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IN-Water Hull Cleaning

Solicitation Number: DTMA-91-R-2013-0017
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Maritime Administration (MARAD)
Location: MAR-380
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Sep 24, 2013 3:49 pm
The Maritime Administration (MARAD) Office of Ship Disposal (OSD) is soliciting proposals regarding feasible technologies or processes with the capability to remove biofouling from the underwater hull and appendages (niche areas) of MARAD National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) non-retention vessels, while the vessels are in-the-water, such that:

•1.       The resultant vessel hull meets the United States Coast Guard requirement for movement of the vessel from its home port United States Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) district to another COTP district with regard to the USCG Interim Criteria for Cleaning Hulls of MARAD Vessels Prior to Relocation  - 27 June 2006, attached.

•2.       The equipment, process and/or methodology used to remove biofoulants from the hull can be demonstrated that it can maintain an average discharge control factor of no less than 90%.  A control factor of "no less than 90%," means that a minimum of 90% of the biofoulants removed from the hull are captured, contained, managed, treated or controlled, in such a manner that they are not discharged to the surface waters during the hull cleaning operations.

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Package #1

Posted Date:
September 24, 2013
Description: IWHC Solicitation
Description: Kansas City (AOR-3) Docking Plans

Amendment 1

Posted Date:
October 29, 2013
Description: AMENDMENT 001
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE, W28-201
Washington, District of Columbia 20590
Vessel locations where work may be performed:
1. The MARAD Beaumont Reserve Fleet in Beaumont, TX.
2. The MARAD James River Reserve Fleet in Ft. Eustis, VA.
3. The MARAD Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet in Benicia, CA.

In addition, MARAD may, from time to time, require in-water hull cleaning services for vessels in the following locations:
1. The Naval Inactive Fleet Maintenance Offices at Pearl Harbor, HI.
2. The Naval Inactive Fleet Maintenance Offices at Philadelphia, PA.
3. The Naval Inactive Fleet Maintenance Offices at Bremerton, WA.

United States
Marcus L. Moses,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 2023664118
Benedict K. Burnowski,
Contracting Officer
Phone: (202) 366-1932
Fax: (202) 366-3237