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Sources Sought for A-E Services for Nano-Fabrication Facility

Solicitation Number: NB193000-13-00189
Agency: Department of Commerce
Office: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Location: Acquisition Management Division
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Sources Sought
Added: Dec 19, 2012 3:12 pm
This announcement is not a Request for Proposals (RFP) and does not commit the Government to award a contract now or in the future. No solicitation is available at this time. The purpose of this synopsis is to identify organizations with the requisite qualifications to provide the services stated herein. Based on capability statement received in response to this Sources Sought Announcement this acquisition may be solicited as a 100% small business set aside. All small business organizations (SB SDB, WOSB, HUBZone, and VOSB and SDVOSB) are encouraged to respond to this notice. This requirement is assigned a NAICS code of 541330, with a small business size standard for such requirements of $14.0M.

The specific purpose of this sources sought announcement is to determine if there are any small businesses, within the parameters identified above, that are able to provide the services identified below. It is important to note that in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting the prime contractor is required to perform at least 50% of the labor with their own employees.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a requirement for architect and engineering services (A/E) for our nano-fabrication facility located at the Gaithersburg, Maryland campus.

Specific criteria being sought are:

1. The ability to design and prepare high quality construction/renovation for an operating 19,000 SF, raised floor, vertical laminar flow clean room, (8,000 SF of which is a Class 100/ISO5).

2. The ability to prepare conceptual construction cost estimates for a 19,000 SF raised floor, vertical laminar flow clean room clean room (8,000SF of which is a Class 100/ISO5).

3. The ability to provide engineering calculations for operational limits for a 19,000 SF raised floor, vertical laminar flow clean room clean room (8,000SF of which is a Class 100/ISO5) so as to add new equipment.

4. The ability to assist in specifying nano-fabrication equipment within the facility constraints.

5. Experience and successful past performance with micro- or nano fabrication facilities larger than 10,000 SF that include critical environments that include tightly controlled vibration, humidity, temperature, RF interference and lighting systems.

6. Experience of in-house designers of designing renovations/expansions of operating micro- or nano-fabrication facilities in Class 100 (or better) clean rooms.

7. Experience and expertise in designing installation of semiconductor process tools in class 100, raised floor, vertical laminar flow clean rooms. Experience must include class 100 bulkhead mounting techniques; installation of vibration isolation platforms; high vacuum to ultrahigh vacuum processing equipment; cluster format process tools, wet hoods, fume hoods, acid spray processing tools, chemical distribution and waste collection systems, design of vacuum lines for remotely located vacuum pumps; gas distribution systems using high purity valve manifold boxes; automated gas cabinets; double wall orbital welded stainless steel gas lines; and high purity deionized water systems.

8. In house skills, knowledge, and expertise, in designing the installation of semi-conductor and/or nano-fabrication process tools. Visit the following link to see the typical tools
This includes:
a. Tool layout and placement
b. Tool power supply
c. Tool process utilities (exhaust, compressed air, N2, process cooling water, UPW, etc.)
d. Tool process chemicals and specialty gases (flammable and non-flammable, toxic and non-toxic, single and double contained, mechanical and orbital butt welded piping, etc.)
e. Process drains and vents
f. Tool fire suppression and smoke and toxic gas detection and alarm systems (design and integration into existing building systems)

9. In house skills, knowledge, and expertise in developing construction documents for the installation, renovation and upgrade of semi-conductor and/or nano-fabrication process utilities such as:
a. Acid and solvent exhaust systems
b. Plant gas bulk storage and delivery systems (N2, Ar)
c. High and ultrahigh purity specialty process gas storage and delivery systems (e.g., silane (SiH4), dichlorosilane (SiH2Cl2, silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4), hydrogen bromide (HBr), tri-methyl aluminum (TMA)). This includes expertise in specification of process toxic, flammable and pyrophoric gas storage cabinets, valve manifold boxes (VMB's), orbital butt welded stainless steel piping systems, double contained and coaxial piping systems.
d. Ultrahigh purity de-ionized water systems
e. Cryogenic storage and distribution systems (e.g., liquid nitrogen)
f. Chemical storage facilities and delivery systems
g. Process waste drain and reclaim systems
h. Process support equipment (such as vacuum pumps, chillers, etc.)
i. Toxic gas monitoring systems and sensors
j. Power quality

10. In house skills, knowledge, and expertise in developing detailed construction cost estimates for the above mentioned types of installations.

11. There are no distance restrictions to the NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland campus imposed on this A/E requirement.

***** Interested, capable architect and engineering services (A/E) /parties shall submit a capability statement in response to this Sources Sought Notice, including, at a minimum, the following:

(a) Technical discussion of A/E ability to perform the type of services described above;
(b) Name of Company-include a contact person's name, telephone number, and email address;
(c) Company Address;
(d) Company Size (please specify as either-Large, Small, Small Disadvantaged, Woman Owned Small Business, Veteran Owned Small Business, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, 8(a), Hubzone Small Business) or other;
(e) Identify whether you are interested in this acquisition as a prime A/E contractor or a subcontractor;
(f) Identify hourly rates for senior and junior technical staff for A/E services;
(g) Describe projects experience and past performance with similar types of requirements of similar scope and magnitude and whether they were design/bid/build or design/build (with contract number, Government agency or private company, name and address and contract funded amount, provide a list of design criteria for the project(s), number or RFIs and change orders issued on the construction contract based on construction documents.)
(h) Identify existing or potential pricing structure in support of this type of work by subcontractors; list subcontractors and technical qualifications being supplied to the prime A/E contractor.
(i) Identify qualifications of technical and management A/E personnel; and
(j) Identify and clearly mark any proprietary processes or data.

After results of this market research are obtained and analyzed for NIST's minimum requirements, NIST may conduct a competitive procurement and subsequently award a multiple award A/E IDIQ contract.

Interested offerors shall respond to this Sources Sought/Market Survey Synopsis no later than 3 pm eastern on January 31, 2013.

Respondents shall utilize the electronic document submittal feature of FBO to respond.

The total number of pages of responses shall not exceed 7 pages. 

All interested contractors must be registered in (formerly CCR) to be eligible for award of Government contracts.

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United States
100 Bureau Drive
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United States
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Contract Specialist
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