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Solicitation Number: NNH11ZTT002N
Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Office: Headquarters
Location: Office of Procurement (HQ)
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Added: Sep 16, 2011 8:32 am
This NASA Research Announcement (NRA) solicits hypothesis-driven research proposalsfor both ground-based experiments and flight experiments in Space Biology (SB). Thissolicitation (NRA NNH11ZTT002N), entitled, "Research Opportunities in Space Biology,"will be available on or about September 30, 2011. This solicitation will be found byopening the NASA Research Opportunities homepage at andthen linking through the menu listings "Solicitations" to "Open Solicitations."Utilizing 21st century biological tools (e.g., genetic, proteomic, metabolomic), SBscientists will examine and discover underlying mechanisms of adaptation to changesresulting from the space flight environment (e.g., altered gravity, stress, radiation),and will determine cellular and organismal mechanisms that regulate and sustain growth,metabolism, reproduction and development. NASA intends to sponsor studies that willresult in new basic knowledge that will provide a foundation on which other NASAresearchers and engineers can build approaches and countermeasures to the problemsconfronting human exploration of space, or that translate into new biological tools orapplications on Earth. All proposals must describe hypothesis-driven experiments that will answer basicquestions about how cells, plants and animals respond to changes in gravity. This NRAwill solicit proposals for ground-based SB research using cells, tissues, or wholeanimals that will enhance our understanding of the effects of gravity on the mammalianmusculoskeletal system. Proposals for these ground-based experiments must demonstrateand describe a clear path to hypothesis-testing in space flight experiments on the ISS orother appropriate space flight platforms. This NRA also requests proposals for rapidturn-around flight research using plants or Petri dish-based biological systems that willutilize either the Advanced Biological Research System (ABRS) hardware residing on theInternational Space Station (ISS) or the Biological Research in Canisters Petri DishFixation Unit (BRIC-PDFU) hardware on any of several potential flight platforms (based onscience requirements and availability). Applications for flight experiments mustdemonstrate, using ground-based and/or previous flight research results, that there is ahigh likelihood of successful completion of any proposed flight experiment. Proposals that require space flight equipment, facilities, or other resources notidentified in the NRA will not be considered for selection.Proposals must be submitted electronically. Proposers can use either NSPIRES (see URLabove) or ( ) for proposal submission. All categories of U.S. institutions are eligible to submit proposals in response to thisNRA. Principal Investigators (PIs) may collaborate with investigators from universities,Federal Government laboratories, the private sector, state and local governmentlaboratories and other countries. Every organization that intends to submit a proposal in response to this NRA must beregistered with NSPIRES, and such registration must identify the authorizedorganizational representative(s) who will submit the electronic proposal. Instructions onhow to register in NSPIRES will be described in the NRA. Each electronic proposal systemplaces requirements on the registration of principal investigators and other participants(e.g. co-investigators). Potential proposers and proposing organizations are urged toaccess the system(s) well in advance of the proposal due date(s) of interest tofamiliarize themselves with its structure and enter the requested information. Questionsin regards to responding to this NRA may be addressed to the contacts referenced in thefull solicitation document. This is a broad agency announcement as specified in FAR 6.102 (d)(2). Notwithstanding theposting of this opportunity at,, or, NASAreserves the right to determine the appropriate award instrument for each proposalselected pursuant to this announcement. Points of ContactProgrammatic information for this NRA is available from: Dr. David TomkoSpace Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications DivisionNASA HeadquartersPhone: 202-358-2211Email: dtomko@nasa.govFor information regarding the use of BRIC and ABRS hardware:Dr. Howard G. LevineNASA ISS and Spacecraft Processing DirectorateMail Code UB-CKennedy Space Center, FL 32899Phone: 321-861-3502Email: Howard.G.Levine@nasa.govFor information regarding ground research with cells or animals:Dr. Jacob CohenISS Utilization OfficeAmes Research Center, M/S 202-3Moffett Field, CA 94035Phone: (650) 417-1761Email: Jacob.cohen-1@nasa.govAdditional NASA contracting information for this NRA is available from:Cassandra WilliamsContract SpecialistNASA Shared Services CenterEmail: cassandra.williams@nasa.govPhone: (228) 813-6271
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Headquarters Acquisition Branch, Code210.H, Greenbelt, MD 20771
Dr. David Tomko, Program Executive, Phone 202-358-2211, Fax 000-000-0000, Email - Cassandra Williams, Contract Specialist, Phone 228-813-6271, Fax 228-813-6315, Email

Dr. David Tomko