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Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-H92222-05-FOL2-LOUDSPEAKERS
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: U.S. Special Operations Command
Location: Headquarters Procurement Division
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Sources Sought
Added: June 8, 2005
The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is seeking information on potential sources with the capabilities and facilities to provide cost effective turn key cradle-to-grave design, engineering, acquisition, sustainment logistics, and production for vehicle, manpack and aircraft variants of the Family of Loudspeakers II (FOL2). FOL2 will be the second generation loudspeaker for use on the battlefield by tactical PSYOP teams to broadcast messages to target audiences. The current vehicle system is a 1990ís design which utilized multiple components connected by numerous cables. The future systems will be required to provide additional volume and clarity while utilizing a compact wireless design and minimal cables. Commonality in the FOL family allowed the vehicle system to be utilized on watercraft with few changes. Manpack versions currently utilize a two-horn system, interface box and multiple cables in a design which is not very flexible. The future systems will be required to be configurable in multiple army common ruck systems. The current aircraft variant is used on the UH-60A/L. The next generation will be utilized in additional rotary wing aircraft. The next generation will field several other variants that will be developed for emerging capabilities such as unmanned vehicles and loudspeakers which can be scattered from the air.

The FOL2 will:

1. be replacements for FOL tactical loudspeakers systems for vehicles (FOL2-V), watercraft (FOL2-W), manpack (FOL2-M), and aircraft (FOL2-A),

2. be a new fielding for unmanned aircraft (FOL2-UA), unmanned vehicles (FOL2-UV), and remote scatterable loudspeakers (FOL2-RS),

3. the FOL2-V loudspeakers must be rapidly installed and uninstalled on the family of military vehicles (i.e. M113, M1025, M1114, LAVs, or Stryker vehicles) and commercial vehicles without major modifications to the vehicles,

4. the FOL2-V power will be drawn from vehicle power, 12-24VDC, or batteries,

5. the FOL2-V speakers must be directionally focused and adjustable to provide broadcast in all directions from the vehicle and selectable to broadcast to front, rear, or each of the quadrants of the vehicle,

6. the FOL2-V speaker positioning will not interfere with turret ring defense systems,

7. the FOL2-V speaker positioning will not be visible above the turret ring or present a high visibility signature to identify the vehicle as a PSYOP broadcast platform,

8. the FOL2-V cabling should be routed to avoid internal vehicle interference of the crew,

9. the FOL2-M speaker positioning should allow for utilization on the march,

10. the FOL2-M should be configurable for any of three standard separate ruck systems and weigh less than 25 pounds (15 pounds desired),

11. the FOL2-A should be configurable for use on the UH-60 (in Pod configuration), UH-1, OH-58, in door configurations,

12. the FOL2-UA would be configured for use in UAVs with the Wind Supported Aerial Delivery Systems (WSADS) as one platform,

13. the FOL2-UV would be mounted on a remote controlled wheeled or tracked system,

14. the FOL-RS would be a cost effective disposable speaker system capable of being airdropped or scattered and remotely operated,

15. the loudspeaker footprint be minimized to contain amplifier/power supply/horn assembly to reduce footprint and weigh less than 25 pounds (15 pounds desired),

16. the loudspeakers should be configurable to allow interconnection to expand the number of speakers for a larger array,

17. the power output from all input sources should provide a frequency response of 650-3500 Hz with a minimum 156 dB SPL at 1 meter,

18. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for all system configurations will not exceed 15% at 1/10th rated power,

19. permit continuous broadcast at maximum rated power for up to 3 hours,

20. power output controls for full range selectivity from zero to maximum power,

21. power controls for emergency shut down,

22. wireless remote control capabilities to 150 meters to manage all functions,

23. input devices should be digital, ruggedized, wired/wireless, connects to civilian and military microphones and headsets,

23. input devices should be capable of accepting and storing speaker microphone inputs, storing, reviewing, and transmitting in selectable increments,

25. input devices should be capable of connecting to standard commercial audio devices and record, store, review, and transmit messages,

26. input devices should allow for direct broadcast through loudspeakers,

27. input devices should have touch screen to select and play messages and play options,

28. installation/de-installation times not to exceed 15 minutes,

29. the entire system must be rugged,

30. employ worldwide in both hostile and non-hostile environments, and in a variety of terrain and climatic conditions,

31. the systems will be maintained using a two tier support structure, organizational and depot,

32. replacement of parts should be modularized and require no special equipment,

33. interoperability with legacy FOL systems is not required,

34. components should be self testing and failure reporting.

Specific information desired is documented capability and ability with systems similar to FOL with special emphasis on scalability and modularity to:

1. support multiple users geographically dispersed,

2. design, develop, and produce (or build to specification) systems similar to FOL,

3. produce in one year the entire anticipated requirement numbers,

4. provide total turn-key life cycle support,

5. control and maintain quality as well as cost,

6. provide 24/7/365 CONUS secure storage of ready for issue systems,

7. provide delivery anywhere within CONUS of ready to deploy systems from secure storage within 24 hours of notification,

8. establish, provide, conduct, and perform preventive/corrective maintenance,

9. develop, provide, conduct, perform, and manage hardware and software configuration control for both fielded systems and systems in the production line,

10. provide, conduct, and perform depot maintenance,

11. develop, provide, and conduct operational and maintenance lifecycle training,

12. provide 24/7/365 CONUS physical support,

13. provide 24/7/365 telephone/internet worldwide support,

14. provide technical/logistics assist visits CONUS within 24 hours of notification; OCONUS within 48 hours,

15. develop, provide, and maintain logistics and technical documentation, and

16. utilize and manage COTS, NDI, and GOTS components.

USSOCOM is interested in vendors who are currently using the most advanced technologies in the design and fabrication of loudspeakers. Responses to this sources sought notice are due on or before July 25, 2005 and must include the following:

1. a product description with performance parameters,

2. a statement regarding current availability,

3. indication of the technology readiness level or maturity of the technology,

4. summary of prior testing, and

5. summary of logistic and maintenance requirements,

Please provide name of firm, address, POC, phone/fax number, and email address. Provide responses to USSOCOM (Attn SOAL-K) 7701 Tampa Point Blvd, MacDill AFB, FL 33621, ATTN: E. J. More, Contracting Officer, E- mail responses are encouraged. ALL QUESTIONS and COMMUNICATIONS MUST BE CONDUCTED VIA E-MAIL.

This synopsis does not constitute a Request for Proposals, and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to issue an order or otherwise pay for the information solicited.

Other Defense Agencies, U.S. Special Operations Command, Headquarters Procurement Division, 7701 Tampa Point Blvd, MacDill AFB, FL, 33621-5323
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