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10--Non-developmental, 5.56mm, Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR)

Solicitation Number: ARRFI
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
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Sources Sought
Added: July 14, 2005
The United States Marine Corps is currently seeking information for a non-developmental, 5.56mm, Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). CAPABILITY DISCUSSION. The IAR will enable the fire team to rapidly suppress point and area targets of immediate concern. The IAR will replace the infantry’s M249 Squad Automatic Weapons (SAWs) with an automatic rifle easily operable by a single infantry Marine that emphasizes lightweight and portability in order to maximize dismounted maneuverability. SYSTEM ATTRIBUTES. The attributes that follow describe some of the specific characteristics that are required to provide the desired capability. Some attributes include threshold and objective criteria. A threshold criterion is defined as a mandatory requirement and an objective criterion is defined as a desirable (but not mandatory) requirement. System Portability. The IAR (excluding the magazine and accessories) shall weigh less than 12.5 pounds empty (Threshold), 10.5 pounds (Obj! ective). Ammunition Commonality. The IAR shall fire 5.56 mm ammunition. Interoperability. The IAR shall possess a military standard 1913 rail interface. Sustained Rate of Fire. The IAR shall be capable of a sustained rate of fire of 36 rounds per minute (Threshold), 75 rounds per minute (Objective). (Sustained rate is defined as the rate at which a weapon can fire indefinitely without experiencing a major malfunction such as [but not limited to] a cook-off or a significant degradation in accuracy.) Magazine. The IAR shall utilize a magazine with a capacity of 100 rounds (Threshold). The magazine shall permit rapid visual determination of the number of rounds remaining (Objective). Magazine Compatibility. The IAR shall accept and function with the current Marine Corps service rifle (the M16A4) 30 round magazines. Firing modes. The IAR shall be capable of both semi-automatic and full automatic firing. Collapsible/Adjustable Bipod. The IAR shall possess a robust, ! detachable, collapsible, and adjustable bipod. VENDOR RESPONSE TO THIS REQUEST FOR INFORMATION. Information Sought By The Government. Vendors capable of providing a weapon system that demonstrates the attributes stated above, in whole or in part, are invited to submit a response to this notice. Vendors capable of meeting the attributes stated above by making minor product modifications are encouraged to respond to this notice. Vendors should submit detailed descriptions of any candidates to include drawings, pictures, brochures, etc. that will convey the operating principles as well as general and specific system capabilities behind the submissions. Vendors should submit production cost estimates for 4000 weapon systems (to include weapon, magazines, and additional accessories). Vendors should describe any past or current contracts whose deliverables satisfy items covered in this announcement, either in whole or in part. The Government’s intent is to pursue future ! competition in production. Presentation of Information To The Government in Hard Copy Format. Interested sources are requested to respond NLT 1700, August 8th 2005 stating their CAGE code, DUNS number, and the complete contact information for a corporate point of contact. Interested sources should respond to: Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command, ATTN: IWS/Contracts (attn: L.D. Gillman), 2200 Lester Street, Quantico, VA 22134. Submissions shall not exceed 20 pages (8 inches by 11inches), excluding brochures. Font shall be 12 pitch, Times New Roman, with one-inch borders. All information shall be submitted at no cost or obligation to the Government. Documentation provided will not be returned. The government will accept inquiries through the Contracting Office point of contact, Mr. Larry Gillman. Presentation of Information To The Government in Audio-Visual Briefings. In addition to the hard copy briefs mentioned above, individual contractors may present audio-v! isual briefs to the government on their products in a one-on-one meeting between the contractor and the government. The intent of the briefs is to promote information exchange between industry and government on the state of the automatic rifle market. Contractor briefs will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis after this message is posted. Contractor briefs will begin on August 15th. Contractors will be offered a thirty-minute time slot to brief the government in-person on the information that was provided to the government by the contractor in the hard copy brief mentioned above. Contractors may not brief the government if they fail to submit information in hard copy format by 1700 on August 8th 2005. The government will post on-line all questions and answers from the contractor briefs, on a non-attribution basis, no later than 10 days after the completion of the last brief. The government will not reveal any proprietary information. The location for the! contractor briefs is the BAE Systems building located at 25 Center St. Stafford, VA 22554. Contractors who desire to brief the government should respond by 1600 no later than 15 days after this message is posted to Kendra Morgan at (540) 288-5842 (phone) or (e-mail) for scheduling. This is a sources sought notice only. It is for planning purposes only and should not be construed as a Request for Proposal or a commitment by the United States Government. Point of Contact Contracting Office - Mr. Larry Gillman at (703) 432-3722 (phone) or (e-mail).
M67854 Quantico, VA
Larry Gillman 703-432-3722 Alice Pladson 703-432-3718

Larry Gillman, Contract Specialist, MarCorSysCom