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El Salvador Crime and Violence Prevention Project

Solicitation Number: SOL-519-12-000002
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Washington D.C.
Location: USAID/Washington
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March 14, 2013
Not to exceed $24,841,411
Creative Associates International
5301 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 700
Washington, District of Columbia 20015
United States
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USAID/El Salvador has the intention of competing a Cost-plus-fixed-fee Contract in order to carry out the Crime and Violence Prevention Project.

This project will serve as a follow on to USAID's existing crime and violence prevention efforts, and should directly build on the recent gains achieved. The objective of this project is to help increase safety for citizens of El Salvador. This will be accomplished through:

1) Supporting the Government of El Salvador's (GOES) national level crime prevention efforts.

2) Supporting the expansion of municipal-led crime and violence prevention efforts. This includes both a geographic and technical expansion, such as introducing more complex models and innovations in prevention based upon lessons learned through practice in the U.S. and other relevant country models.

3) Identifying and seizing windows of opportunity in crime and violence prevention.

The general approach adopted by the contractor should:
1) be specifically tailored to the political context of El Salvador;
2) employ creative responses and approaches in order to achieve the desired results;
3) be flexible, timely and innovative;
4) engage partners in a participatory fashion;
5) provide technical and intellectual leadership in the field; and
6) explore the greater use of science and technology to target crime and violence prevention.

The Project will have a base period of three years and an option period of two years.

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