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D--Support for a multi-touch, common operational picture (COP) able to present time-synchronized, multi-source intelligence (multi-INT) data products, including full motion video, on a three dimensional map.

Solicitation Number: W904TE-14-R-RCOP
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC-APG - TAO
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Sources Sought
Added: Oct 31, 2013 8:12 am
The Government is seeking sources that can provide highly specialized professional services and capabilities to perform high end engineering services with core competencies in massive data entity resolution for near real time and historical (extant) data sets, automated unstructured text entity extraction for trillions of records, three dimensional geospatial visualization, user interface design, custom digital media forensic tool integration, custom biometric tool integration, cyber analytics, cyber forensics, cyber security and online identity management. The highly specialized professional services require in-depth knowledge of mission specific, operational requirements for several intelligence disciplines leveraged in multiple geographical locations both CONUS and OCONUS.
The Government requires continued support to resolve massive near real-time and historical (extant) data sets and to perform automated entity extraction of unstructured text for trillions of records. The Offerors will have proven experience over the past 6 years in automated entity resolution and automated entity extraction for massive amounts of data. Specific systems engineering and services / capabilities required:
Analyze motion dynamics of moving sensor feeds in order to determine which sensors belong to the same physical platform
Perform identity recognition (i.e., name disambiguation or the comparing of many instances of similar names in order to characterize them as unique entities) and relationship detection (e.g., does any entity have a verifiable relationship with another)
Immediately match multiple platforms in the same place at the same time from various sources Provide capability to disambiguate names, places, dates, times, activity and organization
Provide capability where data and information are automatically structured as concepts and relationships to reduce discovery time and improve ability to understand content
Improve ability to visualize data relationships
Ability to add context from relevant sensor and non-sensor-derived data
Identify or allow user specification of associated patterns of activity, in order to provide sense making of very large amounts of information in support of decision making
Immediately fuse data from sensor groups and output the resolved sensor feed
Geostatistical entity resolution and fusion of disparate data feeds with overlapping representations of physical platforms
The Government requires continued support for a multi-touch, common operational picture (COP) able to present time-synchronized, multi-source intelligence (multi-INT) data products, including full motion video, on a three dimensional, geospatial visualization of [map data types]. Offerors will have proven experience developing, extending and enhancing multi-touch COP software and plug-in frameworks from inception through testing and evaluation of software solutions at official Department of Defense test events. Offeror's will have a proven track record of a minimum of 3 separate contracts over the past 5 years working multi-touch COP software. The COP software shall utilize industry best practices of framework/plug-in software architecture and include a library of already developed tools and plugins that are available to the Government. The COP must provide users with the ability to view all time-synchronized data products at a past period of time and enable playback at various speeds allowing for derivation of enemy combatants' intent. Offeror(s) must demonstrate with 4+ years of experience in user focused design and development for Department of Defense user requirements. The user centered design process must be internally detailed and documented as well as applied, documented, and delivered on a minimum of one past and one current Department of Defense contract. Offerors must have past experience developing and deploying data visualization software, common operational picture software with multi-touch, and desktop and mobile applications solutions tailored based on design artifacts from user interaction studies. The offeror must have delivered and demonstrated high value solutions based on significant user adoption rates, and meet or exceed Department of Defense small business goals. The will be delivered with no less than Government Purpose Rights.

The Government requires continued support building and distributing three dimensional geospatial products. Offerors will have a proven track record of a minimum of 8 years of experience in Google Earth Fusion and building and distributing World Wide Google Earth globes that are built with high-resolution imagery and elevation data. Specific systems engineering and services / capabilities required:
Customized / tailored high performance compute cluster (HPCC)
Petabyte(s) of specialized storage (data warehouse)
The producing and updating of geographically separate and domain unique world-wide appliances
Implementing custom algorithms to rapidly produce imagery tiles in mass / parallel across the entire HPCC
A capability using a topological data structure with data primitives on closed networks
Mapping services provided for mobile computing
Specialized processes and algorithms to integrate high resolution imagery, terrain, and mapping data (GIS information) into various web and client based applications
Terrain/Elevation services, conversion, interpolation, mosaicking
LiDAR compression, GPR NITF to LAS translator
A capability using a topological data structure with data primitives on closed networks
Mapping services provided for mobile computing
A distributed, parallel imagery processing cluster & software with low response time/high through-put imagery translation

The Government requires continued support in custom digital media forensic tool integration, custom biometric tool integration, cyber analytics and cyber forensics. Offerors must have a minimum of 5+ years integrating digital media forensic and biometric tools, such as forensically sound data capture, extraction, triage, categorization and classification, and data visualization technologies. Offerors must have demonstrated proficiency in applying advanced exploitation tools and techniques to rapidly derive actionable intelligence from all types of media. Specific systems engineering and services / capabilities required:
Image-content-based video storyboarding
Custom algorithm's to implement streamlined business / workflows and handle massive amounts of data to accurately capture, extract tag load, store, entity extract, and augment, entity resolve data into both specialized and legacy USG systems
Custom bootable Linux tool that is designed to extract information from computers and create reports
A platform that remotely accesses media from any global location and forensically examining the contents while providing real-time support for follow-on operations. Enables examiners to access media, triage files, identify files of interest and provide details directly to multiple stakeholders
Speaker and language ID application on a mobile computing device include audio segmentation and suppression for multi-channel and speaker samples
Media compression algorithm integrated to identify common drive content (e.g. MS Office Applications, DLL files, Windows system files) and replaces it with hashes that link back to the original content allowing for later decompression
Highly specialized tools and processes to quickly scan Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks (WANs / LANs) in order to quickly triage data holding, capture various types of metadata and be able to access network shares, folders, MS Outlook PST files, etc
Real-time behavior-based identification of previously unknown network threats to combat advanced network cyber threats, targeted attacks, and evolving malware
Processes raw network traffic at backbone speeds (40Gbps+)
Distinguishes ingress/egress and client/server roles to go beyond source and destination data
De-duplicates, fuses, extracts, and centralizes metadata to create a holistic view across network sensors
Performs metadata extraction to provide service detection, HTTP headers, RDP metadata, and x509 certificates
Augments network data via enrichment data: threat data, registrar and passive DNS, IP netblock owners, IP geo-location
Scale out cluster-based distributed system running on commodity hardware
Analytics-based system for rapid discovery and analysis via intuitive web interface with full drilldown and data pivot features

The Government also requires the offerors to provide specific systems engineering and services / capabilities for Identity Search & Analysis Platform, Automated Data Collection, Entity & Relationship Extraction, Identity Resolution & Quality Assurance and Identity Analytics.

less than BR greater than THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. This information will be
used for market analysis to determine what currently exist. This notice
should not be construed as a request for proposal or any obligation on the
part of the U.S. Government. No awarded will be made from this announcement.
No telephone calls and/or request for solicitation information will be
accepted or acknowledged. The NAICS Code is 541519. Parties purporting to
have the requisite credentials must furnish capability statements in writing to include their
capabilities information including experience and familiarity with providing
the stated services listed above (no more than 15 pages.) Marketing material is not a sufficient response to this RFI. The information must be clear, concise, complete and shall include at a minimum: name, address of firm and business size/ownership of business. In addition to your statement of capabilities,
please provide contract references in the past five years relevant to the
requirement to include: contract number, agency supported, whether or not
you were a prime or subcontractor, delivery date or period of performance,
original contract value, final or current contract value, technical monitor
with phone/fax number, POC with current phone/fax number, and a brief
description of the effort.

The information received will not obligate the Government in any manner nor will the Government reimburse companies for any costs associated with submittal of this RFI. This RFI does not constitute a request for proposal, nor should it be considered as a commitment on the part of the Government. By submitting information in response to this RFI, respondents consent to the release and dissemination of submitted information to any Government or non-Government entity to which PEO-EIS TAO releases and/or disseminates the information for review. As such, to the extent that any information submitted in response to this RFI is marked as, or construed to be proprietary or business-sensitive, respondents are hereby notified (a) about the potential that such information may be disclosed to third parties and (b) that submission of information in response to this RFI constitutes consent to such handling and disclosure of submitted information. No phone calls or request for a solicitation will be accepted or acknowledged. Company brochures are not desired.

The Government requires responses to this RFI submitted NLT 11 November 2013. The responses should be in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) or compatible with Microsoft Office 2007. Please submit to

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