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Research and Development for Engineering Models (EM) and spaceflight qualified Flight Model (FM) Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Cameras for the Michelson Interferometer for Global High-resolution Thermospheric Imager (MIGHTI)

Solicitation Number: N00173-13-R-SE02
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Office of Naval Research
Location: Naval Research Laboratory/STENNIS
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Added: Jan 07, 2013 4:37 pm

Background: The Naval Research Laboratory is a major participant of a satellite mission proposal to NASA. The NASA opportunity is called "Explorer". The proposal that NRL is part of is called ICON (Ionospheric Connection Explorer) and is led by the University of California, Berkeley. NRL’s will provide a major instrument/sensor to the mission called Michelson Interferometer for Global High-resolution Thermospheric Imaging (MIGHTI). The MIGHTI instrument will consist of two similar units that will measure upper atmospheric winds and temperatures along one line of sight each. 

NASA selected ICON as one of three missions in the Heliophysics category for a "Phase A" study, which is an 11 month effort to produce a more detailed mission proposal. At the end of the Phase A, NASA will select one of the three missions for flight.


The Naval Research Laboratory has a requirement for research and development involving the design, development, test and integration of CCD Cameras and Simulators for the MIGHTI.

The Contractor shall provide all personnel, facilities, materials and other resources necessary for the design, development, test and integration of:  two Flight Model (FM) CCD cameras, one for each of the two MIGHTI units, one (1) Engineering Model (EM) CCD camera, two (2) electrically/electronically accurate camera simulators for power, command, control, and data interface testing, and  one (1) set of critical, log-lead components for a third FM (spare) CCD camera.  The requirement will also include an option for one (1) additional Simulator, EM, and FM CCD camera and complete assembly and test of a third FM CCD camera using the set of critical long-lead time components provided in the base award.    

Specifically, each complete CCD camera is to be comprised of the cooled CCD, a spectral filter immediately in front of the CCD (filter to be provided by NRL and installed by the Contractor), front-end electronics (including analog to digital converter), radiation shield, mechanical enclosure, and required interfaces. The contractor shall provide documentation to support the operation of the cameras and their integration into the instrument, and shall provide technical assistance to NRL in integrating and operating these cameras. Minimum documentation requirements will be provided upon posting of the solicitation. The contractor personnel will support NRL at all technical and design reviews required by NASA.

The solicitation and a detailed statement of work, specifications and other supporting information including contract data requirements will be posted approximately 15 days from the posting of this notice.

The specifications referenced herein are export controlled under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). As such, to receive the referenced specifications, potential offerors will be required to complete a certification with proof of status as a U.S. person (as defined in 22 C.F.R. Part 120.15). Instructions for submitting the certification will be provided with the posting of the solicitation. Upon confirmation of eligibility, potential offerors will be sent a copy of the specifications. The specifications must be safeguarded and protected from unauthorized disclosure in accordance with applicable U.S. export control laws and regulations.

Based on a survey of the market, the government has determined that the services to be acquired do not meet the definition of a commercial item. Therefore, the government does not intend to use the procedures as outlined in FAR Part 12 for this acquisition.

It is anticipated that a Cost-Plus Fixed Fee  - Completion type contract will be awarded as a result of the solicitation.

NRL uses Electronic Commerce (EC) to issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and amendments to RFPs. Paper copies of the RFP will not be provided. The actual closing date for proposals will be stated in the solicitation when issued.

This solicitation is issued on the basis of full-and-open competition.  All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation, which shall be considered by the agency. 

Other business opportunities for NRL are available at our website:  The Government does not intend to use FAR Part 12 - Acquisition of Commercial Item procedures.

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Contract Specialist
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