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Solicitation Number: Outreach_Event_102011_Update
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location: WO-AQM
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Added: Aug 04, 2011 5:10 pm

The Outreach Event is the first initial step in the next acquisition process for the follow-on contract., is the Gateway to explore recreation opportunities available on America's Federal Lands. This on-line trip-planning and reservation portal, provides consumers the ability to plan a vacation and make a reservation for a campsite, cabin, permit or tour at over 3,200 federal recreation locations and over 90,000 individual sites. Since this service's inception as a joint federal agency initiative in 1995, the recreation inventory, reservation and business volume have all increased by double digits, currently representing over 1.6 million reservations and generating $80 million dollars in recreation use fees on an annual basis.

The Federal Government wants to improve and enhance the portal and is facing a new procurement requirement in 2013. The current portal has shown growth and success over the last five years. However, the government wants to ensure that the future service provider market is large enough to ensure that the optimum product solution set will occur. The federal government believes that the service provider market exists; however, this market is most likely not aware of nor understands the potential Recreation.Gov Business Opportunity. The future procurement may include services such as federal outdoor recreation information, reservation services, and information technology. However, the Recreation One-Stop (R1S) Program Management Office (RPMO) wants to better understand what the industry may offer for these services.

The Recreation One-Stop (R1S) Program Management Office (RPMO) manages Recreation.Gov. The RPMO has developed an Outreach Event entitled, "Explore Your America" to attract, inspire, educate and entice potential firms and ancillary organizations about the Recreation.Gov Business Opportunity in advance of the formal procurement. This premier event will increase awareness and understanding of the business opportunity offers and provide a platform to develop effective business partnerships to compete when the federal government initiates procurement bids in 2013. It further allows firms to become educated and begin working on strategies and ideas to share with the government in advance of the future procurement..

The "Explore Your America", Outreach Event, program includes: 1) Overview of services; 2) Information on the Recreation.Gov business metrics; 3) Insights on the product line; 4) Description of the Program organizational and management structure; 5) Perspectives on Recreation.Gov role in meeting participating agencies missions; and 6) Networking opportunities along with a Question and Answer session.

For more information on this unique opportunity, including registration, exhibitor information and more detailed information on the "Explore Your America", Outreach Event and its Purpose and Planned Program go to


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