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Request For Information (RFI) - Advanced Autonomy and Collaborative Operations for Unmanned Air Systems

Solicitation Number: DARPA-SN-14-02
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Location: Contracts Management Office
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Special Notice
Added: Sep 18, 2013 11:27 am
This Request for Information from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Tactical Technology Office seeks ideas, methodologies and approaches solely for information and planning purposes. Responses to this Request-For-Information (RFI) may be used to support new DARPA programs focused on revolutionary approaches to Unmanned-Air-Systems (UAS) autonomy and collaborative operations. Intellectual, confidential, or other privileged or proprietary information contained in responses to this RFI will not be distributed outside of the Department of Defense (DoD) or U.S. Government employees from other U.S. Government agencies working with DARPA on this RFI. In the event a new DARPA program is developed in response to this RFI and a solicitation is issued, no intellectual, confidential or other proprietary information received in response to this RFI will be divulged to the research community.

Please see attachment <DARPA RFI UAS Autonomy.pdf> for details.
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Posted Date:
September 18, 2013
Description: DARPA RFI for Advanced Autonomy and Collaborative Operations for Unmanned Air Systems (adobe pdf file)
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Arlington, Virginia 22203-2114
United States
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