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DARPA-SN-14-17: Cyberspace Operations Research and Development

Solicitation Number: DARPA-SN-14-17
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Location: Contracts Management Office
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Added: Mar 13, 2014 11:56 am
Cyberspace is a global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures and resident data, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers. Cyberspace operations (CSO) are the employment of cyberspace capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve objectives in or through cyberspace. Cyberspace superiority is the degree of dominance in cyberspace by one force that permits the secure, reliable conduct of operations by that force, and its related land, air, maritime, and space forces at a given time and place without prohibitive interference by an adversary.

Research and development (R&D) projects in CSO to achieve cyberspace superiority require specialized knowledge, skills, and experience. Often, these projects are classified and can only be solicited from a limited number of sources. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) must maintain up-to-date knowledge about potential performers to maximize the number of sources that can be solicited for classified, highly specialized, CSO R&D initiatives. DARPA seeks information regarding such potential performers. Ideally, respondents will include both potential performers currently holding security clearances and those who may be granted clearances based on technical capabilities and eligibility.

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Request for Information (RIF)
Posted Date:
March 13, 2014
Description: DARPA-SN-14-17 Request for Information
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