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PEPFAR Country Coordinator

Solicitation Number: SOL-121-13-000004
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Ukraine USAID-Kiev
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Dec 12, 2012 8:16 am
PEPFAR Country Coordinator Position
USAID/Kyiv, Ukraine

1. SOLICITATION No. SOL-121-13-000004

2. ISSUANCE DATE: December 12, 2012


4. POSITION TITLE: President's Emergency Program for HIV/AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Country Coordinator for Ukraine

5. MARKET VALUE: GS-14 ($84,697 to $110,104) Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value based upon the candidate's past salary, work history and educational background.

6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: 2 years (with a possibility of extension)


8. SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIREMENT: The selected applicant shall be required to obtain a secret level security clearance as a pre-condition for employment.

9. MEDICAL CLEARANCE: The selected applicant and any eligible family members who will accompany the applicant to post shall be required to obtain a Department of State Medical clearance to live and/or work in Ukraine as a pre-condition for employment and/or residence in this position.

10. SUPERVISOR: Chief of Mission/Ambassador, Ukraine or Designee

11. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: US Citizens, Eligible Family Members, Green Card Holders


1. General Principles:

The incumbent is the primary point of contact and coordinator of U.S. Government (USG) activities, schedules and events related to the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in the country. The PEPFAR Coordinator plays a key role in the planning, inter-agency implementation, and inter-agency reporting on program performance. The role of the Coordinator is becoming more essential as the size and complexity of the PEPFAR/Ukraine program grows from a few projects to 23 discreet activities.

The Ambassador leads the in-country PEPFAR program and is the final decision-maker under PEPFAR Guidance to all program plans and activities submitted to the US Deputy Principal's Group, with final authority to the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator for approval. The first line supervisor for this position is the Ambassador or his designee. The PEPFAR Coordinator is an internal USG facilitator, a communicator, and ensures the timely roll-out of PEPFAR reports and implementation plans. The PEPFAR Coordinator is responsible for maintaining an electronic interagency tracking report. The Coordinator is not a technical director and is not expected to provide technical oversight of programs, although the Coordinator may be expected on occasion to ensure follow-up on implementation of technical recommendations based on the Country Operational Plan (COP) and other performance review information.

The PEPFAR/Ukraine Country team currently has an interagency working group comprising agency leads. The Coordinator is accountable to ensure this group meets regularly, has an agenda, and is achieving objectives. As required or needed, the management working group may consist of smaller interagency technical working groups (TWGs) around themes such as medication assisted therapy, prevention or disease surveillance. In general, the PEPFAR Coordinator, in collaboration with Agency leads, will be accountable to ensure that these groups are established, have an agenda, are achieving objectives and maintain a clear file on actions taken, results and key issues.

Agency leads should be copied on communications between the Coordinator and TWGs or staff as well as on substantive communications between the Coordinator and the Country Support Team Lead in headquarters. This procedure is essential to retain trust and respect between agency leads and the Coordinator. In addition, it is critical that the Coordinator be copied on internal agency communication related to matters of PEPFAR program strategy, implementation, and management and staffing.

The Coordinator will periodically meet with the host country and technical partners, particularly when the nature of these contacts and meetings is related to bilateral coordination and information sharing. When the Coordinator meets with host country government counterparts, s/he should include Agency leads or, if not possible, consult with Agency leads. Regarding meetings that are of a technical nature or for purposes of negotiating with partners, this function will be maintained by the Agency leads.

The Coordinator is the USG lead for coordinating and assembling the country operations plan (COP), Semi-Annual Performance Review (SAPR), and Annual Performance Review (APR) development. The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that reports are submitted to Washington on time, for organizing the logistical arrangements for inter-agency work, and for keeping agencies on task for inter-agency efforts.

2. The Ukraine Context and Background:

The PEPFAR/Ukraine portfolio is a $22.0 million annual program currently supporting HIV/AIDS prevention, including medication assisted therapy (MAT), safe blood supply, disease surveillance and HIV/TB integration and referrals, support for pharmaceutical management and commodity supply chain management for HIV, TB and other co-infection drugs and medication for MAT. The PEPFAR/Ukraine programs works with both the public sector and leading HIV non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the country and a select number of private sector groups in leveraged partnerships. The program also engages a number of partners in academic institutions, foundations, international and bilateral organizations as well as the multilateral funding mechanism, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), which is the largest external HIV/AIDS donor. The USG is the largest bilateral donor providing funds, technical assistance and some commodity support for HIV/AIDS programs.

USG HIV/AIDS activities in Ukraine fall under the responsibility of the PEPFAR/Ukraine Team, under the leadership of the Ambassador, with principle membership being the US Agency for International Development (USAID/Ukraine), the US Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention office (HHS/CDC/Ukraine), the US Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMSHA) the US Peace Corps, which currently has over 500 volunteers making it the largest PC program in the world, and the Office of the Defense Attaché (DOA). Issues addressed by the Team include PEPFAR program implementation (program planning, budgeting, oversight, and reporting), support and assistance to Global Fund activities and coordinating with other health sector donors on issues regarding HIV/AIDS. In FY 2010, PEPFAR/Ukraine managed a $12 million program. The PEPFAR program is expected to receive $22 million for the core program with a possible additional resources to support a public private partnership and to support the work of the Global Fund.

3. Principal Responsibilities include:

• Liaise with the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) through the respective country Support Team Lead and members named by OGAC.
• Liaise with units at the Embassy to ensure that the Ambassador and others are well apprised of key PEPFAR accomplishments, challenges, and timelines.
• Liaise with named representatives of the USG PEPFAR agencies, (USAID, CDC, PC, DOA, and others present at post) and SAMSHA based in Washington to ensure critical communication between and among agencies, including action requests, and policy guidance from OGAC.
• Liaise with specific and agreed-upon host government ministries/offices to promote maximum collaboration between the host government HIV/AIDS programs and those being planned and implemented by USG agencies and their partners.
• Liaise with development partners active in HIV/AIDS, and specifically with the Country Coordination Mechanism and administrative agents of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, to ensure optimal integration of USG efforts with those of others on their implementation plans.
• Support representational activities by the following illustrative examples:
o With agency input, prepare speeches for delivery by the Ambassador and requested background materials for public as well as sensitive diplomatic events,
o With agency input, prepare written materials in collaboration with the PAS, including press releases and Op-Ed materials for local and international media,
o With agency input, support Congressional visits, PEPFAR Deputy Principal visits, and visits by international dignitaries.

• Facilitate the development and implementation of a unified PEPFAR program, which includes the planning and production of the bi-annual major COP , that capitalizes on the comparative advantages and competencies of participating USG agencies, achieves maximum results related to the HIV Partnership and is optimally responsive to the needs of the respective host country's citizens infected and/or affected by HIV.
• Coordinate and facilitate all reporting, including SAPR and APR development.

4. Specific Duties shall include:

• Facilitate USG interagency collaboration and cooperation around HIV/AIDS activities by coordinating schedules and work plans;
o Organize the work of the PEPFAR/Ukraine Team; call for meetings, prepare agendas, and keep and distribute minutes of PEPFAR Team meetings; maintain a calendar of important benchmarks to ensure the program is on schedule;
o Coordinate interagency and Washington clearance for TDYs, and promoting inter-agency benefit from TDYs whenever possible and appropriate.
o Coordinate strategic planning discussions among PEPFAR Team agencies;

• Prepare and disseminate periodic internal and external updates/status reports on PEPFAR in the host country.
o Work closely with Strategic Information team and USG agencies to coordinate and report program results.
o Facilitate and ensure timely financial and programmatic reporting by all participating USG agencies.
o Monitor, analyze and report trends and policy developments related to Ukraine's HIV/AIDS epidemic as context for the operational environment of PEPFAR/Ukraine activities;
o Responsible for the coordination of inputs and preparation of all required reports/documents to the Office of the OGAC, including the COP, the Annual report, and Joint Portfolio Reviews with partners;
o Develop presentation and distribution materials regarding PEPFAR, globally and in Ukraine, for diverse audiences (including visitors, implementing partners, US businesses and the press) for all PEPFAR Team members to use;

• Attend all relevant meetings concerning PEPFAR and often convene and chair meetings that are required to execute assigned responsibilities;
• Assist in "translating" for the PEPFAR/Ukraine Team and implementing partners changes in and additions to OGAC policies, directives, guidance, etc. showing how they are applicable to the Ukraine program;
• Work with the US Pubic Affairs Section (PAS) on outreach opportunities both in Ukraine and at other appropriate venues on PEPFAR and HIV/AIDS issues;
• Assist in coordinating visits of U.S. government officials involved in health issues, and support HIV-related consultations, site visits and other activities developed and managed by the PEPFAR Team;
• Undertake other assignments as identified by the PEPFAR Country Team.

5. Qualifications:

To be considered, the applicant must have:
• An advanced degree(s) (masters or higher) in a relevant professional discipline such as Public Health, Public Policy, Administration, Nursing, Medicine and a minimum of 5 years of progressively more senior experience managing projects, communications, planning and coordination of public health programming and/or implementation;
• Excellent written and oral English communication skills;
• Demonstrated ability to develop and coordinate implementation of detailed work plans/timelines for major time-sensitive and complex work projects that are dependent on contributions from multiple agencies and dozens of individuals;
• At least 2 years of proven experience working with large, complex international or domestic programs;
• Ability to work and reside in Kyiv, Ukraine;

6. Personal Attributes:

The successful applicant will have:
• Highly effective interpersonal skills and demonstrated experience in operating effectively in cross-cultural environments and working within interagency settings;
• Demonstrated teamwork and leadership skills;
• Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively to both technical and non-technical colleagues, orally and in written format;
• Demonstrated ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with multiple partners;
• Familiarity with USG systems and implementation mechanisms;
• Demonstrated high degree of sound judgment, maturity, ingenuity and originality to interpret technical and political opportunities and constraints;
• Demonstrated ability to keep track of a large amount of data and manage complex interagency planning and reporting processes
• Demonstrated ability to facilitate consensus on complex technical, programmatic, strategic, and financial issues.
• Strong capacity to multi-task; including managing, prioritizing, and fulfilling competing demands in real time.

7. Other considerations:
Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Significant experience working directly for one or more of the United States government agencies responsible for implementing PEPFAR is preferable. Detail-oriented person; ability to work both independently and in teams; ability to organize tasks with critical time constraints; excellent interpersonal skills; ability to understand and use various computer programs. Basic knowledge/experience in program administration and oversight, and fiscal management within the US federal government context.

Work Environment: Normal office environment with some travel required.

Probationary Period: Within three months of entry into the position, the employee will demonstrate:
• A good working knowledge of PEPFAR policy and overall objectives in Ukraine as well as a thorough understanding of the country program, its overall design, and structure.
• An excellent working relationship with all USG personnel and local partner representatives engaged in PEPFAR implementation so that information can be gathered and shared openly and expeditiously. An excellent working relationship with the PEPFAR Strategic Information Specialist is essential.
• Familiarity with the USG budgeting process, in particular the PEPFAR budgeting cycle that includes reprogramming and knowledge of accountability for USG spending.

Available Guidelines: The incumbent is required to understand PEPFAR and Agency specific HIV policies and procedures which govern project activity management in addition to State-established administrative operating procedures, policies and formats. Oral guidance and specific detailed instructions will be given (when necessary) for carrying out unique assignments. The incumbent will be required to be proactive in keeping abreast of evolving guidelines and policies which affect overall initiative and keeping abreast of evolving development on HIV/AIDS issues in Ukraine.

The PEPFAR Ukraine Team and the Ambassador (or designee) will review progress towards the end of the probationary period to determine if the employee should be retained.

8. Supervision:

First-line supervision of this position is assigned to the Ambassador, DCM or his/her designee. As such, the incumbent represents the DCM or Ambassador in sensitively and collaboratively managing the complex processes associated with planning for, implementing, and monitoring the results of the Emergency Plan across the participating USG implementing agencies. USAID/Ukraine, the employing agency, or its agent, will manage administrative requirements (personnel files, payroll, etc.).

9. Authority to Make Commitments:

The incumbent will have no independent authority to commit U.S. Government (USG) funds on behalf of the U.S. Government.

10. Evaluation of performance:

In addition to the personnel evaluation procedures of USAID/Ukraine, the employing agency, and its agent, the Ambassador, DCM or his/her designee will obtain a "360 degree" evaluation seeking the perspectives of; at least one representative of each USG implementing agency, directly supervised staff involved in coordinating the Emergency Plan in the host country, and key host government interlocutors at least annually. The results of the "360 degree" evaluation will be shared with both the Coordinator and the Ambassador and will serve as the basis for determining whether the Coordinator's terms of employment will be renewed.

Appropriate security and medical clearances will be required before a contract is signed. This is not negotiable and forms will be provided to the selected candidate to complete.

11. Selection Factors:

• Excellent management, coordination, interpersonal and teamwork skills
• Demonstrated judgment, maturity, ingenuity and originality to interpret technical and political opportunities and constraints.
• Demonstrated ability to develop and coordinate implementation of detailed work plans/timelines for major time-sensitive and complex work projects
• Strong quantitative and analytical skills, verbal skills and ability to communicate technical information clearly and effectively to both technical and non-technical colleagues.
• Familiarity with USG systems and implementation mechanisms.
• Experience in operating effectively in cross-cultural environment and working within interagency setting.

WORK EXPERIENCE (40 points):
Minimum of seven years experience in international public health programming and/or implementation. Minimum of four years experience working in technical oversight, design and implementation of health programs in developing countries. Project Management and Coordination experience in developing countries is highly desirable.

EDUCATION (10 points):
Advanced degree(s) in public health, public policy/administration or other relevant advanced training in international health.

Applicants meeting the required qualifications for the position will be evaluated based on information presented in the application and obtained through reference checks.

12. Selection Process:

After the closing date for receipt of applications, a committee will be convened to review applications and evaluate them in accordance with the evaluation criteria. Applications from candidates which do not meet the selection factors will not be scored. As part of the selection process, final candidates may be interviewed either in person or by telephone at the discretion of the selection panel. Reference checks will be made only for applicants considered as finalists. If an applicant does not wish for the current employer to be contacted as a reference check, this should be stated in the application. The interviewing committee will delay such reference check pending communication with the applicant. Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted with regards to the status of the recruitment and selection process.

13. Terms of Performance:

The selected candidate shall perform the preceding services for a period of two years (with a possibility of extension), based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Within 2 weeks after written notice from the Contracting Officer that all clearances have been received; the incumbent will begin work. The position described has been classified at a U.S. Government GS-14. The actual salary of the successful candidate will be negotiated within that pay band, depending on qualifications and previous salary history.

14. Benefits:

1. Employee's FICA Contribution
2. Health &Life Insurance: Health Insurance Annual Premium (not to exceed $20.330 for contractor with family; and $7,266 for contractor only. The Contractor shall be provided a maximum contribution of up to 72% against the actual costs of the Contractor's annual health insurance costs, provided that such costs may not exceed the maximum U. S. Government contribution as announced periodically by USAID's Office of Acquisition and Assistance. The Contractor shall be provided a contribution of up to 50% against the actual costs of annual life insurance not to exceed $500.00 per year.
3. Medical Evacuation (Medevac) Insurance: 100% Medical Evacuation Insurance annual premium for contractor with family will be reimbursed to the contractor, if not covered by Health Insurance.
4. Pay Comparability Adjustment-Annual across the board salary increase for US Government employees and US Personal Services Contractors. Currently this Pay Comparability Adjustment is frozen until further notice.
5. Eligibility for Worker's Compensation.
6. Vacation & Sick Leave

15. Allowances* (If Applicable): As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, an offshore USPSC is normally authorized the following allowances:

1. Post Differential (Section 500)
2. Living Quarters allowances (Section 130)
3. Temporary Lodging Allowances (section 120)
4. Post Allowance (COLA) (Section 220)
5. Supplemental Post Allowances (Section 230)
6. Payment During Evacuation (Section 600)
7. Education Allowances (Section 270)
8. Separate Maintenance Allowances (Section 260)
9. Education Travel (Section 280)
*Dept. of State Standardized Regulation (DSSR) (Government Civilians Foreign Areas).

16. Other Benefits: Additional benefits are available for individuals hired outside Ukraine in accordance with the AIDAR, Federal Travel Regulations and Standardized Regulation, e. g., international airfare from place of residence, R&R, international shipment of personal effects, unaccompanied baggage allowance, POV Shipment, Repatriation Travel and furnished housing.

Federal Taxes: USPSCs are not exempted from payment of Federal Income taxes under the foreign earned income exclusion.

17. Required Forms for PSCs:

For initial consideration:

1. OF-612

Upon advice by the Contracting Officer that the applicant is the successful candidate:

2. Contractor Employee Biographical Data Sheet (AID 1420-17)
3. Medical Clearance or Physical Examination Forms
4. Security Clearance or Background Investigation Forms

The list of required PSC forms above can be found at:

18. Application Process:

Qualified individuals are requested to submit

1. A U.S. government OF-612 which is available at the USAID website, or at Federal Offices. Alternatively, the old SF-171 may be submitted in lieu of the OF-612.

2. Applicant's detailed Resume and a Cover Letter of application

The letter of application should list the Qualifications and the Selection Criteria factors from section 11 above, and the applicant should address how s/he meets each criteria. Additionally, applicants are required to provide three professional references with complete contact information including email address and telephone numbers.
Failure to do this will result in exclusion from the recruitment and selection process.

Please send your application package to this e-mail account:


AAPDs contain information or changes pertaining to USAID policy, regulation and procedures concerning acquisition and assistance. There are a number of AAPDs pertaining to PSCs. Please refer to the USAID website to locate relevant AAPDs. Additionally, AIDAR Appendix D applies to PSCs and can be found at:

Point of Contact:
1. Elizabeth Wager, Deputy Executive Officer, USAID/Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus (
2. Oksana Shvaitser, HR Assistant, USAID/Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus (

Regional Contracting Office
Dept. of State
Washington, District of Columbia 20521-5850
4 Igor Sikorsky St.,

Kyiv, 04112
Oksana Shvaitser,
HR Mgmt Assistant
Phone: 00380445215638
Elizabeth Wager,
Deputy EXO
Phone: 00380445215506