DoD) capability development in their IR&D programs should consider responding to this RFI.

Using the point of contact information listed below, please e-mail the two following items: (1) brief description and depth of your organization's IR&D program (use Arial font 12, no more than two pages) (2) and point(s) of contact for further coordination if necessary. Questions on the format for deliverables above, please contact the TIE Coordinator listed below. All responses are due no later than, close of business, 26 July 2013.
HQ ACC will use the responses to determine what emerging technologies are available in the marketplace. The ACC team then intends to invite submitters of key IR&D initiatives germane to the combat airpower capabilities and mutually seek ways of implementing IR&D technologies into warfighting needs.
Point of Contact:
ACC's Strategy and Planning Branch (A5/8XX) at DSN 574-4586, Commercial 757-764-4586 or email,
TIE Coordinator: Capt Juan C De Alba Ascencio


11817 CANON BLVD, Suite 306
Newport News, Virginia 23606-4516
United States
Langley, Virginia 23665
United States
Capt Juan C De Alba Ascencio,
Science & Technology Branch Deputy Chief
Phone: (757) 764-4586
Alfred D Fryman III,
Contracting Officer, Branch Chief
Phone: (757) 764-9380